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  1. I stuck a set of 28 year old OE pads in my 2cv a few weeks back. They were a bit hair raising to start with but have bedded in wonderfully. Good old fashioned asbestos.
  2. Probably a very good point (and perhaps some of the Vartas we had back then could have been in stock for yonks)
  3. If that's true then I'd buy one with pleasure. The place I used to work for changed from flogging Varta (which are Bosch in a different colour) to Yuasa and we saw our warranty cases more than half instantly. I initially thought they were daft to change from Varta but they were definitely proved right. I'd buy a Yuasa over most things now (although things could have changed since I suppose).
  4. https://issuu.com/retromash/docs/argos-no10-1978-autumn/17 Made by Sharna according to '78 Argos catalogue.
  5. I can't ID it but I had virtually the same thing when I was that age. Mine was the same body but in orange with a fake engine on the back that hinged up.
  6. Nunns in Grimsby started off by selling FSO. My Grandad bought one new from the in 1982. The garage was on Rendel Street (opposite Hartford Motors/Hartwells) but they moved onto Mitsubishi a few years later.
  7. Just Sunday for me. Plans I can't avoid on Saturday. The convoy sounds a scream.
  8. I have indeed. That's the one that's safely squirelled away in my sister's garage. I'll maybe finish it this summer. (Just like I said last year, and the year before etc.) To be fair to myself though, I did have an intense year or so rebuilding the bodyshell etc of the Charleston recently.
  9. 'Ere, 'ere. (There's another stashed in my sister's garage too)
  10. That's the problem though. These insurance companies don't have their own claims teams. They pass the case onto a claims management company. On a more positive note, My other half's year old Duster was slugged up the trumper a couple of months ago. Churchill fobbed the case off to Auxillis, they arranged everything and the car was back, fixed perfectly within a week. No hassle. No problems.
  11. I've been here very recently. My own insurance company (RAC) and the claim assistance company (Innovation Group) were nothing but a drawn out pain in the arse to deal with and seemed to only be interested in having my car written off and setting me up for a meaty personal injury claim. Their refusal to use the bodyshop I wanted put the final nail in the coffin so I cancelled my claim and went direct to the third party's company. They were absolutely wonderful and things really couldn't have gone smoother. If I was in a similar position again then I'd definitely not waste time with my own insurer (although I've now told them (RAC) to stick their renewal and gone elsewhere (who would probably be just as bad)).
  12. That's a 323F1.6GLX manual in Passion Rose. '92-'94? Black door mirrors mean no sunroof, no ABS, wind up windows, Clarion radio cassette. It'll have the dark interior trim with blue and green highlights (rather than the earlier light grey velour that always looked grubby). Lovely thing.
  13. Yes. It was known as PCS Mazda back then (but it was owned by Nunns).
  14. I used to sell these from the Mazda dealer in Scartho. (Now the vet's)
  15. I had one of those Fiats when I was a youngster. I painted it orange to look like my Grandad's FSO 125p.
  16. https://www.jotun.com/me/en/b2b/paintsandcoatings/products/Jotamastic-87.aspx I'd thoroughly recommend this stuff. I've used tons of it on a couple of recent jobs and it's been wonderful. I painted the bottom of a Beetle project in a similar epoxy mastic (International 252) over 20 years ago and it's still perfect. I'm naturally cynical towards POR15 simply because it's American.
  17. It was an experience. Not one I'll be repeating but we got through it unscathed and with unsoiled gruns.
  18. I've got the Prelude & glider set in the attic. It's the white one and it's complete, boxed and mint. I don't remember playing with it and didn't remember even having it as a kid until I found it in my parents loft a few years back. I'll get some pics of it next time I go up there. (I'm pretty certain I've got that Senator in it's box too but it's a goldy sort of colour with a red interior if I remember rightly)
  19. I've seen the Minor/Capri thing in the flesh. It used to be in a showroom/garage in Tattershall (near Horncastle) in Lincolnshire. Don't rush off for a gander though, it was about 20 years ago.
  20. Second vote for sterilised (Milton) warm water and a brush. A smidgen or two cheaper than the Autoglym option I'd imagine.
  21. I eventually cured mine with 1200 then 1500 wet & dry, Farecla G3 then G10, Meguiars paint cleaner then two coats of 'Wolf Chemicals Nano Hard Body' (that cost an absolute fecking fortune for a gob-full but I eventually did five cars with that gob-full). Took me a full day but that was two years ago and it's all still red (VW Flash Red).
  22. I used to polish mine with baby oil. Worked a treat and lasted a couple of weeks. (Certainly long enough to sell it...)
  23. ...and when I had one as a company car it used to chomp through its oil like Fatty Arbuckle at a Pizza Hut buffet (more BMW premium build quality). Hateful things.
  24. Yes please to the 2cv mag. My pitiful French should ensure that keeps me entertained for weeks on end. Paypal to where my fine fellow?
  25. 2.1TD and 2.0HDi have hydraulic clutches so none of that clutch cable clip shananigans.
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