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June 2021 calendar thread

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    • By brownnova
      It’s January, so that must meant it’s time to do the calendar again! I’ll give you until the end of Saturday to add any last minute submissions (I’ll bump all the threads today- remember it’s the car of a member posted on here or submit your own) and on Sunday I’ll set up the voting threads.
      From there we’ll have a week of voting to decide on each month’s image. 
      After that I will post the winning images up so you can see if you want one!  You can order by putting your name down below in the usual list style. (You can do that before you know the winners if you're brave enough) I ESTIMATE that the cost will be around £8.50.  That was roughly what it was last year, so providing Brexit or Covid haven’t put the prices up immeasurably it should be about that.
      I’ll close off the ordering on about the 18th in order to get them printed and sent out to you before February 1st when the calendar begins.  (If you’re new to AS, yes our calendar is a bit broken and runs February to January) 
      There were go then... any questions do ask... I probably won’t know the answers! 
    • By Craig the Princess
      @holbeck's Xantia fill up shot

    • By Craig the Princess
      Thread for the next calendar's January photo.
      The group funded roffle Visa
    • By vulgalour
      I can't find a March thread for this round, so here we go.

    • By Craig the Princess
      Can't see a thread for February yet so let's start with Eddie Honda sending this year's calendars

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