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More Polish - Cookie's adventures in shiteing


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So tonight, I continued the polish fest.

Did the offside CRV light - before




Also redid the nearside. The sealant I applied last night, got damp overnight which kinda knackered it. So did it again - After


Then I started on the Mondy. Both headlights yellowish and the offside fog light is cloudy.

Offside headlight before




I'm happy with the result.

No amount of polishing had an effect on the fog light. Its hazed on the inside. Doubt if it will even be an advisory on the MOT, so I can live with it.


This is the nearside and what it should look like. Suspect its been changed at some point.


Don't worry folks. Only one more headlight to go and that will be the end of pictures of lights.

The Audi was given a run today. On Thursday, returning from the car meet, it started making a continuous squeal noise from the rear ( think it was nearside ). It resulted in 'the look' from Mrs CSW. My heart sank a bit.

Took her (the Audi not Mrs CSW) out for a 20 mile run today and she behaved. The only noise being the tinkle of a droplink some where.

Time to get her in for an MOT.

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  • Cookiesouwest changed the title to More Polish - Cookie's adventures in shiteing
1 minute ago, SiC said:

Stone stuck between the brake disc and brake shield? That's a common trick my Boxster does, especially if driven over gravel. 

Makes a right racket until it suddenly departs.

Possibly. We had just left the chew valley meet, with its gravel car park.

I wasn't that concerned.

More concerning was 'the look' I got lol

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