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Shitting in the shallow end.... Ssang your Yyong

Jim Bell

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What's Sheffield like then?



Aye. What are the folk like though?




Well that sounds a bit harsh. At least there's no chance of being attacked by the Great Blue Heron. I'd better just check the door to be on the safe side. 



No, not that door. The other door. 



Yeah that's shut so we'll be fine. 

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48 minutes ago, cobblers said:

If, after collecting whatever donkey you fancy driving another 7 miles south your welcome to a brew and a poo (or more) in the bog at my workshop 

Cheers man, I'd have loved to but it'll have to be a rain check this time. 

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4 minutes ago, grogee said:

Ooh hope it's one of these!


Ha, I've taken that pic!😁 The Belgian owner of this thing kept adding shiny trim bits, eventually it had chrome around the lamps, rear window and wheel arches as well. Truly a sight to behold...

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Really must dash and raise the PC. Coffee goes straight through me like a hot knife through mother. 

The entry code is 7674.



Well that's weird. I'm an open minded lad though so I'll give it a whirl.  Apparently there's two types of poo you can have here. 



Not sure which one to press.......







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I've just heard someone tell their mate that there's a man in crocs that's almost completely bare selling whelks out by the 20mph zone. 

I'm gonna go and have a look. 







Oh! Bear, not bare. That makes more sense. 


Got a nice bad of Whelks for a decent price though. 





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1 hour ago, Jim Bell said:

Oh. And some of you might appreciate the reg. 

Runs on anything. WVO 2 VEG. 

The entire spectrum of sustainable fuels for the woke gentleman with empty pockets around town. 


I trust you will not be  attempting to straighten that plate? Hope all goes to plan on return leg.

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What a day! Does it get any... No point continuing that sentence.

Two 290 Rexton's in the same place, perplexing stickers and a drag race, no less.

I've piloted this mighty beast and the results are favourable. Silent as a fish and goes like a great.

She's so refined. It's like chalk and cheese, comparing it with mine.


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