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Vectra C bangers?


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Decent spec ones look ok. That 100 Edition for example.


Sadly my overwhelming impression of them is doom blue base models being driven by chav mums or their current shaven headed smackhead boyfriend. Uninsured with a cracked windscreen and a drugs marker on the PNC.

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I really don’t like these things, but then that’s true of just about all cars of this era!


My boss had a 150Sri CDTI, in black. It looked quite good for a modern and it was quick too. Infact it was rather nice to be in when it was behaving itself but it didn’t do that very often! It was forever breaking down, going into limp mode or developing faults meaning it spending time in the local garage.

Though to be fair to it, it was an older company car that he inherited from someone else. It had come off its lease period and the company bought it from lex outright and kept it as a pool type car. Which most likely meant it’d been ragged remorselessly and not looked after well for some time.

I think it was scrapped eventually when the alternator and something else fucked up.

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I bought one and don't visit many flat roofed pubs, had it for 9 months now, a 2008 SRI for £999 - one owner from new, dealer part ex to clear!!

Needed a cambelt (127k on original one!!) cheap as hell on these 1.8VVT's, gave it a "cheapest oil" I can find service, it's needed a wheel bearing in the 8,000 miles I've done in it since.

Used to haul photography equipment for work around the country and as a 2nd family car - it's bloody brilliant, slow but steady and gives me 45-50mpg!!

Had many many cars and this is one of the best for not giving a shit and just getting on with the job, not even washed it yet.


Point Blur_Oct062022_165635.jpg

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They were definitely second fiddle when new but that’s less of a consideration by this stage. For the money they’re not a bad cheap, big, disposable car. And that’s the key, you won’t get sufficiently attached to it to start spending big money on it, once it’s fucked you can go out and get another for a thousand quid. I’d be inclined to stick a belt on it, not a terrible job and similar to the Zetec they’re likely to have the tensioner seize on it eventually. 

Theres a few things you have to accept though, every one I’ve seen leaks oil to a greater or lesser extent, invariably the rocker cover and the oil cooler O rings. At this age I’d avoid the diesels unless it’s the 120 and you can see it’s idling correctly and there’s no noise from the DMF. 

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Im not really a fan of Vectra Cs but one with a Z20NET would turn my head.  Although it is a GM unit, it's ostensibly a Saab design with their direct ignition system and designated B207E in 2.0T 175bhp trim . These can be mapped by Noobtune in exactly the same way as a Saab.

Only Vectra C SRis got the 'Saab' engine but a Signum in a more comfort-orientated Elegance spec could be ordered with it and would definitely interest me. I'm not sure if you requested an auto it would come with the decent Aisin-Warner item you get in a Saab or a crappy GM unit made from tinfoil and doilies. 

All very rare I'd imagine though.

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21,000 miles done since I purchased my '08 £1k 1.8VVT shite, now on (148,000ish) just white goods Vectra C, and apart from suspension stuff, it's passed X2 MOTs and keeps proving very good service, if it poops itself I will just get another! Been totally excellent, and I drive a few cars, that many deem superior on the internet.

I even washed it, first time in 10months.

Point Blur_Oct292023_084632.jpg

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