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The Austin 2dr 1100 story - Part IV - Does anyone want to take it on ...?

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Many will know this lovely car as the ex-Vulgalour and catsinthewelder. I've had my eye on it since Vulgalour took it on back in early 2017. It has a certain charm to it, like a mongrel sheep dog in the rehoming centre. A car that has worked hard in it's life and never really been a show car but does want to keep surviving. Many of its previous owners have left their mark in different ways and is a mix of different years worth of parts.


So to recap it's story, here are a few threads on its past history on Autoshite:

Part I - acquisition, dailying and later start of restoration by catsinthewelder



Part IIa - first for sale thread by catsinthewelder


Part IIb - second for sale thread by catsinthewelder a few years later



Part III - acquisition and a lot of restoration by Vulgalour



Part VI - this thread where I acquire and hopefully get it road legal again.


This is my first proper and full restoration of a car. I've never welded before and only have limited spannering knowledge and skills. Mostly involves I've read in books or seen done online and using that knowledge to try and fix my own cars.


So either this could go really well and a lovely car goes back on the road or I make a hash of it and end up causing it to snap in half over the first bump in the road. Hopefully not the latter...


I'll be giving my best efforts in this, but no doubt will be asking loads of questions and needing plenty of guidance along the way. My rough target is to have it MOT'd by the end of the year. Optimistic? No idea, I haven't done this before!

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There won't be a collection on this, as I'm being lazy (plus my licence doesn't allow to tow any useful weight) and having it delivered directly to my doorstep! ETA roughly 14 hours from now.


I'm dead excited. Not sure I can sleep properly tonight. :)

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and to help the project along....... I have a (probably shit quality) carpet set sitting in a corner here..... along with some small spare I'm sure. Next time I'm trolling across to UK I'll throw them in the boot. You're around that Larnden place intcher?

That would be great! I'm a bit further west than London, as I'm in Bristol. But if you're about anywhere in the rough M4 area, I'm sure I can sort something out. :)

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That would be great! I'm a bit further west than London, as I'm in Bristol. But if you're about anywhere in the rough M4 area, I'm sure I can sort something out. :)

Even better! I have the recovery Bedford CF to collect from there. The only thing holding me up at the moment is trashing my left knee and ligaments. Once I can use a clutch without it crippling me I'll be over to get it...... they'll be in the bag with me. No worries.

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I've got a couple of good hydro displacers for these, (just sayin)

Really useful to know. I believe these are all good, but I definitely would be interested in buying one or two off as spares. From reading its history, the spare dash I think is off of your old ado16s too! Looks lovely but I'm torn on if I'll change it to that or keep the original poverty spec single clock setup in the middle.

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Well I've been and gone to buy a new welder, so I need to at least give it a go! ;)


To be fair to the 70s mechanic, MIG was pretty much brand new and expensive. Alternatives were Arc (but hard), Oxyacetylene (even harder) or chicken wire & filler. My dad used to be lucky and his gaffer allowed him to use the company oxyacetylene welding kit in his own time to fix up the holes in his motors back in the 70s.


MOTs are even easier for them now. This doesn't need one! :D

(I still intend to get as target for this car)

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Shame I shan't get to say hello in person today (I'm under a cloud, I'll be okay in a few days I hope), Mike should be chugging his way down the country as I type.  He had a bit of a hiccup with the trailer lights not behaving so was a bit delayed on setting off.  I can't remember what he said the eta was, but it set him back an hour or two just trying to get the trailer lights to talk to the car lights.  Pretty annoying because the last time he got a trailer with the same car from the same place the lights worked perfectly fine.  His phone has also decided it should restart randomly and refuses point blank to accept that my phone is calling it.


So we're off to a GREAT start.

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It's fine. I've managed to get loads of work done today while lounging around in the conservatory and enjoying the sunshine - far more work done than when working in the office. :D




While most probably breaking all the guidance on good posture while working on a computer...!

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Harvest Gold? Not sure. I do like Harvest Gold but my wife doesn't. Also the MGB is Harvest Gold and I probably fancy something different.


I think Red suits them well and is a top contender. Like this 2 door.







I need to get it floors and sills in first though!


(It will almost certainly not be Purple. Mrs SiC hates purple on cars and I'm not a massive fan either)

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Its gone half six, so I guess Mike is still snarled up badly in traffic. The M4 is pretty busy right now thanks to a previous breakdown and Ed Sheeran is playing at Cardiff. So lets blame Ed.


Nerves and anxiety are kicking in now as the thought of quite what I've bought is pondering through my mind. :?

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