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The starship Heart of Gold: contains Wolvo, time to move him on

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Edit: this will be going through Shoreham Vehicle Auctions soon (as in maybe Monday)


I bought this car sight unseen from an eBay advert, with all the arrangements happening via phone and whatsapp. I did have the inestimable assistance of 320Touring who kindly went to inspect it and sent me pictures and video, and hairymel who did an equally excellent inspection on one closer to (but still three hours away) which revealed that one to be one to avoid.


So, I had all sorts of plans. SWMBO and I were going to fly up to Edinburgh and drive it the 480 miles back home but dire weather predictions put paid to that idea. Instead it's being delivered for about £20 more than the amount I managed to haggle off the price. Which is rather less than it would have cost to collect it, especially considering the fuel economy figures it doesn't boast. Boring, but sensible choice won the day.


Instead it's being delivered to my work tomorrow. It was all loaded up on Friday.


But what it be?






It technically doesn't meet the requirements for the modern forum but that's where I first saw the eBay ad posted, in a thread devoted to a completely different brand of car.



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Argh. Turns out it's been untaxed since June last year. Why do dealers do that? If I recall correctly I should be able to pop along to the post office and sort it, shouldn't I?


Edit: Also confused Scottish delivery driver was given my home address which is about 20 miles further south than where I actually am, so I'm glad we cleared that up before he got too far down the A3 ...

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