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The new adventures of brownnova! 2CV-tastic!


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On 9/2/2023 at 3:41 PM, LightBulbFun said:

Awesome! really looking forward to more on these pair! will always have a bit of a soft spot for the 2CV, they are really lots of fun to drive

They really are, from the very first time @dollywobbler took us round the field in Elly at Chumley we were bitten by the bug. But we did laugh at the seller of the yellow one when we bought it when she said “they’re addictive, you’ll end up with more than one” “no chance” we said… but… here we are! 

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The photos of my two 2CVs have been quite flattering in some respects. They look fairly clean in them for a start! The truth is they looked like they hadn’t been washed in quite some time. So the first job to do in the recommission was to wash them to better see what we had.

I was rather pleased with how they came up… 


Its quite clear the A-Reg one (on the left) needs a lot of work, but a few new panels and a new roof would see it it looking 10 times better, and make it somewhere nearer watertight! I’ve ordered some decent quality covers (the main reason for the bath) to keep the water out. I had planned to get the battery ready to have a go at starting the D-Reg today. But alas the day ran away with me! 

Other fleet members?


Daisy went to a show today. Having done the castle run and to my new place of work this week (where she caused quite the stir!) I detected a bit of popping on slowing down today. Then randomly it cut out at the car show entrance. Daisy’s idle is inconsistent and sometimes gets very low, but she never cuts out. So this was odd. She restarted no bother, but on the way home we popped to Home Bargains and she did the same in the car park. All the way home she simply didn’t want to idle about 50% of the time. I wonder if the coil got warm in the heat of the day… or could it be the E10 I put in it on Monday as all fhe E5 pumps were off in the local petrol station.



The Swedish portion of the fleet! The 940 has provided daily duties this week as my wife has had the XC90 and I won’t use her modern unless I have to 😂. It’s done a super job, although the non working fuel gauge led to some anxiety on Friday as I knew I must be near-ish the end of the tank. I’ve barely used the 9000 this week, so if the wife wants the XC90 again this week I shall use the 9k. I might just use it regardless, it needs a hood run.

Everything else is as you were. 

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Grabbed half an hour today to do something with the 2CVs. I chose the D Reg project. IMG_3189.jpeg

These cobwebs suggest this engine has not run for quite some time!

Todays quick plan was to see if I could get some life from under the bonnet. The PO hadn’t been able to get any signs of life whatsoever when I went to view. So firstly I located a few wires to the back of the ignition which had been disconnected, and traced the other unconnected wires in the engine bay (which seemed to be indicator related). Then hook up a somewhat charged battery. On the turn of the key to position one we had life… a ticking noise from under the bonnet and the red oil light. Having turned the engine using the starting handle I knew it turned freely so ignoring (for now) the ticking noise I turned the key and the engine spun… albeit slowly… and the oil light went out as it was supposed to. Success - we have life and oil pressure.

Attention returns to the ticking noise… if I didn’t know better it sounds like a dry fuel pump. But these are mechanical pumps. Hang on what’s this… 


That pipe should be connected to something. At this point I decided to make use of my best reference tool… one of my other 2CVs and quickly realised this should’ve been the fuel pump line. So where does that copper line go?

Funnily enough to the source of the clicking! Yes, at some point an electric fuel pump has been fitted. Interesting.

Mystery solved I quickly lobbed some easy start in and have the starter a turn. This was a move in optimism rather than any expectation. And sure enough not so much as a cough. No spark it would seem. No real surprise after an undetermined number of years since the last start. 

So with tea nearly ready I quickly found the bolts for the triangular panel on the side of hush were in the back seats in amongst some other odds and ends and fixed them on properly and ended the tinker time just as I was hitting me stride…

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