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SOLDED grotty Citroen Dispatch 2.0Hdi combi six seater

messerschmitt owner

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Well, the time has come to punt on the DIspatch. We've owned it since February 2013, when we bought it a week before we moved house. It's been a useful bit of kit ever since but a bigger van will be taking its parking space soon. It has never let us down and only twice had a Failure to Proceed that has caused its recovery to home, neither of which was engine-related. We bought it at 185000 miles and she's on 218000 now. Genuinely uncommon van which is taxed as a car so has the benefit of car insurance. You can fit a bike or two in the back with the seat folded forward. Carries 700kg comfortably. Located in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.


So, the details!


MoT'd till mid January 2017

218,000 miles and rising

2005 2.0HDi turbo (110bhp)

towbar (electrics worked last time I used it).



Good points:

four good tyres (all van tyres)

MoT till January

Six seats (three in front and three in back)

Rear seat removable

All six headrests (well, you may find this important, I found one a pain and always had it removed so I could see out the rear doors)



Bad points:

Log book missing but registered in wife's name - reliably informed it costs £25 to get a new V5 but change of owner should be free.

One key - opens all doors apart from rear passenger door on nearside, which can be locked and unlocked from inside.

One tyre illegal - will be swapped with spare before I drive it again (and a correct size Citroen wheel with correct size car tyre supplied)

must need a timing belt by now ...

alternator squeaks occasionally

light leak from power steering (don't know where and have not investigated - just topped up every few hundred miles with ATF)

offisde rear lamp has chip out of it

driver's seat has normal issues you seem to find in a van

450 miles off being due a service (so just assume it needs a filter and oil)

occasional induction fault - I had a pipe replaced and it cured the fault but it still occasionally comes back when engine is being laboured. Not happened for six or seven hundred miles and I wasn't worried about it - £120 to replace pipe when I popped a new one on. No warning lights on.

Grubby inside - but it will wash out!

Rust on top of suspension turrets - but it is just surface and has been like that since we bought it.  Photo below o one side - the other is no worse.



Shiter price is £300, although she will be advertised for £500 elsewhere.











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Before I get excited and check my defecated finances, is anyone available to 'Shipley' this to Chester please and if so at what cost? TIA M8s.

I'm assuming this is in Scotland - how quick do you need it moved? I go from Dunfermline to Chorley fairly often but might be a few weeks until next trip

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Ok, yesterday I put the brand new Hankook spare on the back, hid the illegal (now) spare back underneath, threw a decent wheel and car tyre inside the load area, checked the fluids and topped up the power steering fluid and filled a one litre bottle back up with ATF for the power steering and placed that under the passenger seat. Today I squandered £25 on a V5, which should be with me early next week. She's pretty much ready to go and next week is being advertised to the great unwashed.

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