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Chod North East. Spotting through time.

Jim Bell

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On 21/05/2024 at 16:27, MiniMinorMk3 said:



Same view today


I'm visiting the hand carwash behind that building so often that I have stamp cards piling up waiting to be filled completely. I just never have the right car for the free interior detail with me.

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On 20/05/2024 at 11:22, gm said:

Fenwicks looking festive, Northumberland Street


i had to nip into town to go to the bank on saturday morning, turns out this is the view from the front door of nat west on northumberland street


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16 minutes ago, Jim Bell said:

Newcastle Quayside 1990. 


Imagine setting up your burger van at the scene of a crash... I suppose business is business.

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The 'Quayside line' was all closed off by 1990.

The picture gives a view along where it ran, and it heaved up to the mainline level (... some gradient!) in a tunnel. After choking the engine crew for years it went electric!




.... Bottom


.... Top


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11 hours ago, chaseracer said:

Bit* different now...

IIRC Proctor & Gamble had a 'process plant' on the Quayside....

It closed and the company relocated up to Whitley Rd.


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