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  1. I do like the scamp, it looks like an early one to me. Might be worth posting on the "Shoes us your mini or mini based kit car" Facebook group. Edit - actually looks like a mark 3 scamp
  2. Commer TS3 truck, 2 stroke supercharged opposed piston! Phwoah!
  3. Very useful, I shall give it a read then report back 🙂
  4. Not much action on the Defender lately mainly because it is working and I have been too busy to use it! But one thing I have started with is running on vegetable oil. I was lucky enough to get 20 litres for £23.00 from farm foods which equates to £1.25 a litre. Not cheap but still a massive saving over DERV. I've noticed no difference in performance (if that is the right expression for a Defender), no rough running, no problems starting and no excess smoke. Also, it now smells like a chip shop which is both good and bad! I'm now at a 50/50 veg oil to diesel mix. That should be fine for the summer and I've got a spare fuel filter should it all go wrong. The next fill will need to be diesel, hopefully the prices are more sensible by the time that comes around. Here is the video for your viewing pleasure:
  5. I got 2x Rover Mini MPI ECUs, 2x Lucas 5as immobiliser units and two key fobs for £40 off eBay. A used ECU normally sells for £250! I think that the £40 was a buy it now price too. And they work!
  6. Tyne Bridge 14th May 1977. Some good chod and a bonus Leyland National
  7. Small world! I've done a bit of a Google image search to see if I could see the ranger lurking in the background but alas no look as of yet.
  8. I found a better photo whilst looking for something completely different. The company was Aiton in Derby, looks like they were a pipe manufacturer.
  9. I wish! I do often joke that I have a Bond 'car'.
  10. Sorry for the slow response. This is a pic I got off the previous owner in its works livery. I would get a better picture of the door but it's right at the back of a shed! I'll need to dig it out again and check the company name on the door. The logo is quite distinctive.
  11. Close! Two of them appear in the Spy Who Loved Me. They are seen on the 'dock' where the submarines are stored in the villains big ship (spolier alert!) Its on the Internet Movie Car Database here https://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_194843-Ferguson-Turner-Ranger.html
  12. Another quick post from me. I've been sent these photos of the prototype Ranger Four which is currently undergoing restoration. It was on display at the Tractor World show at Malvern the other day. For all of you A-series nerds out there - it is a code 99H engine which means it is a 998cc rather than the 1098cc which is fitted to mine 🤓
  13. I had a 1997 Renault Mégane 1.6e RT sport which suffered from catastrophic electrical failure. It would just completely die when driving along. Traced the fault to the fuse box which must have had a dry joint somewhere on the circuit board but not visible. Looked at changing the fusebox and found that it was coded to the immobiliser. Why? French. I realised that if I slightly bent the circuit board it seemed to work ok. So off to Wilko for a large spring clamp, put that on the circuit board case, drove to the garage and traded it in for a fiesta! I always fully empty my car's when they go but in this case I decided that the dealer could keep the clamp! The Mégane is long since gone to the big scrapyard in the sky.
  14. I'm amazed at the interest in this machine - we are an odd bunch on here! Just thought I'd share some more of the technical details shown in the brochures: Also, another owner who I have been in contact with has set up a website to try and find other owners, check it out here:https://calor-ranger.co.uk/gallery The gallery section includes some of the photographs that I found during my various internet trawls. My favourite (apart from mine of course!) is one located at an air museum in Eastern Germany. Apparantly the collection of aircraft was once of the Isle of Wight and they believe that the Ranger was acquired then. Rumour has it that London Zoo had one at some point but I've been unable to verify that.
  15. I'm not sure of the connection to be honest. The VIN plate has the company address of Coughton, Warwickshire and the current company Greenmech operates from the same place with a Mr Turner as the MD https://greenmech.co.uk/about/
  16. Wait until you see what they look like 😂
  17. Don't think so. Turner Engineering is now called Greenmech and make cast cutting and farm equipment. Oddly, I believe that they built the Elswick Envoy which was a mini based disabled driver car
  18. 20 mph flat out. I've done it and it's scary, especially with 4 wheel steering
  19. Thanks! The last production date remains a mystery to me. I've seen a B registered (1984) one but that could just be a mistake when it was registered. The intended market was quite vast! It was marketed as a low ground pressure vehicle which could be used on farms for spraying or crop work. It was also marketed at municipal councils and golf courses who could use it for grass moving. The brochures also should it as an aircraft tug and I've seen one with a Royal Navy numberplate. There was also a lot of industrial use towing things around factories and works etc. I think mine was an industrial machine, it has previously been blue and yellow. I've got the cab for it and I can just make out a company name on the door that I can't remember, it was in Derby I think.
  20. I've posted this previously on the 'cars that you never knew existed' thread and also on the 'ambitious towbars' thread but I think that it is time it got its own thread. Introducing my 1975 Turner Ranger tractor! Four wheel drive, four wheel steer, mid mounted 1098 A series in longitudinal configuration (gearbox in sump) but mounted transversely driving the front and rear axles through a Triumph differential. Steering box from an A30/35, hydraulics from a Leyland 154 tractor, drum brakes and rubber cone suspension from a mini. Very small, very unusual and very fun 😀 I saw this on ebay a few years back and being a mini nut I had to get it. I've used it for light duties since, namely moving trailers and a caravan. Road registered thanks to the Friends of Ferguson Heritage club and absolutely scary to drive on the highway. The history of this design is quite odd. It started off as a Harry Ferguson design through his Ferguson Research company. They were originally designed to run on Calor gas and were sold as Calor Ranger's. Turner Engineering (who made the Calor Ranger's) also started selling the petrol versions badged as Turner Ranger's. The rumours are that about 250 were made. Since acquiring one I have become obsessed and have done plenty of searches to find as many survivors as possible. I've found 26 examples (including mine) including one of the original prototypes which has a shorter wheelbase than the production models. I've also found various brochures and literature related to these odd machines. Having seen his success on the Invacar thread and the '93 Mondeo thread then I might have to employ the services of @LightBulbFun to work his DVLA magic to find some more examples 🙂 Also, a few videos of this on my YouTube channel. Just one link below as I don't want to spam you!
  21. The old student grants have bought some good chod there!
  22. A bit of an update. I've been struggling to get into the garage due to work commitments, illness and life getting in the way. However I managed to find some spare time at the weekend so I decided to strip down the radius arms. Despite their appearances they aren't actually in too bad of condition with no noticable wear on the hinge pin thing. The wheel bearings are goosed, all of the grease has dried out. It was always the plan to replace these. I'm going to buy new pre-assembled backing plates for ease, the ones left over will go into my strategic spares pile. They will fit both my Mini Cooper and my Turner Ranger.
  23. But none of those funny little Japanese cars!
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