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Y10 Post watershed rot + Imps


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Although I have posted a few timid posts, I feel its time to properly introduce my small fleet.


First up Fucknugget, a 2001 ish Suzuki Alto recently purchased from Mr Shitpeas of this parish and so far utterly brilliant.  It works when told to, has electric windows that go up & down when buttons are pressed and doesn't appear to use petrol as a fuel.   Its already been to Kent and showed no faults at all.  


The real shock has been how much fun it is to drive. Its a lovely little thing to fling about on its squealing 145 section tyres.


Faults? Well its CV joints click on full lock, partial lock and sometimes going in a straight line,  but it won't be a big fix when I get round to it. 


It is also most definitely brown. I tried to kid myself for a few days its black but no. 



Second is Lulu. A 1987 Lancia Y10 Fila purchased in 2005 with 5 minutes MOT for an ex girlfriend.  In some ways, quite a lot of ways if i'm honest the most fucked car I have ever owned.    Despite being shorter than an 80s Metro its hides rot like nothing on this earth and by the time I'm finished only the roof and the bonnet will have escaped the sparkle stick. 


To be fair mechanically it was always pretty reliable. Electric issues when it was on the road however were common.  The night the horn came on by itself late at night and deafened the entire street did not earn it brownie points.  When it works though it can cause an epic grin.   To use a clunky Clarkson expression its as agile as a water boatman in a kettle.   


Hope its all of some interest, i'll post picures of the ongoing Lulu weldathon if anyones wants see. 






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Cheers guys The wheels took some elbow grease but fitted with just slightly longer bolts.  They also widen the track a bit and make a bit more stable feeling.


I'll submit some weldathon pictures here for your perusal.  If it looks shit, say so.  Its all done with a gasless Kende MIG which is a bit shite.  I would invest in something better but with a pregnant Mrs Skut and empployment status a tad shaky it will have to do for now.  








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They're fantastic, keep it up. Where's the petrol station in the first Alto picture? Edit, just noticed the buttress dam in the second one too - where's that one?

The abandoned filling station is on the A68 a few miles south of carter bar. The Dam is the Ben Lawers damn above Loch Tay. The picture with all the snow is a bit further down the same hill after id unwisely tried to drive the Y10 over to Glen Lyon

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Very nice, Y10, not seen one in ages!


A teacher had one of these when I were a lad, it was unusual even then. Are they the same shell as the Cinqecento?

Typically of Fiat not a single panel is remotely the same as a Cinq. Its got way more in common with an original Fiat Panda which it shares a floorpan with


That Y10 is tremendous. And on those wheels it just looks perfect.


Glad the Fucknugget is treating you well man.

Cheers Ben, Fucknugget indeed doing well. Was at Glen Etive today


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Take one car notorious for rotting.

Take it to where the roads are salted from October to March.



I wonder if that filling station is the one near Jedburgh, belonged to the family (I think) of Brian Richardson (IIRC) who had a scrapyard near Bairnkine sawmill. There was a place that would make any eco-warrior have a heart attack, lots of cool cars though - he got my Mk 1 Escort 1300 Sport I think.


(Google. Wow. Still there! Called JFS rather than Action Salvage, but still).


Ah, no, South of Carter Bar, that's the one just past Otterburn isn't it. Border Park Services, they used to sell cars down the road too.

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WhiteHens were much better cars than the reputation given them by 'Experts' who'd never ever owned, driven or been in one. I used to borrow a mates one about ten odd years ago when I was between cars, it was a great fun car.

Someone else thought so too, it was nicked and never seen again while Matt was visiting Derby.

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These cool places your going Skut, are they just random drives or are they done for a reason?

Picnics for the most part. The Mrs cant drive and cant walk very far at the mo so she needs an 'airing' every couple of weeks. Glen Etive was maybe a bit unwise. If fucknugget had broken down or had gone into labour we would have been right up shit creek or glen.

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Moar weldage on microscopic Lancia.   I can hardly believe it but this area is nearly finished and only took far longer than it should have. Its taken near 30 handmade bits of handmade steel I reckon  The strengthening  gusset thing I bought it off Italian ebay has been welded to the inner wing. I've noticed most people seem to make this component but it looked complicated and time consuming to make so instead I had the fun of attaching it to my homemade sheet metal.   Cue much fettlage wit hammer.


That area has then been boxed in to make an inner wing.  Not exactly the original shape but its been daubed in Zinga to ensure it has a lifespan that can at least be measured in months.  Bonus Zinga spilt on tyre to ensure double happiness grip


And then the outer welded on which which was cut out of an original rear wing.    A bit of filler and primer and I reckon it should be gravy.




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Complicated and commendable.  Keep it up man.



Isn't a Fila made of metal a paradox? :lol:


Great work.


Certainly an oxymoron.  There has been some musing on paradoxes and fourth dimensions.  Its a weird design. Maybe its a tuning fork for cosmic energy or summat.


I was maybe a bit mean with the fotos in the previous post. Here's some showing the boot floor repairs and whats behind the strengthening gusset whatsit.





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Yer wire speed is a wee tad high. Other than that it's all looking really good.


Cheers Brickwall/Haddock.   I trust autoshite to provide honest feedback.


In other news Mrs Skut has colour co-ordinated herself to match the Lancias interior.


And I found more rust in a very awkward spot.  The last picture shows the problem.   The thick steel plate is a suspension mounting and the body work its welded to is dissolving away around it.   Even where its not holed the metal you can see the rust ballooning the metal out between spot welds.  I'm a bit daunted and mojo has suffered a temporary setback.




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Hello shiters,  the sparkle stick has been in action again.   I was wondering what people make of my seatbelt mount repair.  I could seam weld it all the way round the spreader plate but I'm desperately short of time at the minute to be over engineering things. Does it look strong enough the way it is?


Sorry it a wonky angle again. Seems hard to rectify.


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The Poozuki has been under the knife.  The MOT tester poked holes in the sill ends so they have been repaired in reasonable if not spectacular fashion.


Not much progress on the Lancia, did get a nice family shot with Phils Y10.



Went for a little explore of a place i'd seen from the train.   Like a miniature Grindley yard with the bonus that the stuff is a 'bit' less rusty.  Nobody was about and fears of being savaged by oil sodden mastiff did not transpire.    No idea what the pre war car is, no obvious badges.   It looks continental to me, I thought maybe DKW or Jawa but google image doesn't seem to back that up.











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