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Y10 Post watershed rot + Imps


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She was having contractions every 20 minutes as I started typing the above out last night but they faded away with sleep. Prodromal contractions probably. No 1 was early.


Just to retain a bit of car content I drove to Tesco Riverside directly after passing to get celebratory reduced Castrol and saw this superbly bodged Focus Ghia.




Not seen that inept an application of p40 since the 90s.

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Lancia action in its new laminate floored luxury.  


Not my Vespa or Pug.

Wasn't a massively important area to fix really but a nice way to ease myself back into Y10 life.







Interior penetration okay.



This photo is about 2 years old, but having not shared before it's a one way valve from an MX5 filler neck jammed into the Y10s.   This is to fix its habit of dunking the rear wheel in Super at every corner.  It was always stripping the rattle can paint off and making the rear quarter look horrendous.   Fortunately it's a great interference fit and solved the issue.


In MG news  

Pirelli fantasy....


versus Pirelli fitting reality...





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Sometimes it feels that you should deliver a narrative, edited & refined onto a plateau of fanciful perfection.

And sometimes you just want a quick pish update.  This update is in the latter camp. 

Finished welding a slightly odd wheel arch patch/segment into the Y10.   Back in 2005 it was an area that I filled with p38 in very early optimistic days. So long ago that I initially forgot I was responsible for the filler and started to mentally berate some previous owner for it's presence.  

The welding of today is the other end of that story bar paint. 




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So some slightly* exuberant motoring placed too great a strain on the ZRs downpipe/cat and as a result that assembly is now in 2 pieces. 


Off with its head! As you can see a surprisingly neat severance has occurred. I suspect it had been cracked for a while as a hard to trace puff of exhaust gases could be detected at startup for a long time. 

New manifold arrived yesterday with o2 sensor still attached and smashed at both plug and lambda end. Teach me to use someone with 96% feedback. 


Ah well swapped old o2 sensor over with surprisingly little fuss. IMG_20190629_115730.thumb.jpg.454f5c35b414b5bd1e72d96117851e4c.jpg

Cleaning the mating faces took ages but nothing on cleaning the head surfaces up. Took to using a alu can ring pull as a scraper to try and avoid scratching the head. It's a dinky little engine though. It's so compact that working on it isn't a complete chore. IMG_20190629_143546.thumb.jpg.0bf93251dc57b32099f3050f7ea8850f.jpg

Strange backward handwriting cast onto the block. Like someone had in stencilled in the inside of the mould so it ends up cast the wrong way round. IMG_20190629_141405.thumb.jpg.ec88df2e4863c31659d2d106aedcad4c.jpg

Anybody noticed it before? 

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Did anybody else in the 90s stay up late in the hope of seeing some saucy late night French film. No?  How times change. We're spoilt now. 

In the spirit of those bleary forays into post watershed telly here's some late night Italian rust action. 



Rust spreading along the floor. The rubbish grey primered repair is the first welding I ever did from 10 years ago. Will be going. IMG_20190728_161518.thumb.jpg.509108685843d5dcb694e1109b994997.jpg

Found my 17 mm deep socket after several years awol. 



What happens when you tap a 14 year old MOT repair. 


Got sunroof working in tarty Rover for first time in my ownership. Still leaks



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You can't weld to rust and I hate welding to metal that's so thin and rust ravaged you know it's on borrowed time.  It might get you an MOT but the repair is already scrap before you've even finished. The expensive materials essentially wasted. 

So a big hole it is then. It didn't start well. The angle grinder had barely touched down before clouds of white smoke were pouring out of the box section. In a panic I chucked the nearest fluid to hand over the problem.. bright blue screen wash. Then I sat on half a dozen dremel cutting discs with a sickening crunch. 


More needs to come out but the hole stretchs to the central tunnel and worries were growing as too how much structure was missing. 

Started adding a new lip to the destroyed cross member. 


I try and do all the welding from above as welding on yer back is shite. Then bend the lip over. 



Then the top plate 



Drivers window now works. Now I have a drivers keep fit window and leccy passenger.  Oil and plug change. No pics as everyone know what oil & spark plugs look like. Shamefully I'd not changed the plugs since buying the car. But no cross threading occurred.  Got a new sunvisor and inlet manifold from this unfortunate victim. IMG_20190801_133747.thumb.jpg.e1bf45dee9896b2d565ecd63d86a7bad.jpg

A shame as is not really that bad. Belonged to airport mechanics whose boss was clearly a Rover licker


A nice young trainee aircraft mechanic called Ragu helped and it was the nicest joint spannering I've done in a long time. No ego and a good communicator. Strange that you get on so well with someone from half a world away yet people from down the street grind your gears. 

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Y10 Weldathon update.

IMG_20190706_123622.thumb.jpg.f7d280c7e1f633c5346ade26715721e5.jpg The underside) apicture shows progress up to today. I'm not sure if there's really the appetite for a blow by blow, coco pops template photojournal so just a couple. 



I'm really starting to enjoy the work now its reached a stage of looking like new structure spreading to fill the void. Early on when I was still grot chopping the mojo was poor. It brought into question why anyone would fix such a car.

So Imp spottage. Many Sundays we go the Errol market also of auction fame. Now this gives access to the wider site and as the family go and look at market shite and I look at this lot. Vehicles seem to come and go but some never move. 

The orange 74 like the white 66 lacks its running gear and is very rotten in places. Regardless I have the serious horn for the Orange Super. I've nowhere to put it, little spare cash to spend, no idea who owns it or if its even for sale but I WANT. 



The Mini is odd in that it's lhd and judging by the spelling of 'blood' is Swedish in origin. Anyone recognise the drivers name? 



A strange micro sports car. Initially I thought it was just a big toy but it looks like it's meant to have running gear. The GRP firm on the side has no reference to it on their website but they did build the Parabug in the 70s.


Others stuff includes some mega big Austins, trashed pop riveted Rootes mobile, Rangies and Minors. 






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2 hours ago, spartacus said:

Just found this thread, following the Y10 connection, shame some of the pics have been eaten but still a great read. How are things progressing?

I scrapped it mate..













Nah it's fine. The Y10 is currently out of reach as it's too far beyond my council boundary to be visited without taking the piss on covid rules.  It will just have to wait. 

So best I can do is this which arrived yesterday courtesy of my VAG licker mate. 


I did however scrap the beloved little Fucknugget Suzuki. A fuel line exploded dousing the car park in petrol. Then someone smashed a window and grabbed a spare tyre. The rot was taking a hold, a replacement window was elusive and it was in a public car park. Oh and the CV joints were knackered and the clutch juddery. Couldn't face it anymore. Last picture I took. 


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6 minutes ago, Skut said:

Nah it's fine. The Y10 is currently beyond reach as it's too far beyond my council boundary to be visited without taking the piss on covid rules.  It will just have to wait. 

So best I can do is this which arrived yesterday courtesy of my VAG licker mate. 


Need to start cutting little bits out of it & sticking them back in just to add some authenticity👍


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Went to see an Ovlov 850 yesterday with a view to MOT welding it.  Looked okay at first glance.


Then the sideskirts were removed and it wasn't.


The other side was just as bad and the edge of the floor was starting go in places. Advised although you could fix it, it wasn't the work of a weekend. The owner, a mates dad was lovely about it considering I'd just told him his Volvo of twenty years was effectively dead.

The ZR soldiers on with a mildly leaky inlet manifold. I spent a uncomfortable sum of money having it resprayed on the painters driveway last year.  Yeah I know Stevie Wonder etc, at least it looks respectable enough to not scare the birds away.



And for a while this thing seemed to stalk me round Dundee until mercifully it fucked off to Edinburgh. Whereupon  it continued it's stalking electronically by showing up on FB marketplace.






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