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Brownnova’s spots! A periodically updated thread of pictures of interesting motor cars. In the wild spots: A hoard of local honeys.


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 I've also been on a hearse ghost tour too, in Savannah GA.  That was exciting!  (84 Cadillac, btw)


I could quite happily live in Savannah. I've got some pics from a meet at Tybee island somewhere, did you manage to get over there?

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  (84 Cadillac, btw)



Yes I scored a ' must do better' on my American car knowledge! I'll brush up before next time!!


My bad, I didn't mean to impugn your knowledge; the hearse you posted is in fact a Lincoln.  My Cadillac reference was for the tour I took in Savannah.  Sorry if I confused anyone.


I could quite happily live in Savannah. I've got some pics from a meet at Tybee island somewhere, did you manage to get over there?

Tybee Island, I don't think we did.  I feel sure it would ring a bell, even from 2009 which is when we visited.  But we were there only 3 nights altogether, it was part of a road trip.

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My bad, I didn't mean to impugn your knowledge

Not impugned at all!! 😊


I'm normally pretty encyclopedic about cars (at least I like to think so) but in the states there were many that I didn't know, so was thinking that next time I want to know more!


Did kind of want to do the hearse tour, but we were heading somewhere else for the evening! On the list for next time!

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Good morning spotting fans!


Was going to upload my Chumley piccies, when I realised there were a few spotted ones I had yet to share.  So here goes....


First up (and bear with me here) I went to a local Pet cemetery, for afternoon tea (weird I know, but it's excellent!) and there they had this Vanden Plas hearse which apparently they use for pet funerals, and even hire out for some people ones too!




It was stunning. 




On another tangent here, some bikeshite! This has visited my road a couple of times this summer...



This traction avant is a local one, not usually a wedding car, I think the owner was getting married.




In Mold town centre...



.... And finally.  See the MG I spotted on the road above.  I found it in Tesco's car park.  It is in stunning nick!



Happy spottings all!



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That hearse is amazing, massive want!

I said to the Mrs "if I go first, I want my last journey to be in that hearse"


And yes Mr Racer, that sd1 truck is awesome. It's what convinced me I had gone to the right place for Mazda MoT welding!

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Apparently after it was retired it sat in a lean to/garden or something. The owner said the story was online on their website, but I can't find it...


Featured here....





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An update!  Well it's been a while!


First up one I've been trying to pap for a while now... This lives locally to me, old chap drives it round, never seems to go far.  But this is the first time I've seen it stopped in a car park!



T'other day on my commute I saw this chap braving an original Mini down a very very steep hill! So I took a really crap photo next time we stopped...



Pair of Porsches next: Trailer trash



And a gloriously shite looking (I believe the classic car term is patinated) 914





And finally - this appeared in a yard on one of my dog walking routes.  I assumed it was a project awaiting starting, until I saw it being driven down the road a couple of days later!




Right off to get real life out the way so I can do more spotting!

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And finally....  BXs are getting some love around here, so I thought I'd pap one.... Except it was raining hard, and I misjudged the wiper wipeyness.  So we are left with the second worst photo in the entire thread! 



That very well may have been me! Do you remember where it was? I've only just seen this thread...

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In celebration of the forum's Easter resurrection... (it's been done before of course!) I thought I'd update my spotted thread. Although I'm cheating a bit. These came from a classic car open day at a garage I have frequented in the past. But a few of my faves, and next time I'll add my 'in the wild' spots...


So my favourite car at the gathering was.....post-18217-0-21413900-1492273703_thumb.jpg

Do love an MG Maestro!


Also this Marina GT caught my eye somewhat!



Meanwhile in the Rover corner...



A nice Cortina



And a Scimitar



Fuzz Townshend and his Classic Friendly Vitesse were in attendance.



Not very shite but this was still lovely!



And finally we skip to the year 2040. The last few surviving MG6s are gathered at a classic car meet... post-18217-0-75845900-1492273904_thumb.jpg


Until the next time....

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In celebration of the forum's Easter resurrection... (it's been done before of course!) I thought I'd update my spotted thread. Although I'm cheating a bit. These came from a classic car open day at a garage I have frequented in the past. But a few of my faves, and next time I'll add my 'in the wild' spots...


So my favourite car at the gathering was..... 20170319_114302.jpg

Do love an MG Maestro!


My Maestro was identical to this


it had most of the MotoBuild catalogue stuck to it,and sat a good bit lower than that

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Some cars in the wild today...


First up a Capri. Think this one is sporting a modern engine from what I can gather. Local bloke who 'upgrades' classic Fords.



One nearly classic Ford in no need of upgrading is this early Mondeo



I went to the big city for a couple if days. And saw an array of Shite in daily service. Most of the time I was on public transport when I saw it. I got a snap of this 190e from the top deck of one of the new Route master buses


Sadly I missed papping a gorgeous Lancia that I saw...


In the street when using feet as a transport option (not yet chargeable on Oyster) I saw this beauty...



And then on the same Street this Merc.



And finally....


I peered through someone's bush...post-18217-0-81478500-1492415907_thumb.jpg


Regular readers will know the high photographic quality to expect from this thread!!

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In what could, for this thread, only be described as alarming regularity... here's my latest spotting update!


First up, we all love a Tranny... no not babs cabs...(apparently not a) Transit van in lovely nick at Alton Towers



On the main beach road in Llandudno recently this rather nice Laurel



On a day out to Llandudno I saw some classic buses in a field



And a Hanomag....



My wife said she turned around and I had disappeared. She found me by this oddity.




A non Mexico/RS Escort



This confused me as I didn't recognise it, said it was a Bluebird.... nice tho!



Ital van... nice!



Aaaand finally...

An Alfa behind a wall...



Happy spotting all...

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You've sold yourself short - that's not a Tranny, that's an A-Series!!! Many, many extra shite spotting points. A very early one too.

Well, I stand corrected! Happy to take the extra shite spotting points of course!


Thought it looked a bit different to a Transit... but trucks aren't my strongest area of knowledge...

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Morning Shite spotters!


Was casuallly glancing through the pictures of my recent camping trip... when I realised there were a plethora of car pics on my phone ripe for sharing in this here thread!


So... today I'll do the 'in the wild' type spots and then add my show pics from some of my summer shows another day... OK?


Good so...


A nice little Morris on a driveway....



Gold.... Gold... always believe in your soul.... you have the power to know you're indestructible... 



In a secret underground location (at Theatr Clwyd, Mold, Flintshire)



Meanwhile... in Flint a staple of 80s motoring was still in full use.



This somewhat special car was snapped whilst a little tipsy at around 5am... the man visible in the background proceeded to give m some verbal abuse for photographing his car.  Not sorry at all....



Drag racing Chevy in Lidl carpark....



Daimler serenely in repose at Bodnant Gardens...



I see this Monza regularly on my commute....



Apparently the bonnet of these is good for fun times.... according to a lady friend of mine....



And finally for this update... a P4




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What's that... more you say.


Oh go on then...


I went to Prestatyn Car show... I do every year.  This year I found a few interesting vehicles to wrap my pohone camera around....


I do love a Trabi... 






Serious want for this Rover 800... the owner is busy telling someone how the headlight fell out en-route to the show.... an entertaining tale!



Used to see loads of MG Montegos.... not anymore.  Shame that!



Wolseley goodness...



One of my favourite ever Ford features... Orion back lights.



A Yellow X1/9



Comedy paint job



TR7s all in a row



And finally for this show... a not very Shite, but absolutely beautiful XK120... it was well... WOW!


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