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A call for knocking some of these up? Sealink/Hoverspeed content


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Obviously this is all based on the quality of what comes back from the printers but....

Is there any interest in;

Sally Ferries

Sealink (old and new)

Brittany Ferries (90s style and 00 style), the 90s style one needs a ton of work to get right

The marginally newer Townsend with the TT logo and the text at the bottom just says Townsend Thoresen (rather than the one i’m having made)

Norfolk Line (I think this is a late 90s/00 design)

P&O early 90s design

DFDS Danish


If you have any others, i’d really appreciate any really good photos or scans you have. With the low level MS software i’m using, unless the base graphic is really good they take hours each to upgrade and i’m yet to find out if it’s paid off.

I would really like to track down an 80s AA Travel sticker if you have one you could scan or photo for me.


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8 hours ago, Ian_Fearn said:

I have had confirmation the stickers have been dispatched but I’ve been warned the quality isn’t good.

I’ve paid for a fancy software package to try and get them better but it will take me some time to learn how to use it.

I would still take those I committed to regardless. I appreciate your efforts with getting these done and would not want you to be out of pocket. A few of my old sheds have been used for foreign holidays as it makes the holiday travelling in an interesting car, it is not the same in modern rubbish.

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Regional holiday stickers, alpine passes etc etc. I used to seek old stock stuff out like that for a bit of period detail on a car but it was touch and go how adhesives had stood up to decades of degradation. Having a new reproduction takes away the uncertainty.


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How about an Olau Line sticker? Perfect for any pre-1994 car:


I lament the demise of the Sheerness-Vlissingen ferry service, If it was still in existence, it would save me a heck of a lot of time when I visit my very good Dutch friend Ed who lives in the Brabant region of the Netherlands.

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Townsend Thoresen on a Blue Panda?

Some more from this morning:





Big thanks to Ian Fearn. These are great and seem good quality to me, I am looking forward to actually being able to tour Europe again. I will take a Cortina to Cortina in 2022, probably the estate in the pictures and I hope to drive the Granada to Granada but it will not be this year!





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I’ve sent these to a couple of forum members now and they both think they’re decent enough. There may be a better batch later.

So on that basis, I am now happy to send them out. 

I’m thinking for this batch, I’d prefer a token donation to forum running costs (does anyone know who is responsible for that?) rather than any money my way.

PM me if you want one.

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On 7/13/2020 at 7:12 PM, Shep Shepherd said:

I can't imagine that there are many Olau stickers in existence any more, sadly. 

One here?



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