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Base Model Hearses


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Ok, so I know that this is a bit of a grim area, but I've been dying to post my first topic for some time (pun pardoned).


During a random, unrelated internet search, I came across this:




Mondeo hearse? At first it surprised me as it is a bit of a contrast in comparison to the usual Mercedes and Jaguar funeral transport.


I will admit that for a first topic post, it is a bit morbid. But I am aware that there is an existence of an owners scene which concerns limousines and hearses.

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I forgot about the Vectra hearse. Well I suppose if Mondeo man has one, then Vauxhall should represent their stable throughout its life cycle :lol:


I'll give you a clue to basic hearses - there is an Ital one, but I can't find it. So, another from the Austin stable:




(Courtesy of AROnline).

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Here is my old hearse a nicholson with a little 2.3 v6 and manual transmission. It certainly was a low spec one when new



That mk1 granada belongs to sandra who runs the classic hearse club and the ambassador is her partners. I collected the ambassador from London for them when it came out of service. They are a great fun club the hearse club we used to have a great laugh with my one which was named Geoff one year whilst at Le Mans. I have lost a lot of old photo's now but I did have him on the circuit when we were there some years ago

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