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  1. Just to help you recall the great times we had, at places like Duxford., . ...and indeed can look forward to again - Here's a picturesque reminder . . . ..almost black and white
  2. piccie of the day . . This afternoon, I pulled myself out to the container ..I've been 'demotivated' so pretty much by the shirt tails ! ..to recheck the bike's ignition timing, which I like to set to 3 deg in advance of TDC (standard is 0 deg ie., TDC). It was correct, but clearly the engine wasn't happy, hunting around all over the place. So I advanced it by another 3 degrees and things have settled down a lot. I tweaked the carb's idle jet and tickover to suit and then went out for a ride. She now feels to have noticeably better pick up in performance and sounded fine. Still popp
  3. My nephew had hair that looked like that ..!
  4. Putting pandemic & Brexit news aside for a moment . . . I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas / seasonal greetings. Best Regards, Pete.
  5. I guess some might think "that would make a really cool camper van".
  6. My piccie of the day ..from last Tuesday but the computer server here at the apartment has been AWOL since then. As you can see the weather turned nice but the roads were still wet from sequential downpours ! Now the bike is in bits again.. The engine hasn't seized over the passed couple of hundred miles but the engine's vibration (30 mph in third and 40mph in top and then again above 55 mph) is wrong. I don't really have much idea what it is - but I do know the flywheel was mistakenly over-machined when it was lightened. It was supposed to be reduced to 1
  7. I think that sums up British persons idea of being stylish
  8. ^ Looks what it is .. bolt on, with Halfords bought spotlights rather than an integral design that one might expect from Rolls Royce. Mind you the bumper alignment is also better on a Skoda
  9. Looks sorta odd with a spoiler on that Rolls, and no I'm not talking about the bloke sitting on the wing clenching his balls.
  10. Not to worry, I've decided that next springtime I'll probably sell one of my last two Sunbeams ..simply because I'm buying another classic car, already have the other Sunbeam and a boat to put back together and, being in my mid-sixties - I'm running out of years for projects so I want to consolidate what I have and to get on and enjoy them while I can. Very likely it'll be the S8 Nudge I'll be letting go of first. I would of course love to find an enthusiast who would in time like to buy both my sister bikes, but I guess in reality that's unlikely to happen. Pete
  11. piccie of the (Tues)day : ^ next door to the being-re-thatched cottage This weekend's rain, snow ..and fog today - the weather around here was barely conducive to my getting out of bed ..let alone to my riding a motorcycle.
  12. ^ ^ Reading comments and pictures in order as I scroll down the page can tend to put things out of context.
  13. Piccie of the (yester)day . . . ^ on the way back from the sun drenched beach I came across a chap thatching a cottage. A wonderful example of craftsmanship. Is that 'typically British' ..and Irish or are thatched cottages commonplace in other countries ? (I sort of expect them to be in Grimms fairy tale's Germany, although of a slightly different style and possibly not pig's blood pink. A friendly chap to talk to (..on the scaffolding between the windows). He was saying that this year was a good harvest for the long straw they need, which I believe is wheat. Most farm
  14. Piccie of the day . . . Seeing as it is now December and it's a balmy summers day ( ..in Australia) ..or something along those lines according to Jimmy Buffet - I thought I'd go to the beach Anyhows., a good run of 88 miles today, and I think I've finally managed to cure almost all of the oil weeps (..and yes there is oil in the engine !) Pete.
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