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  1. ^ mere bagatelle for a young man with his life unfolding before him.
  2. Ha ! you've really set yourself up for such HIGH STATUS (..a parachute might be needed to help break the fall !? ) ..mind you that is only among us ..the shitiest of the auto enthusiast world Might I suggest you now fulfill your destiny to go on to buy ..nay concurrently own ..the crème of automotive saloon stature of various nations. Perhaps next acquiring a Citroen DS Safari for its utility and oh-so-Parisian vocals, soon followed by an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce (1967 appears to be a good vintage for this particular Latin spirit and sweetness
  3. where to start . . ? My first step has been to sit down at the computer and with parts books, to order a new and complete set of rubber hoses for coolant and heater + new (original type) wire clips (..just so they look all the same). I've also ordered a new through-bulkhead connector in s/s and likewise in s/s a new bottom hose pipe (Katie's existing one is just a short straight pipe so the rubber hose chafes where it was supposed to have changed direction). I've also realised that the hoses presently fitted are the wrong way around. . . What is seen (above) as the (in
  4. New model pre-launch, still being kept secret from the Press.. conversation overheard ; "it will be great to see what the car looks like when they take the cardboard box disguises off " ... "what do you mean that is with the cardboard taken off ? "
  5. Looks great in B&W Gerry, perhaps it might be just a bit more grainy.? You could post that on FB or wherever and ask the world "What year do you reckon this photo is from" and does anyone know this car ? ..Who knows someone may remember it from way back in the day. Mind you the was factory painted in British Racing green. Thanks, Pete. p.s. after yesterday's superb springtime weather, this mornings we've got gusty winds and snow flurries..!
  6. Good evening all, Well I bought Katie very nearly a month ago now, and thereafter faced one seemingly serious issue after another. The clutch and the coolant issues have now all but been done, aside from that I've done a number of minor jobs and am starting to address the next items on the task list. Tbh., I've only ever once before spent so much money on buying a car and I took the seller at his word when he told me that with this Triumph only minor things ..like the interior trim, the hood, and the speedo's calibration needed attending to. I don't believe the seller was dishone
  7. Bet they didn't sell many of those down south in the bible belt .!
  8. Just sitting out enjoying the still evening air ..and of course thinking. A little something I did, sort-of matter-of-course without noticing, was to screw the four finger-loose rocker-pedestal / rocker-shaft studs back into the cylinder head and pinch them up with a pair of mole grips. Yes I know that's horribly crude. Normally I would remove them and thoroughly clean the threads out (with carb cleaner), and refit the studs with Loctite / thread-lock, and at the same time pinch them up tight using double nuts. Not much of an excuse for my slovenliness on this occasion 'cept that I was in
  9. Good evening ; This afternoon I refitted Katie's voltage stabiliser, back onto the footwell bracket (what an awkward sod to reach, a left handed operation and tucked up in the far corner, in line with the top of the pedals). I did give the bracket a cursory scrape to remove a some paint ..but nothing much. And then headed off to the farm shop for some green groceries, about five miles away. The temperature gauge is now reading on the cool side of normal. Whether one of the wires had a dry connection, or the earth is now adequate - I don't know. Nothing else was touched ..but it now
  10. celebrations, I've now been Katie's custodian for 3 weeks... where's the Brandy ! And yes I know.. the way I've been posting on here it must seem like three years ! You might thank goodness that I bought a roadworthy car rather than a project I've had a look this afternoon and the fan extension is tight to the feel (I grabbed and yanked at it ..in layman's terms). The steering rack itself isn't worn (by the spinning fan-extension) and the hollowed reshaping in it isn't accurately aligned with the rack either. I'd suggest it was done by hand or perhaps on a lathe
  11. Yesterday afternoon I went to the dust bowl (where my storage container is) to do a few more TR jobs - related to its running temperature. I'm more and more suspecting the temperature gauge sensor &/or its wiring to be an issue. I did have one fitted into the spare 4Aengine I bought in Nov 2019 (which was intended to have been rebuilt ready to go into 'Chance') but with moving house that particular item was packed safely away ..and somewhat frustratingly remains 'out of sight.' Anyway I removed the one from Katie simply to clean it (in case it was encrusted with rusty crud) and t
  12. Those single wire cables easily get kinked and then all but lock up. The one controlling the heater's water valve on my Triumph was kinked ..at the valve's lever and simply snagged ..so would not pull more than a very small distance, and certainly not enough to operate the valve. I'd recommend you start at the carb end of your choke cable, disconnect the cable there and straighten it. Then with it disconnected you can operate the knob on the dash, and you might well find straightening the wire at the carb restores its full travel. Pete
  13. I've paid my bill and politely told the workshop that I will probably use them again but that I have to be more selective on who I ask to do what task. Following advice on the TR forum, I've just checked the flatness of the radiator cap filler and it's fine. Where the cap's inside seal sits is not so flat though because there is what feels like a weld or solder all around that edge. I guess that's standard though. ^ The cap that was fitted (left) is 4lb and was missing its rubber seal. The new cap (right) is 7lb. And if the coolant system cannot take an extra 3psi pressure, th
  14. Friday : The clutch is now so light that I first wanted to check that it was properly bled (after being used for two short journeys) and to fit return spring alongside the slave cylinder. The was just a little air in the pipe (it's a nuisance having a bigger bore pipe when bleeding). Now the feel of clutch wouldn't feel out of place in a small modern car. - - - I also wanted to check out the differences in gearbox covers and to see if we might get a steel TR3 one to fit in place of the TR4's fibreglass cover. It wasn't intended to be, but this also gave me the opportunity to
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