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  1. 1:43, there's a corgi juniors one in orange too.
  2. There was a road going dalek dunno if it's still around?
  3. The description is bollocks, it's only connection to ford is that it was a pool vehicle & donating it to a college/tech school etc ( could be written off as a tax fiddle like companies do now) it's great it's survived reasonably intact,but I'd rather have a normal 2000E. It's featured in one of the motoring periodicals back in the mid 70's in an article on future safety technology.
  4. Their the "how many left" of the mag world. I knew one of their contributors (& other mags) a few years back & he doesn't know his arse from his elbow , he didn't then either. The cobblers he writes amazes me, so many simple/basic factual errors I spot on vehicles I have very little/limited knowledge on never mind the ones I do beggers belief!
  5. That will be a1980 as the 79 models don't have the outer cutouts in the front valance & the interior mirror bolts to roof, regs in Guildford may 1980.
  6. Probably due to them being nocturnal animals in the wild!
  7. No it needs a coyote V8 from another ford non of that GM rubbish.
  8. It was prob a reverse image or LHD as like taunus & mk1-2 Granada hi spec ,2drs were avl on the continent Inc MK2 Sierra's & 4x4's ( or possibly a one off). There was a LHD Mk5 RWD RS 2000 UK regd for 3 years featured in a big article in April & may 94 issue of triple C ( I'm looking for a copy of may issue)
  9. Sounds like the ones here in Sheffield.
  10. Chassis is permanent fixture to best of my knowledge.
  11. To much in fighting/duplication selling several different cars to the same customer rather than fighting other manufacturers. Who all made a small, medium, large car & possibly a sports coupe. They should have made mini, dolomite,princess,rover sd1 estate was a huge missed opportunity,jaguar (saloons & estates of all). Then midget,TR7 Inc lynx hatchback & Jag. Land rover & Range rover.
  12. Vacuum leak. Pinch/ block hoses to stop leak. Spray any joints with we etc to momentarily seal Idle air valve, stuck closed try turning tick over up so throttle is slightly open if it ticks over then it's stuck. Egr valve ( if fitted) remove & blank off if it now works it's stuck open.
  13. Scraps £170 a tonne at EMR! Sell roof rack to pineapplers win win nother turd off the streets.
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