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  1. Daughter will soon get fed up of the bus & go in it.
  2. Think Isle of Wight too. 4 Dr MK1 Mexico plod mobile too.
  3. UK market had 2 Dr MK4 Corrina's in 1.3 ohv base & L the Mk5 was like with some 1.6 ohv autos avl under the motobility scheme. That's a Mk5 fitted with escort/Capri deep dish sports rims instead of the std slotted steel rims. The rarest one is the exworks 3.0 V6 triple carbed rally car NHK 244 V my moby dick!
  4. Are the Barbie campers Dodge based? As want the vans to mod into my mates lwb steel body type camper.
  5. Cyberdyne systems the builders of terminaters have been in business for years gulp!
  6. Could do with a 2-3 of those dodge vans if available?
  7. 1300E had rectangular headlights & spotlights pedant mode off.
  8. They were welded like that as there repaired now, as cheaply as possible as all the owner cares about is getting another 12 months use from their vehicle to put bread on the table.
  9. Take it I was just gonna add it to my ford collection.
  10. Can I take the escort badge ? Ok details of what I owe & I'll PayPal you & you can get a bit of room back if we're going to be starved of new stock for awhile.
  11. That transit camper probably has late smiley rear springs fitted the locating pin is I believe further forward.
  12. Judging by the grille it's a lowline. Zodiac ( post 59 have a lower/flatter roof) but the painted headlight surrounds are from an earlier hiline consul.
  13. Like I said 2.8 a brief stop gap between the old Bosch inj & new 2.9 efi. I think it's the setup developed for the American market used in the bronco 2/ ranger & merkur Scorpio ( the later made in cologne). While the explorer got the 4.0 ohc V6 & the cars got the 3.8 V6 ohv (a shortened version of the 4.6 ohv V8).
  14. Mate is restoring a trans-am in one great, he's lined it with bubble wrap to stop condensation.
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