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  1. £100 plus for one of those spoilers now
  2. I'm looking for a flip body dragster, if it's the pinky charger how much Inc p&p
  3. Sorry don't get online till late def take the 100e. Interested in the twin boom Holmes wrecker on the table if around a fiver pm your PayPal & will sort payment. Still looking for a 1-75 flip body funny car (no rush though).
  4. I believe at least one was made.
  5. Ferguson's converted a 69/70 Mustang (still exists), 70/71 hemi cuda, at least 3 MK1 3.0 capris ( ford still own one), 1 MK3 3.0 Capri, triumph stag,a 3.0 scimitar, 2 pos 3 vauxhall royale/ Opel senator s( ibelieve one was an estate too) at least one survives, unfortunately the MK3 Cortina est (3.0 V6) didn't get past design stage . The zephyrs were 3.0 V6 normally reserved for zodiacs,rumour has it that ford had two zodiac estates converted one used as a tow/chase car by boreham competition dept. The introduction of the range rover killed of the lucrative police market as it fullfilled all there needs at a cheaper price.
  6. Cheers it's to mount a Cortina on like the super/speed kings one I did abit back. I'm looking for a matchboxish size 100e as for years I've been trying to get one of each (pre 2000) UK ford in that & 1/43 scale & its one of the few I'm missing aswell as mk1Zcar in 1/43.
  7. Last womble that came on to me like that was told to go hassle someone who thinks they were guna be taken in by his pretend plod appearance. His female associate said I want your name & address so I asked are you a police officer? Her reply was no. So I said Im not giving you them then, you could be going to give them to your mate to burgle me seeing as I'm broken down overan hour from home.now go away I'm waiting for the AA. A mate who's a time served mechanic was changing a tyre on the hard should when as if by magic one appeared beside him & during the procedure was constantly told you shouldn't be doing that you should get to a safe position & wait for a professional to come do that when he done he said I am but it's my day off but I still now what to do see you & drove off. You should have took there details & reported him traffic cops can't stand them.
  8. Love mini article have a pic somewhere of a fiat 126 in I think Germany belongs to either a 126 specialist or owners club. Both truck & trailer where handmade.
  9. On the front of the table 2nd pic is that a 4dr 100e in grey if so I'm interested in that, I'm also looking for a flip body funny car matchbox I recall did a green beetle & ithink a dark pinkish charger (1-75) scale body condition not important want the base/ wheels if on in 50p box thanks.
  10. Followed a blue on this afternoon bit less foliage though.
  11. When there made 4wd the extra height meens that the headlights are above the maximum allowed from the ground
  12. What was in the strada? Mid/rear engined I presume?
  13. Volvo V70 (01) petrol starter motor & alternator £25 each coil packs £5 each or £20 for all 5. Plus p&p.
  14. Isn't that supersnipe actually a hawk?
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