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  1. I love how the Muppets faceing replacement/redundancy gleefully demonstrate the technology to you.
  2. More profit more unemployment the futures bright the futures fucked!
  3. Always wanted to do this with a 2dr MK3 or 5 cortina & ford V8 ( minus arch mods).
  4. I've the MK3 Granada & think Mk5 escort salesman training films on VHS somewhere be good to get them onto dvd ( tracking is bad on Granada one).
  5. South Africa got the MK3/4/5 cortina bakkie's not Australia ,all though a company the did mk1-2 van conversions ( not paneled over estates).
  6. The cortina & Skoda show no details on dvla
  7. I'll takethem if you can pm postage & your PayPal.
  8. Need a universal fuel gauge pretty quickly must be 0-60ohms loads on eBay they list all the details except rating ! Fat lot of good when you need to match it to sender only one that do give the figure is from China upto a month delivery fuksake why is it so hard to do a simple task!
  9. Note the pinto/Vega van trailer in background.
  10. I know been one of those days will try & sort tomorrow.
  11. I've about a doz or so up for grabs joblot or split will get titles.
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