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  1. Jammy Europeans got 2 Dr mk1-2 Granada saloons (except Ghia) & mk4-5 shape taunus in all trim & eng specs.
  2. Think that one is in the public service vehicles brochure.
  3. Have tried to find info on what vehicles were used to test the MK3 Corrina running gear,ohc engines etc but never had much luck.believe the ohc engines may have been fitted in capris. Have one pic of rear axle in a non Cortina ( shows a transverse fuel tank) but pretty sure is a pinto as these originally were sold with the 1.6 ohc & the European ohc.
  4. That MK5 in breakers is just a crusader not an XR6 or lower spec S.A. version as it doesn't have steel bumper endcaps & has angled shockers & top arms rather than 5 link & turreted rear shockers like all S.A. MK5 saloons.
  5. It was sold to a secretary in the film production office then the sellers father I believe. It's been known of but kept low profile, it was the stunt car that was lost track of soon after filming finished until the guy accidentally found out he'd bought it after applying for a "Marti report" ( a certificate of authenticity via fords production records) confirmed it. It's going to be restored as it was little more than a shell. Let's hope this one is going to be preserved rather than restored.
  6. That's a very early MK2 Escort outside those flats.
  7. No not Roy Castle some old mustang set a record at auction Listing sounded ok 67 GT, 3 owners from new,present owners family since 1974,pretty original, but few age related scuffs etc,minor mods,390ci,4 speed manual, period alloys,green,black interior. 1of2 known in this spec. Oh nearly forgot had a small role in a late 60's film. Bidding starts at$3400 It sold for $3,400,000 !!!!!!l How much????? Yes "THE" BULLIT Mustang (halo car) sold today for $3.4 million plus premium. It's stunt double was found in 2017 as a shell.
  8. Didn't know smoll eddy had premises & staff?
  9. No longer the case with older stuff.
  10. Rarer ( more expensive zodiac possibly executive) in your pic, that bobcat conversion is a new one on me?? MK4 Cortina rear lights.
  11. Remember quite a few of those,the yellow hirider supersnipe & Jon baldenchinos black ha van are still around, being the Cortina perv spotted a white South African Mk5 bakkie passes twice in the street scenes shame can't see the reg
  12. Bought myself musclecar barnfinds book, best mate & missus bought me "traction forsale" history of Ferguson 4x4 book.
  13. I've never understood the term " god fearing" if he's your mate, forgives your wrongs etc why do you have too be god fearing?
  14. Yep used a single I think 2in SU carb on the 2.0 ohc conversion but retained Weber on 3.0 ones. Both blow through setups if memory serves.
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