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  1. Red seat is corgi MK3 Cortina police car,
  2. Was forsale earlier in year circa £2000 I think. There's bugger all left worth removing of that dept the tinted glass.
  3. I've only got the odd siku couple of ford cargo beavertails & a yellow version of the MK1 Granada estate. All from toyfairs in the 00's. Only place I used to see that for sale was a toyshop in Skegness of all places,can't remember any where in Sheffield stocking them.
  4. What's the story behind the Volvo racer?
  5. Yep got those tour of Britain on VHS from the 90's ,one of those GT's became the first MK3 savage (been reshelled twice but still original like triggers broom).
  6. Wonder if there's any footage of the similar MK3 Cortina race?
  7. Still think 1st one is the best. Is that the bluski brothers┬┐
  8. I've still got the 131 rally car brilliant model.
  9. Sierra sapphire not MK3 Granada.
  10. The 1.3 ohc was only available in the Sierra for the UK cortinas always had the 1.3 crossflow the taunus had it though. The Opel manta/ascona 16v was as said based on the stronger diesel block.
  11. That's a MK4 estate (chrome door mirror) but that is a red MK3 escort coming towards us released in 81 (W reg).
  12. Something along the lines of a haflinger
  13. Worse thing that could happen but "they" don't have it on there doorstep & will need something to tax to replace the lost income from tobacco.
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