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  1. Could I take the revel MK3 transit & the orange MK2 transit & add them to the MK1 zcar. Thanks.
  2. Wheeler dealers is factual & watching it makes you an expert on all motoring matters.
  3. Re dukes of hazard get hold of the dvd "Lee 1 all the others are replica's" by Travis bell it puts so called concours restores to shame.
  4. Paya appears to be the brand. Of the 4 two are boxed & this is the best one, I've seen one with a different hand set too. Got them all from Spain via eBay in the early 00's.
  5. Finally got chance to get some more pics of the Mk5 saloon as requested unfortunately no batteries so couldn't show with the lights working (both front & rear). It's approximately 1:10 scale pressed steel.
  6. Yes he was. General Lee was the star of the show. Two different MK3 estates where used in shoestring both with the same false plate,series one had an XL series two an L. One of my claims to fame I fitted the 5 speed box in the 2.3 Ghia Mk5 cortina police car in ashes to ashes.
  7. All that sidewall damage will have been caused mounting curbs outside school.
  8. I've seen a lumo 1600e was around 1990.
  9. That's an early MK1 transit if it's Dec 67.
  10. Do you meen my Mk5? Will sort some.
  11. The lights work on them Inc blues & twos on police/ ambulance version the latter has a removable stretcher too. I remember as a kid during mid 70's having a Kadett "B" coupe (rally car silver black bonnet),blue land crab & alitalia stratos . Can't remember the brand's.
  12. There were quite a few different body configurations over the years.
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