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  1. Can count the imports on one hand, ooo how times change.
  2. 3 is a mid 50's Chevrolet pickup. 4 is a foden truck.
  3. That was one in wicker, I must go at wrong time.
  4. The royals bring in the tourism , if your in the principality of London. Everytime Sheffield council has another scheme to waste money/bring chaos to the city they role out the "it,ll bring in tourism/ benefit the residents line. Witness student games,supertram,Euro cup,etc,etc.
  5. I'm sure I live in a different universe to you lot as no matter when or where I go hot wheels & matchbox are vertually unfindable. Local Poundland this teatime still only seem to stock some kind of wooden myfist hot wheels type of thing. While rest seem to have only a handful of unwanted orphans Tesco seems to have a few five packs. Dunno why I bother checking.
  6. Van looks like it might be an imp based commer cob. Yes with black boot panel will be a GT.
  7. No the bull shifters always get the prize.
  8. Chevette would've been slant 4 16v. Notable fords Inc V6 transits, lotus cortinas (Inc some 4dr mk2's) MK1 escort Mexico( again Inc 4drs) ,RS200. 4wd MK4 zephyr 's. most STD fords.
  9. No the principality of London will be the rest of the country will carry on as normal.
  10. Try parking like this on some local bigwigs property & I bet there's loads plod/court can do about it.
  11. You can guarantee they'd go mental if you did same to them & they'd get away with any retaliation.
  12. Why would ford Germany do this???? These conversions where done here by several companies with slot more than 8 & I'm sure more than 1 survives.
  13. But they don't apply I've you've got one of these. Same as on the road.
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