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  1. The Excel was a long way from home with a London reg.
  2. Corsa bakkie goes back to the "B", fiesta versions back to MK3.
  3. Can I add the yellow Torino to my stash? Ta.
  4. In the second film "son of trigger" is a turbo transam note the scoop offset to drivers side of hood.
  5. I love modders/restorers like I'm gonna this,that & the over then states all the companies that are gunna actually do all the work ,just like his TV programs are.
  6. Most of those hikers will be around 70 now!
  7. I know that under Thier rules I should be able to get it reallocated as I have copies of originals ( from not long after I bought it back when you could get them before the world went security crazy).
  8. Is that rover P6 on white walls opposite carriageway to Victor?also is the mini a Radford or similar?
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