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  1. Can I take this if willing to post? Pm me your PayPal to pay postage.
  2. You forget a couple of points 1. Money to be made 2. The evil car must be banished ( unless you're saving the planet by buying a new one).
  3. Probably in the bubble car museum looking at that pic ( great place to visit!).
  4. That was there raisan detre. Mate had the column mount rip out of dash/bulkhead on one circa 6 years old!
  5. Like the yellow p reg MK3 cortina that keeps coming on eBay here in Sheffield been on there used car lot circa 7 years in all weather's price varies between £5-12 utter pile of crap & and writer should win the booker prize for fiction!
  6. I meant doing things like the light.
  7. Years ago we had people that had skills to do this sort of thing ,then people with power said nah more profitable to get rid & just buy a new one,then when the profits still weren't enough the shipped the manufacturing abroad, then when that was no longer deemed to give enough profit, we then kids ended up with China! But don't worry it's all the consumers fault.
  8. They also had cars inspected by the AA prepurchase Inc one highly modded Chevy S10 pickup (that a friend had for sale).
  9. I've a very good boxed cougar from my childhood I always wanted the charger 500 to go with it.
  10. Be he's full of more shit than the local sewage system
  11. I think that crayford (if it's the first one) still exists.
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