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Dave's fleet consolidation continues by adding another car...


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Going well this.


So to update.


Range Rover Vogue 3.6 TDv8, now with removed chrome and 22" wheels.  Freelance pharmaceutical distribution vehicle according to many.

Serviced, need to do the mechatronics wiring seal and gearbox oil and filter change but otherwise it's fine, hence the lack of updates.


Merc SLK 230, sorted the mechanical issues, polished the paint and then while it was behaving perfectly (the new owners words, not mine) sold it, much to the dismay of Mrs Dorson who quite liked the little red two seater.


The black "new" beetle.. done the brakes, need to do the sills, this means taking it to my workshop, where there's little room at the moment, hence it can wait.  Not that it matters, as it won't get used anyway.. but still I need to sort it out.


The 72 beetle of many hours.. don't ask.. it's under a pile of stuff at the unit, so no pictures sorry 

The t4..  currently buried at the back of the workshop behind the other Dave's escort van which is on my trailer.

See above

The 1974 1303.. waiting for me to go and collect with the range rover and aforementioned trailer.

Forgotten what it looks like, no pictures, big project.

The Mondeo MK3 .. being used as a workshop shuttle but will probably get the oil, filters, top mounts and stuff done this weekend and then when I've fixed all its issues, I'll sell it because I'm an idiot and it's a good car.

There's a picture of that somewhere.. I dunno... I doubt anyone on here would be interested as it's modified a fair bit and has Chinese tyres fitted.


But wait...

What's this..



my neighbours son unceremoniously left this on her driveway when he bought his Pirelli edition and it's sat there pretty much since.


He offered me it for £2600 when I got the range rover, and that dropped to £1800 when he realised he's not getting that much.

Suffice to say I've told him he's a dreamer and he'll be lucky to get what he's asking with that induction filter fitted, the laquer peel and the rust, there's some history with the car but no sign of a cam belt I can see in the last 4 years, we discussed that WBAC are offering £1300 or so and they will bid him down as soon as he presents it because it's got some issues.

It probably wants a set of rear bushes doing, they don't have play in but they're looking a bit minging.  there's a small oil weep I need to find according to the MOT and it's been lowered on springs only.

I did convince him to take the stupid exhaust he had fitted off and drop a stock one back on, so the noisy exhaust advisory is sorted, it's got matching Pilot Sport 4s with nice tread on.

Obviously because I'm definitely not* buying any more cars at the moment as I've got loads to be getting on with, I now own it.


Anyone want a Mondeo?



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Tidy ones are making £3-5k still depending on miles.


I liken them to MK2 golfs when I was a youth, you can get one that some kid who really ought to know better has modified a bit and sort it out for sub £2k and you'll end up with a nice car worth keeping.


I suspect I'm going to sort out the wing, give it a cam belt and the cam connecting chain and tensioner, find a stock air box, some sensible springs, refurbish the wheels and then sell it just before the prices go mental, and spend the next 20 years lamenting the time I got rid of a golf GTI I really liked.


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Previous owner just sent me the following information about the golf.




I've got a wing coming to deal with that rot.  I have a door solenoid inbound and will order the coolant hose from TPS in the morning.

Someone is advertising a shabby set of arms with poweflex bushes pressed in for £20 so I've dropped them a message.

He's dropping round the service paperwork later which proves the work done is listed as well which is nice of him.

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7 hours ago, tooSavvy said:

I see 'dogbone' in the upSpec upGrades....

Hmm..... Probably 'immensely effective' & priced accordingly 🤣🤣

I'll stick with my 'glue'.... 😎👌

They do tend to to stop wheel hop as they stop the engine and box from slapping about like a sausage in an alleyway when you're launching it hard.

There's a lad called Aaron who makes polyurethane filled mounts using broken OEM ones which a lot of the VW powered front wheel drive drag race guys use, and those who do have seen significantly less  gearbox and drivetrain related breakage as a result, the drag strip is pretty hard on those components.

I've had good results with tigerseal in mount voids, adds some stiffness to a sloppy mount but doesn't make it shake your teeth out at the traffic lights.


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Mondeo is up for the chop now, I've decided to sell it to a local lad as an on-going concern, with a boot full of bits; I just cant find the time to get it sorted and once I get going, how far will I end up going before I'm too far in.. it's been a good car, but it's time to cut ties and get out of it.


So, I need to get all the ICE out of it.

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