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Scrapyards......WTF are they thinking????


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My local one (Greggy's, Gatebeck near Kendal) shut down last year as the owner died and no-one else who worked there was capable of getting a license so there's nothing nearby really now, I'm not too bothered to be honest as I don't really run old shitters these days but its a shame as the stereo on my Saab is missing the tiny balance button and I'm sure I could have got one from there.

Best purchase from there was a mint floppytop for my wife's megane cabrio, someone put a knife through hers and I couldn't believe that I found one in the yard as I'd never seen a cabrio of any type in there in 30 years as it was a fairly small yard, cost me 40 quid complete.

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Shame that, looks quite good.

In the days when I was a regular in breakers (now just about everything is way newer than the 740 or 850), Campbell's in Armadale was the first stop as they were cheap and let you wander about seemingly at random. They're still on the go now and seem to do good business. 

I also remember SCB at Newbridge when they had rows of cars neatly arranged by marque. 

If you want a good car breakers in central Scotland nowadays (apart from Campbell's) Paisley seems to be the place to go. 

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On 12/30/2021 at 10:57 PM, DavidB said:

I went to my not-so-local scrapyard in North Wales

Was it David Kelly by any chance? I used those fairly regularly about 20 years ago, as they had a Stellar in amongst the Jags. There seemed to be two guys running it, one would charge the earth, the other almost nothing. I recall once I needed a fusebox, and was quoted £25 on arrival. This was a lot of money for a student in those days, but mine had the early glass fuses and due to a few high resistance joints had started to melt. So I pulled out the later blade style box, took it to the desk and asked the other bloke "How much do you want mate?" "Oh, just give us a quid" :-)

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