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Swift... eh? Nah!


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Dropped into ToolStation and scored 1M * M8 threaded rod @£2:60

....... Bit of 'fartcan clamping' jiggery-pokery may be required. I have a sack of nuts/shakey washers + some scrap u-channel 👍✔️

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#twitalert#.... 🤔

Some of you may be thinking 'hmm, looks to be a LONG FartCan for a SHORT ARSED Swift!'

Yes, me too 😮....

It is 2" shorter than the underfloor 'gap'.

🎉 ... TF


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Been lying under the car today (yupp = warm + dry day!)

Backbox has been 'cobbled' onto the main link pipe previously... Good News = I have a stout length of 42MM pipe (clamped onto factory original pipe) then running to rotted out box... I chop through the 42MM and wizz the Fart Can onto the end, using a short piece of the linkpipe I just got delivered.

The hanger rubbers are OK and with a piece of u channel across the F.C. and a heavy wire hook, to either side, then hanging/location will be sorted 😎

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