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Swift... eh? Nah!


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I see a Honda, on the eBay thread.....

Are/Is this a factory/production line (like part of the body pressings?) or a kind that was avail at Sunroof Fitters??

Neat.... No clearance issues 😎


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I will pop the bonnet and check my crucial 'manifold/bonnet skin' clearance....

I have ordered some new screws, for locating the box-lid (some were missing/rusted) 25mm long 👍

Box will be no good if it doesn't squeeze in the gap 😕


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Further action...... I have cut off all the mounting bracket/webs from the base box. I have sliced a chunk out of the corner (where the inlet pipe neck would be) so that I clear the fixed EGR vac controller.

When I reach the point of 'screwing it into position' I shall cobble up an enclosure to reseal the lopped off section of casing....  re-attach the inlet pipe neck >> somewhere else... and look at reusing the FIAT snorkel 👍






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