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Swift... eh? Nah!


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Today I was wanting a blast of 'super toasty' up onto the screen, to clear fogging....

The 'up to screen only' lever is great but I'm not getting really hot air 😕

The set up is a bowden cable/slap across Blue:Red lever..... this moves the bleed flap [heater core always hot] to mix air for hot/cold.

It would seem some sort of loss is jamming it short of full HOT.

Diagrams and the web forum describe a fairly simple test/check + fix.

This time of year it is at the top of the list...... ;)


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My mudflaps arrived..... Softly flexible and just the job!

Ordered a dizzy cap + rotor (megga cheep, with promo code too).... I'm going to research the cost of a set of Hi Energy leads. 3 NGK in the works.

Sparks are crucial to safe/reliable running.

*if it ever stops raining I will drop the oil 😕


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On 29/10/2020 at 13:25, barefoot said:

This thread needs many, many more pictures. I'd particularly like to see the seats, the gear selector, the air con button, the view from the driver's seat, the view from the back, and the boot/opening.


...... heres a piccy, on account.

*these rust away on Micras/Sunnys I believe 😕

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Heater issues were less than taxing...... The white plastic lever is quite plainly hanging off the side of the heater, under dash, and likely thwacked by a foot!!


I flipped the lever to cold, which moved the Pin as far away from the pivot point as poss >> flicked White arm over Pin, pin into Track >>> flipped lever to hot and it fully returned + locked the flap combo onto 'Super Toasty Warmest' ;)


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Hmmm.... Made an interesting discovery!

The 3potta G10 has a 'bolt on' bottom pulley... that is... it is removable from the Timing Belt bottom sprocket.


If I d.i.y. the timing belt/tensioner, I don't need the fabled WindyGun/CrankBolt loosening grief  ;)

*likely be 'cut 3/4 width of old belt..strip away & thread on new belt..cut last 1/4' >>> reassemble!

Neither toothed wheel has a guide lip = slip on FTW!

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Reversing out of a bay, today, I realise my Hi-Line red brake light is off...

It gets 'slammed' every time the hatch closes so mebbies the bulb has popped... I have a stick of LEDs which I could reconfigure to two rows and 'lash up'.

Liking the LED on ToMM© so much >>>> Yeah, plan forming  ;)

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The passenger door mirror (powered) has been rattling around in the shell since I got the car.... Won't fall out though 😕

I have found the axis motor locator tabs are snapped off (well, half are missing...) so FCUKIT 2pack Poondies epoxy has been splurged about + location/pressure wedges until fully hardened ;)

THAT should fix the barsteward.....


YaY..... It Has ;)

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Goals?? Starts 1st time, every time! ;)

.... to that end I have just had the postie drop off my A/filter & 3 BPR6ES plugs.

On the shelf (pending fitment) are Dizz cap & rotor arm... Just ordered a plug wire kit.

Oil & filter done now so sorted for 6k (likely just annual refill).

Croozinn around atm.... Luvvinnitt :)

*cambelt & full tranny rinse/refill future tasks.


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The 'correct' rotor arm arrived earlier. Just spent 5mins swapping it out...

CarPartsInMotion who supplied the original [wrong part No] >>> from their web listing >>> won't exchange FOC return. Return postage is basically £3.50 for £4.50 refund 😕


I ordered Left one, Car has Right one...

They don't accept liability for MY error as I didn't ring them, to confirm it was the correct part for my car.... Like you WOULD when it says in listing 'fits 1.0i Swift! ' .......

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