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I was just idly wandering through the backwaters of Ebay, sort of "...hmm, I wonder if...." I might find an AUTOMATIC sticker for SuzziQ 😕

Jeezze.... Crappy badges screwwied off folorn crusher fodder are the new "Kashh in da Attik" >>> have you seen the *prices for them?

*FROD premium applies

..... however, turning over a stone I spotted this :)


£5 free p+p

Rover P6

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  • tooSavvy changed the title to Swift...Anything but, eh?
  • tooSavvy changed the title to Swift... eh? Nah!

Well..... High Stress Test! Quality Winter UK Weather!!

Ffiinn Peeinn down.... MWay / Shopping!!

Full heat/Full fan/HRW/Lights/Rear wiper action = GR9 :)

DeMister cleared the screen + sides in double quick time... HRW de-fogged quickly (in the centre first)...

Flat back shape means shit peppers the window and makes it seem like frosting but the wiper is wide & quick.

Furnace heat footwarming finishes the piece.

Lovvinn the SuzzieQ

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Radio/CD/Mp3 turned up.... 

Minity Mintolla aka 'nil points' for Torville&Dean ice skating across the crystal display fascia!!

I got my replacement ciggy lighter socket (factory one is a bit.. Meh).

Also I parked up and left the lights on.. A kindly neighbour knocked.. so a 'buzzer' is going to be wired between taillight cable (in loom) and interior light cable (in loom) ;)

*all will be done in my NEWLY opened up back lane... ooooff!!

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3 minutes ago, Jikovron said:

I've left the lights on with a mega loud buzzer alert and didnt notice because I also left the keys in the ignition!!

Yes.... NOT ign controlled SO Will squark everytime door opens/lights on.

However, in reality, how often does a guy leave the car under circumstances where door open/lights will happen enough to be a pain? Usually a guy gets out because parked... AND... leaves lights on!! ;)


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It's a small thing.... (I have been married long enough now... )


... I do like to think my recently attached 'automatic' badge is DECLARING AUTO things :)




Rather than (example above) sitting on a yuppies desk, with two clean holes through the centre, for a pen & pencil set..... never again doing Silverstone @100mph ;)

I like my badge!

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Slow day, today...

Sprayed silicone lube onto the drivers doorswitch = I now have lights-on beep warning + keys are in IGN beep, too! :)

Discovered I have two cupholders, pop out below ash tray!!  :)

I'm exploring behind the fascia/centre console for getting radio out & ciggy lighter. A bit of boroscope probing needed (worth solid gold, they are!!)

We Will See



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Dry, sunny day....



*we note the moss/grass tufts 😕

First time I have worked at MY OWN back yard since Jan ;)

It is a nightmare installing a radio/cd that is 'programmable' because if you lose the live, just for a sec, you have to restart..... I'm going to extend all the feed/speaker wiring so I can fully connect and get output from the speakers without it sitting in the palm of my hand..... BummHattz.

Lovely red glow on display + I found "english" menu :)


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On 17/12/2020 at 12:13, tooSavvy said:

All in & Working......


Bonus *Drinks Holder

**Dbbl Bonus NEW 12V socket c/w bung (keeps coins out!)

Only 2 speakers.... But take the full whack (fade +10forward)


GraphicEq = Pop.

Worth £20 of anyones money ;)

If you note the 'door', rh side of fascia, for Thumbstick.... Yepp, I stare at the little dinnka poking out and go 'SWMBO handbag on knees/swing/clamber out door = sidelong oops - sorry! snapped in hole' 😕 

I have spunked two quid on a cable/90° elbow.... MUCH less oopsable ;)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Measured the dia. of my '98 Swift steering wheel.... 14 3/4".
Or.... 375MM.

Thats quite a hoop!! Some PAS cars, of course, get by with less 🤔.

I'm thinking of changing it for something leather bound but the size needs to be no smaller.... I have found some really nice ones (obvs from part-outs) and some could be easily adapted with a 'dummy shell/horn pooper' to fill the missing AirBag centre.

Will report back 🔧


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  • 2 weeks later...


..... opened filler door .. $HITE .. No Cap!!

Left off last fill, but has clickky steel door in neck so not 'free to vent'

KOK  :(

Ah well = FleeBay *VW £4.40 delivered new (identical screw in thread as SuziQ)

*AND it has a 'dangle strap' spinner in the cap... YaY ... no Loosey Losey again


AM KOK  :(


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