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Swift... eh? Nah!


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I was just idly wandering through the backwaters of Ebay, sort of "...hmm, I wonder if...." I might find an AUTOMATIC sticker for SuzziQ 😕

Jeezze.... Crappy badges screwwied off folorn crusher fodder are the new "Kashh in da Attik" >>> have you seen the *prices for them?

*FROD premium applies

..... however, turning over a stone I spotted this :)


£5 free p+p

Rover P6

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  • tooSavvy changed the title to Swift...Anything but, eh?
  • tooSavvy changed the title to Swift... eh? Nah!

Well..... High Stress Test! Quality Winter UK Weather!!

Ffiinn Peeinn down.... MWay / Shopping!!

Full heat/Full fan/HRW/Lights/Rear wiper action = GR9 :)

DeMister cleared the screen + sides in double quick time... HRW de-fogged quickly (in the centre first)...

Flat back shape means shit peppers the window and makes it seem like frosting but the wiper is wide & quick.

Furnace heat footwarming finishes the piece.

Lovvinn the SuzzieQ

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Radio/CD/Mp3 turned up.... 

Minity Mintolla aka 'nil points' for Torville&Dean ice skating across the crystal display fascia!!

I got my replacement ciggy lighter socket (factory one is a bit.. Meh).

Also I parked up and left the lights on.. A kindly neighbour knocked.. so a 'buzzer' is going to be wired between taillight cable (in loom) and interior light cable (in loom) ;)

*all will be done in my NEWLY opened up back lane... ooooff!!

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3 minutes ago, Jikovron said:

I've left the lights on with a mega loud buzzer alert and didnt notice because I also left the keys in the ignition!!

Yes.... NOT ign controlled SO Will squark everytime door opens/lights on.

However, in reality, how often does a guy leave the car under circumstances where door open/lights will happen enough to be a pain? Usually a guy gets out because parked... AND... leaves lights on!! ;)


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It's a small thing.... (I have been married long enough now... )


... I do like to think my recently attached 'automatic' badge is DECLARING AUTO things :)




Rather than (example above) sitting on a yuppies desk, with two clean holes through the centre, for a pen & pencil set..... never again doing Silverstone @100mph ;)

I like my badge!

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Slow day, today...

Sprayed silicone lube onto the drivers doorswitch = I now have lights-on beep warning + keys are in IGN beep, too! :)

Discovered I have two cupholders, pop out below ash tray!!  :)

I'm exploring behind the fascia/centre console for getting radio out & ciggy lighter. A bit of boroscope probing needed (worth solid gold, they are!!)

We Will See



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Dry, sunny day....



*we note the moss/grass tufts 😕

First time I have worked at MY OWN back yard since Jan ;)

It is a nightmare installing a radio/cd that is 'programmable' because if you lose the live, just for a sec, you have to restart..... I'm going to extend all the feed/speaker wiring so I can fully connect and get output from the speakers without it sitting in the palm of my hand..... BummHattz.

Lovely red glow on display + I found "english" menu :)


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Further length of RED *silicone vac hose arrived today....

Time to refresh all hoses under the hood... Vac leak is No.1 cause of 'high idle' on MAP injected engines.

Also need to eliminate brake reservoir hose too... but that is much larger dia pipe.

*I replaced a few lengths on ToMM©



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On 17/12/2020 at 12:13, tooSavvy said:

All in & Working......


Bonus *Drinks Holder

**Dbbl Bonus NEW 12V socket c/w bung (keeps coins out!)

Only 2 speakers.... But take the full whack (fade +10forward)


GraphicEq = Pop.

Worth £20 of anyones money ;)

If you note the 'door', rh side of fascia, for Thumbstick.... Yepp, I stare at the little dinnka poking out and go 'SWMBO handbag on knees/swing/clamber out door = sidelong oops - sorry! snapped in hole' 😕 

I have spunked two quid on a cable/90° elbow.... MUCH less oopsable ;)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Measured the dia. of my '98 Swift steering wheel.... 14 3/4".
Or.... 375MM.

Thats quite a hoop!! Some PAS cars, of course, get by with less 🤔.

I'm thinking of changing it for something leather bound but the size needs to be no smaller.... I have found some really nice ones (obvs from part-outs) and some could be easily adapted with a 'dummy shell/horn pooper' to fill the missing AirBag centre.

Will report back 🔧


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  • 2 weeks later...


..... opened filler door .. $HITE .. No Cap!!

Left off last fill, but has clickky steel door in neck so not 'free to vent'

KOK  :(

Ah well = FleeBay *VW £4.40 delivered new (identical screw in thread as SuziQ)

*AND it has a 'dangle strap' spinner in the cap... YaY ... no Loosey Losey again


AM KOK  :(


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