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  • Cord Forteener aka Tim_E changed the title to Tim's Generalistic Fleeting Phenomena - filtering the information

I realise now that I have no idea when the fuel filter was done. Presumably it's in the history but I've done 27 thousand miles since I've had it so it's possible this could be the issue.

Either way, as I have a spare Mondeo I think I'll have to be using this while I sort out the BMW issue.

I've now got a no-start condition again 😭

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7 hours ago, bangernomics said:

Can you hear the pump running?

Does it have a dealer fit immobiliser like the late e36 stuff? Loads of black wiring?

At first I did think it was the pump. But then I heard it, though I can't remember exactly how loud it's meant to be.

I had a fuel pump relay fail in my 924 and after the initial dismay at not starting I realised that I wasn't being deafened by the fuel pump. A big clue, that was.

Not sure about the immobiliser though.

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So this machine is my daily/work van/family wagon, but not so much the capable weekend sports car.

Slightly cheaper to run, at least it's relatively comfortable. It has a higher suspension set up which will count for something I'm sure!

But, it's BIG! 

No tow hitch, that's a shame. Maybe I can get second hand or something.

For now, the BMW is off road, awaiting when I have some time to spend trying to get it back on road 😔


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  • Cord Forteener aka Tim_E changed the title to Tim's Generalistic Fleeting Phenomena - Going steady with the new fleet

After having told Wifey that we'd just bought the biggest heap of junk ever in the Mondeo, it's now really earning it's keep and winning me over.

Ok it's difficult to open the doors, if you are not totally in a Zen mind state it will reject you and make you try and try until you are.

The drivers seat is rubbish, but not rubbish enough to want me to spend big money on a second hand replacement.

It sounds like a hairdryer from the drivers seat. And there are other little niggles too, but on the whole I'm learning to love it, almost to the point that I'm thinking to fix up the utterly lovely BMW and sell that. 

It's not like the Mondeo is massively cheaper to run. Ok it's slightly bigger but it's not an estate like the BMW. I'd need to get a tow bar.

But logically it's financially better, if only slightly, to keep the Mondeo, and it's nearly as good.

I'm sure when I get the BMW back on the road I'll fall back in love, it has that quality, but for now I'm really confused. I can't keep them both. Or can I?

With the Seat, it's gas-lighting Wifey. She can't get the petrol cap off, I can. It's really easy, really really easy. But she just can't manage it, she phones me up panicking then comes home on fumes swearing that it doesn't work.

I have never found it a problem. We'll have a practice session at some point.

I think it's a lovely little car ☺️

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BMW fuel pump is here, typically it's a rainy day, which isn't going to stop me per se, however the rainy day family situation might not help.

Wish me luck in this respect, at least the job looks easy enough.


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3 hours ago, jamiechod said:

As above  tap it with a screwdriver/hammer on the tabs, you need to get a new fuel pump before you get yours out though, otherwise you won't know if that's the fault or not 

I have the new pump ready and waiting to go in 👍

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1 hour ago, GrumpiusMaximus said:

I haven’t seen a Doom Blue that Doom Blue on a Mondeo in ages.  I approve.

Do you mean the badge? It's the only blue badge I've ever owned that's actually blue, my BMW badge and my Saab badge are/were completely silver.

The colour of the car is a bugbear, I think it's called Aubergine, it looks black but it's not just flat solid black, it's very stupidly off-black and metallic. Why? Just paint it solid black!

Rant over, for now 😂

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44 minutes ago, GrumpiusMaximus said:

Christ, I know I have bad colour perception but I have no idea what to pin this one on...

I see, it's probably the light in the photos!

Remember that meme about the blue and gold dress that looked white and gold, or vise versa?


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On 10/25/2020 at 2:12 PM, Tim_E said:

Light maintenance day, oil change for Mondeo


So, when I finished the oil and filter job I went and checked all the wheels for bearings etc. I have been thinking that the rear nearside when is rumbling, sure enough the bearing is knackered. I'll be booking it in for that though.

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Pump just pulled out easily.

On peering inside, there's not much petrol on this side despite the guage reading about a quarter of a tank, so I'm wondering if there is petrol on the other side that's not getting to the main pump.

If I knew more about how it works I think I'd be much more confident about what in doing; such is life, eh?





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So now it's fitted, it's making the right noise, I got it to fire then die.

I guess I'll have to put some more petrol in it and see if it fires and runs, then figure out if I need to replace the sender and well.

@jamiechod how likely is it both units failed at the same time? Can the failure of one precipitate the failure of the other? The main fuel pump was definitely quiet, and now it's making the right noises.


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26 minutes ago, Tim_E said:

I will now say I've never had sex in the back seats of this or any car, quite the opposite in fact, my youngest was born in the front passenger seat of this car!

You should be able to dine out on that story a few times!

You'll probably never want to sell it!

Aubergine was a popular colour on Ford's in the '90's, when it's polished up it looks really good on a sunny day... So not often really.

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