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  1. I fucking love your updates... Yawns fine under its own strength 😂😂
  2. Yeah mv4s are gorgeous shame they're all cracked due to our lovely* roads
  3. I. E. One which has just drove off the production line
  4. I imagine a 240k 320d won't be much more than 500 quid so you wouldn't be missing out really if you took a punt just get it and run it till it blowz up
  5. Don't get me wrong I think I'll always be a fan but like you say making a car which is made for driving undrivable is a bit of a odd thing but hey different strokes for different folks eh!
  6. My mate had one just like yours. Obviously being my mate it was on its arse on wide wheels but even now he regrets selling it and has a 335d
  7. Holy shit that is literally my dream e46. Manual 330d 204bhp Touring Imola red Everything I'd want in a BMW. Shame it was rotten 😭
  8. I've had this argument before, I am guilty of using it as a term of measurement but I know its 10 inch wide, just form of habit from other previous incorrect wheelwhore fags 😁
  9. I used to like you...
  10. quite the hoot in the 325ti flavour! 4 wheels on each corner, id defo like to try one, i imagine theyre simmlar to a Z4 coupe in the way they drive.
  11. rust front wishbone bushes (known as lolipops) Not hard to change done loads on my drive - give a shake on the steering wheel & Common MOT fail Cooling sysetms are weak, Expansion tanks get hairline cracks under pressure, water pumps fail etc 6 cyl models CCV system are all likley perished now so replacing this will stop oil useage to a degree, the M54 is known to like a drink of oil though. Airbag lights usually passenger seat occupancy sensors rust auto boxes arent the best in the e46. They used GM boxes and went back to ZF boxes in the e90 - though only usually go wrong on the torquey 330d's window regs Rust. nothing too drastic and all parts are readily available down at ECP and plenty in scrappies!
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