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  1. gutted i missed out on your Polo BTW! Would have loved that for my wife, she's moaning about the fuel economy of the 1.8turbo TT i bought her
  2. i really enjoyed the slut 147 i brought into the AS fold recently, even the 1600 pez felt nippy so this should go pretty well!
  3. as above, AutoShite has been the least hassle sale of any ive ever encountered over the years of dickheads on Autotrader/Ebay/Gumtree/Faceache. put the spec/miles/age/faults & some pics on here with a price, im sure if you arent being greedy it'll go no bother.
  4. nice touring, dont know if youve seen my thread in modernz section for their appreciation, i've had 33 of them over the years!
  5. was gonna say, looks like someones been growing plants in that box'
  6. Off to Whitehaven tomorrow to pick up this little project 😊
  7. Efa. Try the battery on a gtv 🤣 ask @Fat_Pirate how he knows...
  8. My wife's real version of what that's replicating was only a few hundred quid more and you don't need a bag over your head to drive it... Well you do, if you have a penis.
  9. In all honesty mate when she needs a diesel again for work we would probably swap if you were up for it! Yes I had one which was subsequently owned by Wack / Davidb of this parish and it handled like it was on rails!
  10. No its like a bluey silver mate convertible I hate driving it. Don't mind the coupes but do look a bit suspect in this 🤣 How is it performance wise? Is it nippy?
  11. Some chod in this smack the pony clip
  12. nice! MrsChod is complaining about the Audi TT I bought her (1.8t petrol) Fuel consumption so I'm looking at getting her a R56 Diesel, as i wouldnt touch a petrol with a barge pole.
  13. Thanks! I know what you mean I think it's common with many wet based paint car manufacturers these days. Didn't make a post about it as it isn't very Autoshite 🙈 That looks class 👌
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