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  1. id rather make my own gear choices than some archaic 90s tech slush box to eventually select a cog and charge me extra in fuel for doing so
  2. manual 3.0 V6 JAaaaag under a bag o sand, whats not to like? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jaguar-S-Type-3-0-V6-Petrol/164468280101?hash=item264b12cb25:g:PSgAAOSwEOhfQmhs
  3. As above tap it with a screwdriver/hammer on the tabs, you need to get a new fuel pump before you get yours out though, otherwise you won't know if that's the fault or not
  4. Had the Axle swapped on my 206 Gti, exhaust was held together with a coke can #autoshite
  5. Off to corfu for a week! I shall be sure to spot some greek chod for you all 😎
  6. Some bird on Instagram has That. Pretty fit tbf
  7. just had a look on my dads trade account, 25k!
  8. the orange one? Saw that but was a mission away, plus could have had the axle issue :S a moonstone blue one ended the other day @ £510, and is now on Autotrader for £995 i think I hope once my axle's sorted it will be a 'minter' for a 206
  9. pisses me off aswell. You get the odd mong adding onto the end now with a random insulting offer... is this still available450
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/E39-2003-BMW-530i-M-Sport/114458072701?hash=item1aa63b967d:g:MiQAAOSwEYZfg1dq couple of superficial scabs, nothing too drastic, seems well priced for a 530iA sport
  11. this is a good point, Peter, if your thinking along those lines - a good all round daily-er would be a clean & tidy 530i sport - which will see its residuals maintained or improved over the next coming years. They are in a simmlar category to clean 328i E36 sports now. Certainly not a bad investment and a peach of an engine .
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/832047360668311/
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