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  1. very sorry to hear about everything that's happened to you- here's to a successful few months to counteract the bad
  2. Wife's slightly less annoyed today as this is now residing in its place
  3. CitroΓ«n van at whitewell near the trough of Bowland
  4. There must be 200 quids worth of duck tape here alone
  5. Haha thanks guys, there was plenty of assorted chod in the car park aswell πŸ˜‚
  6. Some chod for you's to look at and me n my new wife 😁
  7. I'll try my best only got my z4 though now that's a cracking pic though!
  8. Good shout on the mahle one! And i feel your pain, they dont give you much confidence when pulling and yanking upwards!
  9. hi HMC, Ive probably owned about 45 M52/M54 engined BMW's now and they are notoroious for eating their own cooling systems. The expansion tanks usuall crack under pressure (a very thin hairline crack at the rear, only noticable when warm & Running) and the coolant o rings/hoses leak, its 99% not the HG. Get it pressure tested - my latest M54 engined car the O ring was leaking on the thermostat housing causing it to piss out under pressure .
  10. thats my junction - you should have gone in that dodgy trader behind you for some assistance* hope you get it sorted
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