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  1. Some old Ford in kefalonia and bonus bmw
  2. Met these 3 burley blokes yesterday... I know it looks photoshopped but it really isn't haha
  3. beautiful 3 door ZX! https://www.gumtree.com/p/citroen/1995-citro-n-zx-1.4-petrol-in-green-drive-away-/1339529935
  4. That propper tickled me hahaha I always seem to sell to colleagues or friends to make sure I get the most possible anguish and constant texts /phonecalls about said snotters so I can feel even worse about selling them
  5. Lovely del sol round the corner Bonus awful beemer
  6. Not ebay but this beauty on fb
  7. theres an audi a6 been abandonded for ages at the toby carvery in bolton i shall snap a pic when im next hungry.
  8. love your thread mate, not far from you either (bromley cross way o'er beuton)
  9. i'd be interested to see from the GOV website about the above law - it does state the furthest forward point of the vehicle aswell as being vertical (from memory) You dont want anymore reason for plod to pull you than you already have.
  10. I Know! See my original intro post, i said i was made aware of the forum by hubnut vids... but then i got this reply, which i dont understand much...
  11. Good morning all. Come to find this wonderful forum from watching hubnut videos. Currently own an audi a5 and bmw z4 so nothing too terrible although picked up this magnificent bmw 320d yesterday which has AS written all over it. 11 previous owners and smells of wet dog, lovely. From sunny Bolton in Lancashire, I much enjoy reading your threads and especially the ongoing project ones, reet friendly forum and a credit to you guys keep it up!
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