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  1. As above. Had loads of logbooks with that statement on. Also put private plates on such cars and taken the private plate off again. It just means the original plate it came with can't be taken off. Once your private plate is removed it would go back to the reg that is non transferable
  2. My Ford Mondeo has gone into a bmw specialist and I've been given an alfa courtesy car.. How very autoshite
  3. I know yea. Gonna let mechanic do his thing get it back if it behaves then happy days as it now owes me 750 quid for a 59 plate titanium which is pretty mint aside the issue.
  4. Car dropped off at trusty mechanic. Guess the courtesy car
  5. Ah yes defo I was keeping an eye on the gauge I always do when I first buy something.Drove it a further 60 miles and temp needle didn't get out of the cold after AA man had been so don't think I've cooked the head
  6. Absolutely. I really am fond of it. Just a sad coincidence it happened on the way home from buying it.
  7. Absolutely. Really taken with it and love the mk4 how it drives etc. Gonna get my mechanic to sort it tomorrow if it isn't gonna cost the earth. Guy has been dead sound about it he said hed pay for any repairs
  8. Fingers crossed it will just be a pump. Was scary going over snakes pass thinking it was gonna go pop
  9. Looking at the receipt they don't seem to have done the pump 🤔
  10. I don't have any confidence in the car now anyway so would just get shot but least wanted it saleable rather than fucked as with 223k it would have been a Hard sell anyway 😐
  11. It's had a new wet belt and the engine rebuilt 6 month ago because it let go and had a clutch and dmf 6 month before that so seemed sweet just unlucky I guess. Absolutely lovely car to drive though and mega spec so such a shame
  12. Aa man seems to think cos I was driving it at high ish speed the water pump is slowly failing and the impellor is spinning on its shaft thus not circulating the water quick enough which made it pressurise and shit the water out the expansion tank. Taking it to my mates garage for propper diag tomorrow
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