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eBay tat volume 3.


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7 hours ago, SEATMad said:

Horrible ai advert praises slick gearchange (ha!) and then says clutch is slipping. Overall looks ok for the money. Wrong wheels for the year, but that’s being picky.

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37 minutes ago, SEATMad said:

Photos look like something out of a 70s crime scene but I wonder if this could be saved. 





Interior has some weird colour aging. Pink carpet and beige dash when it should all be the grey of the glove box. As was mine dull grey everywhere but a spaceship experience.

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2 minutes ago, wuvvum said:

Ty DeLorean is back at it...


Even eBay's AI listing tool is getting the punches into him:


The DeLorean DMC 21 runs on petrol and is manufactured by Reliant.

Did he ever get the contract to supply these to the Taliban in the end? That's the batshit crazy story arc that I'd most like to see come to some sort of insane form of completion.

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23 hours ago, egg said:

BTW, look at the 'giffer tat' bungalow where it lives!


My brother, who is in his mid forties and therefore technically not a giffer has loads of tin signs stuck to the front of his house. I always make a point of asking him for parts for my BSA every time I visit.

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