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Cool videos from the faves list....


She's getting into the drivers side - oh dear - the WRONG side!!!



Making a cup of coffee is like making love to a beautiful woman


Dirk Schoysman at the Nurburging - impressive!


Having fun in new GT-R


B747 Take off - professional!



Thema 8.32 sounds gorgeous


Funny new Nissan Note ad Japan



Alfa ARNA (Alfa Romeo Nissan Auto) - couldn't give the bastard away!


"My" Skyline 350 vs Alfa 156 GTA, Legacy, etc



Honda ad piss take with MiniMetro


"My" Skyline ad Japan


Fantastic JR500 Shinkansen drivers view 300km/h


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Not sure of these lot have been on here before. Proper pair of fools.


Tractor wheels on a Fiesta.



Transit death ride




Citroen AX sofa car




Driving through a caravan with NO BLOODY SAFETY EQUIPMENT!




best be a bit careful after last time. Has anyone got any cushions.....



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One of my fave's is this Volvo 240-you will need the sound too 8)

That is stoopid beyond belief, top marks to the driver for controlling the BM/Vole though!I had to laugh at one of the comments posted though....""Putting a BMW engine in a Volvo 240 is like putting a tiara on a pig.Has the grace and sofistication of a pikey in a carnival.or a chav in burberry.Half full bathtub with a racingboat engine.Wow. ""
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This is one of my favourites, The Granny is packing a GM LS1 v8 as used in the Monaro, but this one is also turbocharged.


In this clip it damn near runs a 150mph 1/4 mile and kindly gives the Seat a headstart before howling past him!

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