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Identify Me - NEW on p8

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Thanks you two!  I wouldn't have got the Hupmobile in a million years.  Is the Pontiac the same model that Lesney/Matchbox did in convertible form?  It suddenly seems familiar now you've pointed out the year, weirdly.


The Master is a handsome car in stock trim too, I can see why the custom version causes offense.  Much harder to find unmolested pictures of them than modified ones too. (I know this one's a 2 door but it's close enough for this example).


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Just had a chance internet find: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8408182299  which is exactly the same bus going by reg, trim details and colour.  It's a Bedford Plaxton Embassy III.  Was looking for something entirely different too, so that was a stroke of luck.

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mmm minty.


What differentiates it as an Imperial.  It looks to be missing the trim that identifies between Imperial, Hawk and Supersnipe.

The only noticeable exterior difference between Super Snipe and Imperial (apart from the door badging) is the black Everflex roof (posh vinyl) on the Imperial.


Hawks vs. the other two are easier of course due to the single headlights and smaller grille.

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1 - 1915-ish Chevrolet Model H (cheers Mercrocker).

The curved bottom on the windscreen seems to have been on the earlier cars, but the rest of the features line up well with the Model H to my untrained eye, so unless someone has a better suggestion, I'll go with that.



2 - Riley?

- 1938 Riley 12/4 Kestrel (cheers FPB7 and Barrett)



3 - 1920 Dodge Tourer (cheers mercrocker)



4 - I know what the one on the right is, but what's the one on the left with the tiny headlights?

- 1928 Trojan Three Door (cheers FPB7 and Barrett)



5 - Riley on the left, same as 2?  No idea for the one on the right.

- mid-30s Riley Nine Kestrel (cheers Barrett)

- Healey Tickford Sports Saloon (cheers FPB7 and chaseracer)




on left - Jowett Jason (cheers Mercrocker)

on right- Armstrong Siddeley (cheers FPB7).  I'm thinking it's a Salmson, but I'm not sure on that, there's a few body variations that all look similar with different names.



7 - Nissan D21 King Cab (cheers for the help, DVee8)



8 - 1960 GMC Panel Van (cheers Mercrocker)



9 - 1928ish Morris Cowley (cheers FPB7 and Barrett).  Now I also know what people mean when they say a "Morris Flatnose", as opposed to a Bullnose.



10 - badge hints at the Lancia flag to my eye, but the car is completely unfamiliar to me.

- Lancia Lambda (cheers chaseracer)


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