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10 hours ago, RetroShite said:

After the TY175, it'll be the E28 on for a "Shite Giveaway"


I think it's one of the best looking saloons ever, and the perfect engine for it too.  

Not normally a gambling man, but ticket purchased!

I have nowhere to put said bimma, and no earthly need for another old car, but just look at it!

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I hadn't done any welding in a while so spent a few hours over the last couple of days welding this Lada.




Outer sill was very frilly and inner sill wasn't much better. I rebuilt the inner sill then welded on a new outer I'd purchased last year.



After that I finished some bits around the b-pillar and around the rear arch.



I trial fitted some wheels but can't decide whether to fit them to this or the other Lada.




The other Lada is already lowered so might pull off the wheels better.


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Hilux back from the workshop and in good health having had the head skimmed and new head gasket fitted.

Gasket was blown between 2 cylinders, apparently everything came apart really easily and they reckoned it might have recently been replaced but the gasket had perhaps been bent in the packaging but fitted anyway.

Who knows?

All back together now and incredibly smooth running. It's a 2.2 petrol with carburettor.






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2 minutes ago, RetroShite said:

Yeah, it's a 535i manual, seller mot'd it for me last week.

I've not had a chance to use it yet but will probably have a go tomorrow.



That might be the overall most desirable car yet, even I'm tempted!

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