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SambaS in AlpineLE Oh-dearage!

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Good to see you at the NEC. Was very pleased to hear about this development. Do you know if they stock other 1970s French car trim, particularly Citroen?


Yes good to see you too and thanks for your appreciation of our stand!


This is the Citroen page (they also list Peugeot and Renault) Roby allocate a 4 digit reference number for each material type, if you have that (sometimes shown in the main dealer paint and trim folders) or maybe the name that would be helpful (preferably the French name if different) otherwise send a sample I guess. To simplify things I used a French friend to take samples to their shop in Paris and pay on my behalf, I then later met up with him at a show in France to collect the cloth. The material roll is plenty wide enough for the width of the car, so you just need the front to back measurement. 




Just because the sample doesn't appear on the website doesn't always mean they don't have it from my experience, as none of the Simca/Chrysler/Talbot samples appear. I got 2 out of the 3 samples I submitted - I guess it's likely pot luck if they still have stock.


Pretty amazing though its still 'on the shelf'! 

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I think I'm being thick, but I don't quite understand; is it sold by the roll or by the metre? Is one roll enough to cover one seat? 

I imagine its stored at Roby on one big roll, the Chrysler/Simca material I've bought has been 145cms wide. Its sold by the metre, so they will cut off what you require. 

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No further progress on the blue LE for the moment, but its in the dry. 


However the red GL due for MOT this week - to enable the previous owner to proceed with the number transfer. Still some paintwork to do (bonnet and tailgate) and refurbish the bumpers... but engine bay just about finished!


If I had new parts in stock they were used... 




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From shite to Stowe.... 


The red GL was finished at the 11th hour, just in time to attend the Hagerty 'Festival Of The Unexceptional' held at Stowe School last Saturday.


The car had been selected in advance to be part of the 'Concours de l'Ordinaire', 45 very varied everyday cars from the 1969-89 period, many of which - such as the Alpine are now virtually forgotten. 


There was a lot of interest in the car, and even Edd China, one of the judges lingered for several minutes as I showed him numerous 'before' photos of rust - before his eyes glazed over... 


The afternoon drew to a close with the prize giving - 'and the 2018 winner is... the 1977 Chrysler Alpine!'


I was a little stunned to say the least, and honoured that all the effort put in had been appreciated.


A good account of the show is here:  http://www.viaretro.com/2018/07/the-exceptional-5th-annual-hagerty-festival-of-the-unexceptional/


I guess the challenge now will be to get the LE - the original 'star' of this thread up to a similar condition - a few more hundred hours should do it :-)






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Yup, the finished result is stunning. The award was clearly deserved - fantastic work. I can't work out though - is the interior the original, or the reupholstered version you talked about earlier on?

The stripy fabric part is new, using the roll of material obtained from France. The vinyl part, seat sides and backs, door cards etc is all original. I used an excellent upholsterer who did a perfect job of replacing just the cloth. 

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