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  1. Monza been pressed into daily service since I drove my Saab to Bulgaria and left it there in December. Today on the motorway the engine decided on catastrophic failure so apologies to the bloke I literally told yesterday that I had a spare engine to The plan is to fit my spare engine and possibly the gearbox too, then this one can come apart at my leisure and I will see if anything is salvageable. Its been burning 1.5 litres of oil per week and my mechanic told me it was about to blow up last year!
  2. Then had to address an area slightly further forward... In the photos it looks like I didn't put the steering box reinforcement bracket back on but I assure you I did. And then after rebuilding all the brake callipers took it for retest and the MOT man decided to fail it on more welding that he missed like four weeks prior 🙄 Not really happy with the finish of the glossy black paint but should keep the salt off for now. Can be sanded off and finished properly at a later date.
  3. Some time in 2020 I put this in for MOT and it failed on a few bits of welding. Two small holes in each front chassis leg, and then a small hole in the OSF inner wing. Then lockdown happened so I decided to take this to the scrapyard to make a proper job of the inner wing. There is the hole and a knarley looking suspension turret 😬 I did some investigating with my grinder and finally it became clear why water was coming in the footwells. My heart sank as the rot went into the bulkhead, including almost all of the bulkhead side panel. These ar
  4. Not sure where I was at with this thread. 2015 2016 2017 2020
  5. SambaS Has the forum been down for a few years? Taken several years for a password reset to work. Been trying periodically every few months et voila appears I'm back.
  6. Charade is living a happy life, currently my daily. Had machine polished while I was in Hong Kong:
  7. This is coming along slowly but having thorough nut and bolt restoration!
  8. I have a brochure from Charters of Aldershot who made it... based on the S with webbers and optional wide arches. Small update regarding the Sambas.. Cant even remember how to upload photos grr. The Samba Roller is next in queue for MOT but I keep doing daft things like going to Dubai and Hong Kong and buying other cars. Once we return from Bulgaria I should be able to progress the Roller. It now starts and stops and can be driven on the road to its MOT whenever I book it!! An camel Got a new job as a welder fabricator bought this last winter And this Jaguar
  9. Sorry I will be in UAE or Hong Kong on 10th June
  10. I think there's three or maybe 3.5 Horizon LD left and I know who owns all but one!
  11. "plan is to do enough for the MOT to enable the transfer" [of number plate for previous owner] lol
  12. Have been getting on with this Samba Roller. I've fought the urge to sell/ scrap it so many times in the last few years so it's now or never. It was all going good for MOT last week but the petrol tank has sprung about 146 leaks. I can get a replacement tank for approx £100 but havent got the cash at the moment considering it will need a brake overhaul, alternator and MOT paying for. I paid Dave to finish off the welding as my will to do anything is wearing thin.
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