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  1. Like when people caught driving without a licence are given a ban?
  2. There seems to be a different interpretation of the status of motorways by the Scottish authorities. See sabre for more depth on this https://www.sabre-roads.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=35412
  3. Just came across this bonkers video. PT Cruiser owners are hard core https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tctvaoUCCPo
  4. The dealer in Wisbech has a 2010 Corsa outside advertising their £4,000 scrappage deposit scheme. To buy the same car tarted up a little.
  5. I'm fucking useless at brick laying.
  6. But that doesn't have Facebook connectivity.
  7. Excellent, I've a lot of time for these. If you want a free copy of Jason Vuic's Rise and fall of the worst car in history book DM me your address.
  8. So with the new £3.30 for ten washers added that seemed to cure the coolant leak from the banjo bolts. Still seemed to be a little leak from somewhere but ok, let's see if it starts. Jump start the 940 out of the way to jump start the Saab. Let the Multipla charge the Saab for 10 minutes and... That's a tappety engine. But after a bit more oil to get the level back up after filling oil cooler and oil filter and revving it a bit it got quieter. There was a bit of a coolant leak and quite a bit of steam bit they seemed to get better. Until the heater hose popped under massive amounts of pressure. So it looks like it could be the head gasket after all. Bollocks.
  9. So the coolant is pissing out, probably because the old dowty washers perished and the replacement copper ones are too loose so let the water past. Or we cracked the alloy bit the banjos go into, but I can't see a crack and there seems to be too much coming out for a tiny crack. Finding dowty washers in parts shops seems to me almost impossible so I've ordered 10 on eBay. I've guessed the size is the inner hole rather than the outer size. If it is the outer that seller didn't go big enough anyway. I'm not mentioning we used the same incorrect washers on the oil cooler so presumably we'll need to take it all off again to fix that. Bollocks.
  10. Nope. I was too busy finding a branch and giving the car a damn good thrashing. (It's pissing oily mayo out of the banjo that connects the coolant to the oil cooler bath).
  11. Write out 50 times sump plugs need washers, Sump plugs need washers Sump plugs need washers Sump plugs need washers... Stay tuned to see what school boy error I make next.
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