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  1. GM's EV1 would have been a world beater. GM's disastrous 2000s could have been averted and electric cars 20 years ahead of where they are today.
  2. Do you have a chips away near you? They might be a better bet. Can often be found in supermarket or b&q car parks and do insurance work.
  3. Certainly had better luck when I had the Saab convertible recovered last January. Answered immediately, did have to wait 75 minutes for a truck which is better then my Dad waited 4 hours for the RAC.
  4. Whack a water pump on it unless it costs mega £££ then if you still don't have confidence there will be a ready stream of rofflers knocking on your door.
  5. Changing the pollen filter made a massive different to the condensation affecting Mrs the Princess's Panda.
  6. Ah, maybe because hers has air con. Behind the cover by your left foot in the drivers seat. At the back of the heater gubbins.
  7. Have you done the cabin filter? The one in Mrs the Princess's Panda was caked in mud.
  8. Car gets offered for roffle, people say they want a certain number between 1-59 or a random number. When sold out the roffler sends a message with payment details (usually PayPal friends and family payment, don't mention the roffle word) and once all have paid the next lottery draw is used with the bonus ball selecting the lucky* winner.
  9. It's not too bad hopefully, more funny than sad really 👍
  10. Woke up this morning at 4.45 from a dream where I had just murdered one of Wuvvum's neighbours with a jack handle when there were moaning about a car swap (think I've been on here too much) before I could cover it up. I couldn't stop my phone's alarm ringing which obviously annoyed Mrs the Princess. Then found there was no power so got ready in the dark. Had a wee, washed my hands and the tap fell apart, water gushing up out of the remains so had to turn that off at the outside stop cock in the rain. Left home and saw other houses had power so went back and saw an rcb had tripped, so need to see to that too. That made me miss the train so had to drive twice as far to get in. So today can bugger right off.
  11. Did most of that journey last week, the A66 is a lovely road after Scotch Corner. GLWTC
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