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  1. There seem to be loads round this way, completely different to 20 plates which were very scarce.
  2. A bit more interesting that the bulk of the Facebook search results https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1000832660390796/
  3. This is why I wouldn't bother selling without a v5, it would put a fair number of potential buyers off.
  4. If you did want an engine I think @BeEP could be persuaded to sell the one out of his MGF.
  5. Already on the car take back lorry was a Y reg Saab 9-3 convertible (which had fallen off once delaying the driver) and a W reg Golf GTI.
  6. Did that come from Peterborough? It looks a lot like one I used to pass when going for a walk at lunchtimes from work.
  7. Another collection with BeEP this morning. I'll let him update, but it was a fun drive back.
  8. I'd consider Lithium Iron (LiFe) batteries, they seem pretty generally available, are far cheaper than Lithium Ion but still offer s weight saving over lead acid.
  9. Fantastic. Would love to hear the plans for it.
  10. Don't know about mapping them but yes 1.4 HDis are £30 a year tax. My one was £450 and does 65mpg without me trying. It will need rear axle bearings come MOT time though. It is slow, especially starting and up hills. Other than that it isn't too bad.
  11. The way washers should work #grumpyoldman
  12. Just had a drive in the MGF. Nowhere to be, no reason, just a bit of fun with the roof down. Really must do that more often, country lanes. No traffic, sun coming through the clouds, wind though what if left of my hair and the Pet Shop Boys on the CD. Good times.
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