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  1. Couple of coats of chassis paint. Front of the car is now up in the air for that to be done as well.
  2. Never had the pleasure of an MX-5 but the MGF does have a large my arse shaped dent in the rear arch from when I tried to lift it a little to get a jack under. Have to agree the underseal if pretty good, from the exposed fittings and swirl pot cover it looks like the car spend some time near the sea, or possibly in it, but the underseal has kept the actual bodyshell protected. But it reaching the age where it is drying out and cracking on the edges. Post not it will need a bit of TLC.
  3. Two coats of Vatcan and then Zinc 182. Having to hide under the car as the hale started half way through. Sorry Isopon, this isn't professional use Hope to get another coat on tonight and then some black chassis paint tomorrow. MoT booked for Tuesday at 12.45.
  4. Multipla had been shunted into the garage to work on the MGF. No use for it at present, until lockdown ends and there are some long trips to do the 206 is perfect. MGF will hopefully be in for an MOT next week, seems to run well but I need to give the rest subframe and various other bits a clean up and rust protect. Started with the angle grinder and flap wheel, Vactan put on. Zinc primer and black chassis paint to follow.
  5. That looks like a cracker, that interior is a beauty. With plugs like that it looks like it is running really rich. Have a look at the choke to see if it is moving the arm fully. If it is then is the carburettor adjustment correct?
  6. Sounds like someone looking for an excuse. Why do people waste time calling about cars they aren't interested in?
  7. Anyway, flushed with success I had a look at the MGF that has been sitting in disgrace with a split coolant hose for a while (3 years). Two hoses changed, which were a little tricky but not terrible. Shouldn't have put it off for so long. Going to need to change the metal front to back coolant pipes soon as they are quite rusty. As is the rear subframe which needs a good wire brush, jenolite and paint session.
  8. I hope it was the clutch change 🤣 Shunting onto the drive earlier the clutch was below the biting point again. A minute later it felt much better and works fine. As it has done they next four times. I'm sure it's fine
  9. Put the exhaust back on this morning. Made the mistake of trying to do the battery clamp up after putting the air box back in so lost the bolt. Started it up, and it was Bollocks. The clutch wouldn't disengage drive and you couldn't change gear with the engine running. Spoke to @BeEP who suggested bleeding the clutch. Did that and it works! Still feels a bit too light and quite low to the floor but it drives, stops and goes through all the gears!!!!
  10. Hubs all put been together, clutch seems to engage and disengage when pushing it but biting point low. EGR hose (a really dirty, oily fucker) put back on, battery tray back in and then airbox. Need to jack it up again to refit the exhaust section below the gearbox, then battery in and see tomorrow.
  11. Hopefully that is the worst of it, the battery tray has a couple of tricky bolts though.
  12. Tell me that after it has been put back in.
  13. Starter motor back on. The easy bottom bolt... Then the two wankers that you can't see...
  14. 1. Triumph Vitesse. 2. Mercedes CLK 320. 3. Mazda MX-5. 4. Chrysler Sebring. 5. BMW M3 Evo. 6. Peugeot 306. But let's be honest, I'm a car slut and would happily have any of them.
  15. Gearbox in!!! Fair bit of shoving, maneuvering to clear part of the subframe, use of a jack on the gearbox and lifting the engine got it lined up. Still need to put the driveshafts back together, fill the gearbox oil, put the hubs back together, refit the plugs and battery tray.
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