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  1. Can't understand why the AA persist with relay with loads of waiting around when autoaid/green flag seem to get you one truck for most recoveries. Good luck fixing the Alfa. Cars are ungrateful bastards.
  2. It does have a very pleasing burble.
  3. 🤣🤣🤣 After what I've spent on it recently whatever it is would need to be gold plated.
  4. So I had a day out at 2 stroke to turbo just south of Cambridge today. Lovely to see @LostnotFound and LostnotFound junior in his burgundy Swedish drop top for a walk round a park and a catch up. There was a bit of a delay as the previous job was overrunning so I had to kick around for a few hours but the good news was the motor for the tonneau cover hadn't broken as they predicted so no need to replace. Just needed the ecu coded to match the hood details at 2.5 hours labour. So now it works, lovely drive home with the roof down. Heater seems to have lost its direction function
  5. Also had a loan of this 2.2 TiD 9-5 today. It was far nicer than a car with 186,000 miles should be. Lowly spec with cloth seats and no cruise control but a really nice place to sit.
  6. It's a day for getting the roof down
  7. Seeing as this Saab now lives again let's have another try. The time was 1:35 so it's lost a little performance, I'm looking well for a man twice my age in the video. Be sure to like, subscribe and share. VID_20210401_173131053.mp4
  8. Slightly less than impressed that 4 hours after dropping it off they haven't even looked at it yet 🙄🙄🙄
  9. Of course not. It is in having the roof fixed, the diesel is the courtesy car.
  10. As the Saab's roof continued to refuse to work I've decided to sell it to a breaker. As I am short of working vehicles I bought from them a diesel a working diesel 9-5. Soft tops are pointless in England anyway as it should be at least 25°C before putting the roof down.
  11. Saab has done a trouble free 100 miles. Had the code wiped by a Saab specialist near king's Lynn earlier (who amazingly didn't charge). Need to try and the the latches on the tonneau cover to lock then try the roof. Now the Rover 414 is seeing the mechanic. The timing belt hadn't snapped but the inlet cam pulley had worked loose! All striped now, some damage showing to the head gasket so the head will be skimmed before it goes back together.
  12. Tbf I though they had killed them off a year or two back. Can't remember seeing one registered after about 2017.
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