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  1. Well we can't can we, because we don't have the calendars? (Only joking @brownnova, having to home school 1 (one) child is giving me ever greater respect for teachers). Do it when you can.
  2. I couldn't make that link work but did find it here https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2537279819900049/?ref=facebook_story_share
  3. I wish my car greeted me opening the boot with the little fanfare your Maestro does at 0:24
  4. Started the Saab work by removing all the mouse droppings that the little buggers had left at the front of the engine.
  5. Totally understandable, personally I think it is a nonsense rule if the two people are in the same household or bubble.
  6. At a guess the logic is you can't lie and say it is an essential journey if you get caught having a lesson.
  7. Low mileage fiesta diesel. Off the road since 2015 though. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1309166652815672/
  8. That's really not me but it looks really good 👍
  9. Maybe the one I had was better, I though it had some useful information.
  10. So you knew the speed you were doing would get you a SAC and yet you seem to be complaining you got a SAC. I got one for doing 34 in a 30 a few years back, fair cop. Did it piss me off? Yes. Was it anyone elses fault? No.
  11. Just DM me your address and I'll send it at the end of the month.
  12. You can have mine for nowt Mr Imp. Thank you @brownnova the admin of the calendar is a ball ache so thanks.
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