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  1. Lovely looking Lancia for sale parked outside.
  2. BeEP and I were there but just left after his Austin 1100 sold as junior the Princess was getting the hump. Very good ice cream van 👍
  3. Yawn. The junkman act is getting really tired these days, 2/10. Slagging people off on the dark wob is a really classy move too.
  4. I'd say just have the politics/religion on the of topic section, members only but no other limit. I'd rather not have it, but on the whole the other changes get my vote.
  5. So it seems the two washing up bowls I had to drain the oil and oily coolant weren't under the car enough not to fill with water in the rain yesterday. Then overspill all over the drive. Then spill lots more when emptied into 3 old oil containers. Still two rolls of kitchen roll and a very oily hand has resulted in a very oily driveway but no actual puddles of oil.
  6. I'd be down to a solicitor ASAFP to get some actual legal advice before speaking to the police.
  7. I bought a pair of lightbulbs for £100 once, it did come with the rest of the car for free mind.
  8. They changed that about 3 years ago (just after I started with them). No need to pay for the recovery (the two times I've been recovered).
  9. Crazy place to put it really, under a load of stuff right on top of a hot engine. It is quite rusty round one of the inlets and I filled it up with water and it did seem to drop (but that could just be me spilling it).
  10. Had another hour or so on this earlier. Managed to round the very tight engine union on end of one of the metal oil pipes. So rather than cut it off to get a six sided (or smaller) socket on it I just bent the other end to get clearance to remove the oil cooler. After doing this I could then see I didn't have a big enough socket for the two nuts on top of the oil cooler. Luckily for me BeEP had a 30mm socket in his tool box so I popped round to borrow that. Had to pop to of the removed hex bolts back in to get them off as they were quite tight Cleaned out the mayo in the water jacket with paper towel, then poured four litres of water through which then started coming out as water with drops of mayo in it rather than just thick mayo. Then nursery called to say junior the Princess had to come home with an upset tummy so put it back in to fill the hole and gave up.
  11. Have a Saab flavoured bump. 900 convertibles are perfect for February.
  12. That looks like it's cleaned up well. I really like the early huge speedo dash.
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