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  1. Just to clarify as I am a bit dense on these matters ... if I want to post pics I no longer need to have them in a hosting site like Pkotobucket?
  2. Yippee, I am back in - password re-set required. Avatar gone though. Someone remind me how to do a revised one please?
  3. That Humber collection is amazing - one man's work over decades. There has been talk of the local authority acquiring the collection and opening it up as a museum but I suspect that will never happen
  4. pompei


    I read recently that maroon is the worst colour for depreciation, whilst white cars keep their value better. My old Merc is maroon but given its age I doubt that this will have any impact if/when I come to sell. Anyway, does the trade have names for desirable/undesirable hues? The only one I can think of is "doom blue".
  5. "Dixie Flag on the roof" I wonder if this guy understands what the Confederate flag represents?
  6. I'd love to go to that show - it looks absolutely packed though - could you get up close to the cars?
  7. A bloke knocked on my door asking if I wanted to sell my Frontera. I did, as it happened, and we did a deal. (Wish I'd kept it now, of course)
  8. A friend of mine went down as he had his eye on the Punto Cab, but backed off as it went too high. The little 126 went for about £3,500 he said - madness!
  9. That looks like a set from A Gerry Anderson programme
  10. Almost every time I have tried to sell a car, the buyer has shown up and taken it away. In most cases that was a pity as I didn't really want to sell but was bowing to pressure from wife, bank etc
  11. pompei

    Auction today

    https://mathewsons.co.uk/index.php?Itemid=190 Anyone going? The Fiat 850 spider, please.
  12. I'd love to turn up to a business meeting in that! (the 1950's one that is)
  13. Doh! i was just about to ask for a random! Good purchase Unclefester!
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