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  1. Spotted on Facebook Marketplace: A rather battered Megane II. Only it's a pre-facelift model. Facelift cars seemed to start on an 06. Heck, Megane IIIs started coming out on a 58. I can rule out it having had a front end smack and being repaired with pre-facelift parts as well, they changed a few things including the dash clocks, and the ones in this are defo the older ones.
  2. Went into the office today on the basis that the bus couldn't be that bad and it was cheaper than running an AC unit at home... well the 8:30 bus into work this morning was bad enough, and despite the weather otherwise being manageable, I figured the bus home coinciding exactly with the hottest temperature of the day was a bad call. Figured I'd treat myself, get an Uber home instead, less walking, and it'd be nice and cool. Trust me to get what seemed to be the only cab in the whole of Nottingham with no air con. I guess with all the windows down, that little red Prius was probably better ventilated than a double decker?
  3. I've fortunately seen both the Ministry of Sound orchestra and Pete Tong and the Heritage orchestra and they're both incredible live. Well worth trying to be still alive at the end of the night for!
  4. Hire car collected. Feast your eyes on this magnificence: 3rd and 5th, and 2nd and 4th are stupidly close together, reverse is a bastard to engage and the aftermarket parking sensors are having a fit every time you try and back up. It's a bit battered and the sills are entirely chequerplate, and she's done 250k kms But it has ice cold air con front and back, a Bluetooth stereo (by Pyle Auido it proudly proclaims) and some sort of turbo diesel. It'll do. Maybe I should've had the Transit instead.
  5. Have arranged to hire a car while here in Turkey, just to explore for a day or two. My initial attempt to get a Dacia Lodgy for the 6 of us via the company our hotel plugged failed but I've instead been offered an older Hyundai Starex (which as far as I can tell is a rebadged Mitsi Delica) instead. 20 quid extra for the two days would've got me a Transit minibus, but where's the fun in renting something I could've driven at home? Intrigued to see what shows up tomorrow.
  6. Oh I don't know. Everyone else had bets on what day I was going to fall over pissed before we came!
  7. Go abroad with friends, they said. It'll be fun, they said. First holiday abroad in 8 years and first proper holiday abroad without my folks. Whoever they are, they didn't account for one of said friends completely losing control of a dodgy hired jetski, coming over the line into the swimming section of the beach and crashing straight into me in the process. I'm fine, other than a sore shoulder, leg cramps from wild flailing to surface again, and a missing week old pair of prescription sunglasses. Fair play to the lad, he's absolutely mortified (and a bit bruised himself - I'm told while I was in the process of trying not to drown, he flew off rather spectacularly) and has offered to replace them when we're back in the UK, and the shoulder will heal. But come on, we'd maybe been in Turkey for 16 hours at this point, hopefully this will be the last of the near death experiences. Although we were on about hiring a car so maybe not! Maybe this is Him upstairs' way of getting karma on me for the other week's shunt in London.
  8. My 07 Fiat Sedici (Suzuki SX4 in a frock) was the same - came with one remote key and one regular key.
  9. The Citroen C3 Picasso had a similar feature*, I seem to recall. Although I could never get ours to do it.
  10. That's the one. From this video:
  11. Yep, apart from my time at uni I lived there until 2019. This all went down about 20 years before I was born but it's still a chip shop to this day and the news article's framed inside. On another note: I vaguely remember watching a documentary about some bombs in London, seem to recall one was found on the street, got picked up and placed in the back of what I think was a Sierra before it went off - aftermath photos showed an early model XM caught by the blast.
  12. Fun fact: After holding two officers at gunpoint in their car, Neilson was eventually captured outside a chippy in the village I grew up in! Still to this day the most interesting thing to happen there other than the village hall burning down once.
  13. I've had shite luck with Amazon bulbs. Ordered a pair of Osram Nightbreakers a few years back from Amazon (direct from them, not a marketplace seller) for the Megane after I had one go out - knowing what a pain in the arse Megane II headlights were I figured I'd get decent ones and not have to do it again. I ran out of time to do it and after realising how shite one headlight was on the way to work the next morning, I figured sod this, let's see if the garage across the way from my office will sort them out for me. Dropped the car back off at lunch, I go to get in it to go home, and both new bulbs had blown! Fortunately still open, so had to get them to chuck a set on - gave me the bulbs back so I don't think they were pulling a fast one but can't be 100%. Don't think I got my money back off Amazon...
  14. Used to holiday in Turkey most years until about 2014, some of the chod here brings back a lot of memories - most of the taxis were the 80s/90s Tofas models, although largely replaced by Doblos and a couple of Dacias last time I was there. I remember the Peugeot J9s used for the local 'dolmus' bus services. I go back in a month, and I'm glad it's still a bit choddy!
  15. All 6 of them were relatively modern boring boxes - I'd have had no objection if it was something remotely interesting!
  16. Next door to me at one point had 6 cars. Two on the drive, four on the road, although at least they blocked their own drive with one of them. Was a nightmare for visitors to park outside. Now down to 4 and still two on the drive which makes things a lot more manageable. Admittedly this wouldn't affect me if I just got my drive done so two cars could fit on it as opposed to one!
  17. My new Qashqai does away with the CD player and also surprisingly the 3.5mm aux in! Nuisance if someone else wants to play music in the car, as I don't want their phone connected via BT/CarPlay/AA.
  18. I'm all for a bit of a haggle, indeed haggling is something I enjoy doing a lot - I love nothing more than a bit of bartering on a car boot of a Sunday morning - but maybe find out what you want to know about the item, where I am, or maybe, here's a bold idea, view the damn thing before you haggle. It absolutely fucks me off when someone haggles a price first thing then asks where I am or keeps asking for more info on it that normally results in them offering less - or worse, when they get here and haggle more off. Far as I'm concerned if you've haggled and agreed a price with me before collection, I will not be budging a single penny. Few months ago I sold an old TV locally. Was listed at £50. This chap kept offering £30, we eventually settled on £40 and me delivering (long story short I was driving past the end of his road anyway). Tried to give me £30 there, I was firm and said no, got my £40, off I go to my destination. Phone's blowing up by the time I get there, oh, the smart TV bit doesn't work properly on it, can you come back. I say yeah I'll come back and refund you later that evening on my way back. He wouldn't give the item back, he was insistent that I should send him £10 via bank transfer and he'd keep the TV. I said it's all or nothing, either I come and get it and take it back or you live with it. Silence. All that hassle just to get an extra tenner out of me. I was in absolute disbelief when I sold the Meriva earlier this week - went up on Facebook Marketplace on the Sunday evening at £1250, first person to message me asked for a contact number and when I was about, rang me the next day, came and viewed it, no hassle, pointed out a couple of bits and haggled a little, £1100 we came to. No hassle, no grief, money straight in my account not 5 minutes later. Compared to the usual "cash 2nite" bellends it was a refreshing change!
  19. Sod the company, do the bare minimum you have to do and spend any time you can at work looking for something else - they can't blame you for doing it if they're all in the same boat. When I was made redundant nearly 3 years ago (I appreciate that I'm in tech so different industry), I was on phone interviews in my car in the car park or stood outside the building (and this is literally only because we didn't get good signal in the meeting rooms!), redoing my CV, replying to people on LinkedIn, searching for listings, doing technical tests on my own laptop sat in the office, I did the square root of fuck all for those 3 weeks (AND still had time for the contents of my desk drawer to disappear into a carrier bag - I'd advise liberating what you can) When they said they'd found a job for me in the new structure at the end of those 3 weeks it was quite satisfying to say actually, no, I've found something paying literally 50% more and doing what I want to do.
  20. SOLD, to the Essex trader buying up cheap petrols in the north to take back down and flog to the ULEZ crowd for £1100. Being collected on Wednesday. Sad to see her go and be down to just the modern but it's for the best.
  21. Not much going on with the Meriva at the moment. I've been using it for post office runs and park and ride trips. Have done all the tip runs I need to do in it. Drivers electric window was being a little dodgy but a blast of silicone spray down the window channel seems to have sorted that one. Not bothered sourcing any wheel trims because I can't bring myself to put cheap aftermarket ones on and Vauxhall ones are either too expensive or worse condition. I've ordered a touch up paint and not used it, I've had a terrible go at polishing up the bonnet by hand with some G3 and it looks better but not great still. While it's proved useful, I've only done about 550 miles in it and a good chunk of those were driving it back from Reading. I think I'll get it valeted at some point this week and I'll probably look to list it for sale. I've no idea what to ask for it.
  22. Bright blue Audi Q2 drives round here a lot - plate's legally spaced as LE51 SME. Right below the plate across the back bumper in white stick on letters (in the correct font no less!) it's illegally spaced as LE5 1S ME.
  23. This morning they announced redundancies at work. Our team is safe but the time this morning where we didn't know what was happening/that we were okay has given me flashbacks to when it happened at my last place and has left me feeling shit most of the day so far.
  24. Part of me always questions what sporty little Mazda can accommodate three lovers. I have visions of three people trying to do the deed in an MX-5! Seen them live twice now (Fascinating Aida not the doggers), always put on a cracking show (see previous comment). No car of mine has ever seen any action, though I suspect the Nissan would be suitable enough. Meriva lacks the space and has too much window!
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