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  1. A friend of mine looks after forklift trucks and various other bits of equipment, like bed movers and floor cleaners for a hospital amongst other places - when parking in the loading bay, he's been mistaken for a funeral home multiple times in his plain silver T6 Transporter.
  2. Eventually PM'd after managing to fail at sending a full address.
  3. My dad was the service manager at a Nissan dealer between 03-06 - at some point he had one of these in orange. I remember him coming home one day with no headlining because they'd decided to chuck some dealer-fit accessories onto it, including a roof-mount DVD player, but hadn't had time to finish the job before he needed to leave. I'm assuming the lengthy commute he had each day is part of the reason why he switched back to diesel X-Trails and later Pathfinders.
  4. Yeah, detuned version of the 350Z engine I believe.
  5. Markeh

    Rozzer Shite

    My eyes may have gone to the plane first...
  6. Had the dog I'm looking I'm after shaking and panting for an hour or two on Friday (mainly because of her owner going but also fireworks), three hours last night and about an hour and a half so far tonight. Found detritus on my car this year for the second year in a row, a fine red powder that does at least wash off, but still. You couldn't see for smoke locally last night. Last year, I was 3ft away from being hit by a rocket stick returning to earth as I was walking back from the bus stop. Home fireworks can FRO.
  7. In 2014, when I was looking to replace my Corsa, I started looking at Megane IIs. About a week before seeing the one I ended up buying, I had a look at a lovely 3dr one. It was in that grey-green they came in, had the glass roof, the 17" Nervasport wheels, and was in better nick with about 20k less than the one I eventually bought. I turned it down because the air con didn't work and because I assumed I needed a 5 door. Certainly regretted it when the one I ended up buying didn't start the morning after I bought it.
  8. The village I grew up in had a small local motor factors using the Motorist Discount name - been there as long as I can remember but maybe it took inspiration for its name from MDC?
  9. Panda went back this morning. Not really enough room for my right leg in an LHD model which would make longer drives painful. Imagine an RHD one would be better, an RHD auto even better than that. Hybrid system didn't seem to make that much difference to the economy although the regen braking probably helped give me oomph on the more uphill sections. Quite chuckable in the twisties too. Surprised to see it had a 6 speed box. Weirdly this one had the radio set to not come on or off with the ignition, and Bluetooth pairing is handled through the steering wheel controls not the head unit itself. Led to some confusion. Mine didn't have the optional phone mount which made finding somewhere to balance my (admittedly large) phone problematic. However props to Fiat for an easily cleanable door card, which made life a little easier when my cousin got blackout drunk in a San Antonio nightclub, and proceeded to throw up out of the window (and miss) on the way back to the hotel. Was that easy to clean up from the interior I didn't even get charged a cleaning fee despite telling them what had happened!
  10. Cancelled it. Went to Google Maps to find where I needed to get a taxi to. And saw 40 or so reviews from the last month where they've made up hidden charges or charged high 3 digits for scratches present at the start even with previous photos. Only lost 3 quid from paying for the cancellation policy so no biggie. Went to the hotels recommended company up the road and this is my steed for the next 24 hours for a grand total of 60 euros. Hybrid model. Has quite heavy brake regeneration and the pedals are too far to the right for me but it drives fairly well and after some faffing we got the Bluetooth hooked up too.
  11. Hired a car tomorrow to explore the island a bit. £38 for 2 days hire in Ibiza of a "C3 or similar". Place your bets. I'm not sure it'll top the beautiful Hyundai minibus from Antalya earlier this year.
  12. Currently in Ibiza. That's enough of a grin in itself but the particularly tragic grin was on the way over here on a TUI flight when I got excited to see an old 90s Britannia logo on the duty free cart.
  13. Someone did this to me on a pair of laptops I sold on Facebook Marketplace (or Shpock, one of the two). They were relisted for sale within about 15 minutes of me dropping them off!
  14. The only additional security measure I take is to not leave my keys by the front door. If someone wants the car, they're going to find a way to take it, either by breaking in and twatting me with a crowbar til I give them the keys or having it away on a low loader. Or a powerful enough antenna that can read the key from somewhere further in the house, perhaps. About a month before lockdown hit, someone walked in through my front door looking for the keys - I was upstairs at the time, just getting ready to step in the shower, heard the door go, got to the top of the stairs, he took one look at me (6ft 3, the wrong side of 20 stone, in my pants) and legged it!
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