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  1. Years ago, I saw a rather tatty 2cv parked at the side of some houses. A few months later, I was back there and it was in the same place, clearly untouched. I left a note, politely putting something on the lines of "I'd be interested if you are getting rid of this". Heard nothing. Maybe 6 months later, the owner called and would have given me the car, but sadly things had changed and I couldn't take it. Nowadays, I still couldn't justify having it, but I probably would! Good luck!
  2. In rather a turn around from last week's posts, the Clio is the only one of the fleet that I can currently use! (It had to have a new battery last week) Stepway - Brake light switch broken, should be sorted on Monday Moped - Suffered an FTP last week, haven't got around to that yet, as I've been "promoted" to van driver at work, so I've been bringing the van home. 2cv - working, (albeit leaking oil quite badly) but stuck behind scaffholding (still) at my parents house. Good job that we can't go anywhere anyway!
  3. Had to take the Clio on the M2 this afternoon (don't ask!) . Local roads had mostly been cleared, but not the M2! Have to say though, the little Clio really held it's own. On my last trip, the heater fan had jammed flat out at 24 degrees, which was rather toasty, but with the wonders of old cars, seemed to have fixed itself again! A few scary moments, but it handled well. Main concern was the imbeciles who kept sitting on the back bumper - one flashed me for having fog lights on in a snow storm, which everyone else had on too, but they are quite bright when they are only 6 inches away! I thin
  4. It turns out that it was a bit more than a few years since I last changed the battery!
  5. My (Second generation) Clio is back on the road! Following the jump start last night, it started willingly this morning for my commute. It would probably have been ok for a while, but I got one of the mechanics to check and he said that it made sense just to change the battery. Which is what I said back in May, when this happened before! New battery fitted and he replaced the vandalised rear wiper as well! Wouldn't even take anything for it, although I will try and put a bit of work his way. (I paid for the parts) Now I just need to be able to go somewhere.
  6. Having mentioned last week that the Clio appeared to have a failed battery, and having obviously not done anything about it, I got on the moped this morning and the bastard wouldn't start. It's been fine for ages, sailed through the MOT last week, but nothing today. "I'll take the Clio then" I thought. "Oh!". Got a lift to work, being told repeatedly about how I've got to get a new bike, and how having the car sitting there broken is the same as my brother in law (who has 2 old shit heaps outside his house that haven't moved in more than 10 years, mine has been sat for a fortnight) B
  7. With the Clio, I didn't use it for several months in Lockdown One (because I couldn't) and it ended up refusing to start. A local mechanic friend of my brothers got it started and it's been fine, I've done quite a few decent runs when we've been allowed, but I think that a mixture of the cold and lack of use have finished it off. Chances are that a charge up will get it going again, but for how long? Thinking back, it must be at least 4 years old, probably a fair bit more. To be honest, with the 2cv, I'd change the battery without a problem but on "modern" cars (only on here would anyone
  8. Mixed fleet news: The elderly moped passed it's MOT, despite receiving very little care or maintenance in years. When I went to look at trading it in about 18 months ago, the salesman said "blimey, that must be the only one still going!" Weirdly, this didn't motivate me to buy the newer version of the same bike that I had been looking at! The Clio has been reluctant to start for a while. I tried last week and it was having none of it. I think that it's the battery, but it's getting to see it in daylight as I'm still working. To be honest, I'm not supposed to be doing non essential j
  9. I'm in several camps here. My cars are always properly maintained, even when that makes no financial sense (new cambelt on 15 year old Clio for example, or new chassis on then worthless 2cv) but to be honest my moped only gets fixed when it breaks. It doesn't do big miles, 2.6 miles each way 5 days a week for the last 10 years, and breaks about twice a year, when I tell my mechanic to do whatever needs doing. I did leave the rear tyre long after I should have changed it, even causing one of my regulars to phone me at work and tell me off, after he followed me on his commute one day! I'd never
  10. I thought that the Mr Nippy section was good, but at least ten minutes too long. It was quite amusing, but seemed to be the same jokes again and again with very little of any substance. Similarly, the electric car bit was interesting, but could have been quite a bit shorter. It felt like they had spent the budget on the ice cream van, so were dragging it out, where they could probably have got another feature in quite easily. That said, I do feel that the series has improved, if they build on this it , it should continue to do so, but if they change things again it could decline again.
  11. I have to say that this is probably the best series that I've seen in years. That surprises even me, as I'm still not really convinced by Paddy, but I'm really enjoying it this time. I missed the first one but the others have been genuinely entertaining. I also appreciated that nothing was destroyed this week, and a really good tribute to Sir Stirling Moss (which of course bought out my story of when I met him). I still read the magazine, and was concerned when, rather than the usual 10 or so pages about the new series coming on, it barely made 2, that maybe even the magazine wasn't impr
  12. Along with seemingly most of you, I've been off the top of the speedo on my 2cv many times. Sometimes it just seemed more willing to go fast than on other days I remember one particular night when I overtook 10 vehicles in one go! Admittedly they were lorries on a down hill section of the M2, but that's just details! Strangely enough, some years later on exactly the same stretch, but going the other way, it went from off the clock to 40 mph, to 20mph, to barely moving, despite my foot staying flat on the floor. In a panic I managed to reach the hard shoulder and checked everything. No obvi
  13. While I appreciated the extension on the 2cv's MOT, I now have 2 cars due this month! The daft thing is, I work for a car dealership, but I don't take the 2cv there any more as they don't understand it and MOTs were a nightmare. Even with the Clio, they were not interested in giving it a service, just straight MOT. I suppose that if you can keep a full workshop with recent vehicles, why bother with ones that could be aggro? Although surely the older ones are more likely to need more money spending? As others have said, a LOT of cars need MOTs this month, so if your's needs doing, you ma
  14. I enjoyed the episode. I don't like the destruction of cars for the sake of it, but as has been said, they were all write offs anyway. I've never really liked this, going back into the Clarkson era, accidents are fair enough (any idea how bad the Diabolo was? as it looked rather expensive!) but destroying the Marinas and various unusual cars did nothing for me. Getting back to this show, I actually thought that the wall of death was really entertaining and will make a bit more effort to see the rest of the series, having only seen about 10 minutes of last week. I like Chris Harris, th
  15. Hope that all is ok Egg. It's horrible getting news like that and knowing that you can't really help. (at least not immediately) I remember, a few years back, my Dad had a crash about half a mile from where I work. Ironically, I was 130 miles away in Bournemouth on holiday at the time, so he didn't want to worry me. Instead, I had messages from half of my colleagues asking if my Dad was ok! This probably caused me far more stress than if he had just told me. (My dad is a regular customer, so they all know him. He was fine, but the car was in a bit of a mess!)
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