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  1. Really sorry to hear this. My condolences to Reb and the family.
  2. Rode my moped, Junior, into work this morning. Probably 20 minutes later one of the drivers comes in and says "Do you know that your moped is on it's side?" So ,I go and check, is it a bad joke? Did I somehow not put the stand down properly? No, somebody has hit it (in the yard, almost against the building, so REALLY bad driving) and dragged it a few feet. Now reeks of petrol, large scrape all along one side, damaged grip. It's not mint, and is a bit knackered, but it's not the point. Somebody hit it and didn't bother to say. I know that I wont get anything, there is no point going to insurance, but it was in pretty good condition and now it's not. Will it get me home? Not happy..
  3. Sorry to hear this. One of our mechanics had his much loved car written off overnight, by his neighbour who ran off, but didn't realise that he might recognise the remains of their car in a nearby bush! I had the Clio and 2cv vandalised repeatedly vandalised outside my workplace a few years back - residential road, outside flats so not in anyone's space. Clio was keyed end to end, tailgate keyed (separate incident), metal valve caps stolen, multiple punctures. 2cv had multiple punctures, broken n/s/r window and in the final straw - o/s headlight removed, smashed and glass spread under each tyre! All during the daytime, car was there c7:45 to c17:45 each day, so surely didn't affect most people? What really pissed me off, was that my cars were usually the oldest in the road, among a load of brand new cars owned by our dealership - get pissed off with them by all means, but why go for mine? I ended up getting a series of mopeds that I could keep in the grounds. TLDR - some people are just scum.
  4. Good to see this being saved, Daewoos seem to have completely died out around here. My uncle had a Lanos, which was a nice car. Maybe not the greatest, but a great warranty and that made a lot of people (including him) confident enough to buy one. My brother inherited it, but as a 17 year old, drove it in a very different was to the average Daewoo driver and it was not well when he sold it. It seems to have died a couple of years later, just before it's 10th birthday and with barely 50,000 miles.
  5. As others have asked, do you like the car? If you still enjoy it (and maybe pending a better price for fixing it) get it fixed, if you are bored / don't want it then get rid. My 2cv reached the sensible point of no return 17 years ago. Somebody hit it, bending the chassis. It was then worth virtually nothing. So I bought the Clio. But I still loved the 2cv, so I got a new chassis and got it going again. For the next 10 -15 years it alternated cheap MOT or bad MOT, but never horrific (with 1 or 2 exceptions) so I kept it going. And it is still going. It is now worth far more than I paid for it. But considerably less than I have spent on it. So, nearly 3 years ago, the Clio was now 14 years old, tax laws were changing, meaning it was worth getting a new car before it went up. The Clio was getting old and it made sense to get shot before something expensive broke. So I bought the Stepway. But I still enjoyed driving the Clio, and my dad needed a runabout. So I kept it. And it is still going. And nothing serious has broken. So I accidentally ended up with 3 cars, and a moped. So, the moral is, if it's a good car that you enjoy, even if nobody else likes it, then keep it. If you have had enough, bung a roffle on here. Or just hoard cars, like I do.
  6. They have a 2cv at Beaulieu that has only done a similar mileage, and I always have a good look, to see how my car looked when he was new, but I wouldn't want to own it. It is near unique (as clearly there is at least one other) but as soon as you use it, it becomes a low mileage 2cv and then a 2cv. But if you don't use it then it might as well be in a museum. My own 2cv is not immaculate, the various wear and grazes tell the story of a life, of the adventures that we (and the previous owners) have had, of him (and it is a he) being one of the family. This car may have more monetary value, but it doesn't seem to have any emotional value.
  7. There is (or at least was last year) one of them on the Isle of Wight, near Ryde. Thought it was an odd kit car, so rather surprised to find the truth, and that it is so rare. Probably understandable though!
  8. I think the idea was that the Sultan likes rare cars so they would offer him one or both at the end, although the idea apparently changed after the discrimination upset. It seemed a little flimsy, but a lot of these ideas are probably best not scrutinised too hard, While I like the Allegro (and nearly owned an estate some years back) it did seem a waste of the Matra when it would obviously struggle to complete a journey it was never meant to do, which at least the Allegro stood a chance of completing. That said, there was a lot less (although not none) pointless destruction which was one thing that always wound me up before. It wasn't a bad episode, I wont say that I was gripped, but I was entertained. Better without the bullying as well.
  9. I missed last week, as I was busy, but made the effort this week, to actually watch and give it a fair chance, instead of playing internet or having it on in the background. It was pretty good, a good mix of entertainment and a proper review as well. The bit with the hearse was genuinely entertaining, and I will watch again. My only real concern is that it does still look like the others bully Chris Harris, I know that there is a fine line between banter and bullying but I was not always convinced that it fell the right side. Perhaps I am a little over sensitive on this. Incidentally, Jerzy Woking, I was looking at those electric scooters last week, as my moped is "getting a bit" knackered. I have seen some excellent reviews and some not so good ones, so will be interested in your experiences.
  10. I thought it was a pretty good show. There seemed to be some big gaps, despite it being a nice day,( if not that sunny) but what was there was interesting. I will say that I normally struggle to get around everything, but was doing second laps by about 3, and I had watched the stunt show! Most people I know used to go (I live a few miles away) and this has dropped off quite a bit. I hope that Kelsey can bring it back up again. I did see someone with an old Rover who had an Autoshite sticker, and also the Hubnut stand, but as has been said, always busy. To be fair, my earlier description of myself did seem to apply to rather a lot of people there! I enjoyed it.
  11. Not saying that I was a massive fan, but he seemed enthusiastic and pretty genuine in his presenting, just a fairly normal guy (I suppose the Hammond of that version). Harris is obviously the one with the knowledge about cars, (May) where Matt was the "personality". I would have thought it better to have bought in a new third presenter and kept Chris and Rory, instead of what happened. But, time will tell.
  12. In the past, yes they did, because I had the "pleasure" of this job one year. While it was quite amusing slyly watching people walk through the woods, and then appearing as they reached the fence, it also meant a lot of abuse from people who thought that they shouldn't have to pay! More recently they just secured fencing over any gaps.
  13. I will be there, although I am borrowing Dad's MX5 mk1 as I don't enjoy motorways in the 2cv. I have been going for 20 odd years, and used to work it in the past. I will agree that it did loose it's way a bit for some years, but I have heard that Kelsey publishing now own it again. I know in the past that they put a hell of a lot of work into it, whereas the (then) new owners seemed to just see it as another show and not really care very much. This may be unfair, but seemed to be a fairly common view amongst people I spoke to. We will see what this year brings. I will be the slightly odd chap with awful shirt, poundland sunglasses and rylanesque beard! ( I wonder why I am single!)
  14. As I have said, I enjoyed the Clarkson era, but not the destruction of classics. In the early years, I stopped watching for some time because they seemed to destroy 2cvs regularly (or I saw the same episode several times!) but it did get better. I wont deny there was destruction, but it did seem to become more about the presenters than "let's smash an old car!" While the Reliant episode IS funny, was it really much funnier than the Peel one, where nothing got destroyed? The destruction seemed to continue to some degree in every version that has followed, including the crash in the last episode. If things happen, fair enough, but deliberate crashing doesn't really amuse me. There did seem to be quite a bit of bullying of Chris Harris in this last episode, but I only saw the second half so there may have been some balance. Will have to see if this is "banter" or worse. I quite liked Rory, although it seems many didn't, and am yet to be convinced by the new team, but I will watch again.
  15. I have watched Top Gear in its various forms for nearly 30 years. I will admit I was a big fan of Clarkson era, but have given each new version a chance. The Evans version was pretty grim, (although I believe that series was always doomed to fail regardless of presenter) and Matt was not much better to begin with, but over time it seemed to find it's feet and the last series was actually pretty good. Maybe not the best, but certainly enjoyable. I was not particularly looking forward to the new series as it seemed like they were stepping right back, having finally got it good. I missed the first 20 minutes, which was perhaps unfair, but what I did see was alright. I wasn't blown away, and indeed was playing internet after a while, but it was far from the worst episode I have seen. I will stick with it, and give it a fairer chance, actually paying proper attention. I am not convinced yet, but will keep watching.
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