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  1. There hasn't been much to report lately, everything has just been plodding along, all getting their share of use. Except for the moped, I haven't got around to that yet. I've got a new fault now though, The Clio keeps indicating right! It's done it for a while when I close the driver's window, but now it's more constant. When it was really hot a few weeks ago, it indicated right all the way home, but then didn't do it again. I've been using it, and did 140 miles over the weekend and all was good, but this week it's been flashing almost constantly. It's probably nothing serious, but doesn't look like it's going away this time. The rest of the fleet is fine. Work is ok, I've even been having a better time in my personal life! Just need to sort the Clio out.
  2. I've been quite enjoying this series. The Cop cars bit was pretty good and I thought that the truck driving episode was even better. There was a pretty good mix of silliness with the more sensible bits - keeping it amusing with the right level of facts without getting too dull. I wasn't that impressed with last nights episode though. They could probably have made a pretty good episode out of buying a very cheap car and keeping it going, but it was just destruction for the sake of it really. While they were admittedly clearly knackered cars, I couldn't see any point in driving them around a tank course. It would probably have been impossible for most new cars, so there didn't seem any point in trying to get totally unsuitable old cars through! Trying to keep cars going while having a proper adventure - like when they used to cross the deserts etc - seems a lot more interesting to me, than driving through deep water and destroying a car. To be fair, I didn't like the pointless destruction in the Clarkson era either. I've no idea how the viewing figures are doing, but I've certainly not seen the levels of discussion on Facebook etc, that the show used to get. I've barely seen anything about the series even being on - and I follow Top Gear on there!
  3. I once swapped a bottle of Jack Daniels for a moped! It wasn't a good moped admittedly, but it lasted for three years and I sold it for £150! Although it cost me a fair bit to keep it going that long.
  4. Missed the first two minutes, but I thought that it wasn't bad tonight. I zoned out a bit during the cop cars bit, but it genuinely did have some funny moments. The C5 bit was pretty good too. Obviously they broke down, (and for some reason didn't use the pedals) but it wasn't the "aren't these things crap" sort of story that I might have expected. I'm still not making big efforts to get back to see it, and I know that this is pretty mild praise, but I think that the team are settling in well (because it takes a long time) and it is getting better.
  5. I'm staying in a holiday cottage, and they have left a photo album of the place through the years - it does look a lot better than this now! They have had some proper old shite during the years! I don't recognise this one though. I normally know weird old crap, but can't place this one. Any ideas?
  6. @High Jetter asked on the Single and Sad thread, but it didn't really seem like the right place to answer. I realised that I hadn't actually said much about my new job! So, after 20 years at the old company, I've moved on. It's not that different, I'm doing a very similar job (selling parts for cars at a dealership), but it's with different people in a new place. I have known my new boss and colleague for many years, and we get on well. I already know many of the customers and the main operating system. I'm having to learn two new parts catalogues (two franchises!) and two order systems, which has been a rather steep learning curve, but so far so good! Everyone has been friendly so far and I'm slowly finding my feet. Hopefully all will be ok.
  7. I've not posted here recently. I've dropped in from time to time and I did read the advice that was kindly given above. Thank you for that. The job finished yesterday. It's been pretty awful really. My boss was rather conveniently on holiday for the final week, so I was left alone to clear all of the stock and dismantle the shelving, stripping the place back to basically a bare shell. That's rather tough when - bad as the job has been at times - it's been a big part of my life for nearly half of my life. The vast mountains of crap in every corner, the huge amounts of dust and filth being disturbed and breathed in, the lack of any support. But, it's done now. Over. Gone. The directors came in to see me. They actually spoke to me (they have not spoken to me in 5 years or more) and thanked me! No bonus or anything obviously, but trust me I've done alright out of the clear out! They have put in writing that the redundancy money is safe and held over to the new job. I'm still less than confident that I'm making the right decision here, but I've made it now and I don't think there is any going back. Wish me luck! On top of this, I met a woman back in January, we got together and it has been a very dramatic few months. That's a story for another thread. A story where there are also a LOT of red flags and friends telling me that I'm doing the wrong thing. But sometimes you have to take the gamble. Oh, the cars are fine!
  8. Honestly, I wouldn't be particularly surprised if they close the 4th branch at some stage. It's safe for now, but then to be fair, what job is 100% safe at the moment? The company owns the building and I wouldn't have thought it was desirable for other companies or housing like the other sites are. My main concern is, do I still get the 20 years redundancy if I've only been there for a fairly short time? It's the same parent company, but a different actual company. I haven't made any commitment, just expressed an interest. It has a few big advantages, not least knowing 90% of the job already as well as the colleagues.
  9. It's been interesting today. A company had been emailing about a potential role and they rang today. It might not work out as they really need someone before I'm available, but they are a big company with 3 local branches, so even if this one is no good there is still potential. But then I got a really unexpected call. The company currently that I work for at the moment, has 4 dealerships and is closing three of them. The fourth is already fully staffed, so basically, all of us are out. But, the manager of the 4th branch called me. I've known him for 20 years, so we know that we get on pretty well. They MIGHT want a new member of staff, (a new role being created) doing basically what I do now along with regular driving. I know the company and colleagues and most of the systems, although I'd have to learn their franchise. There are obviously advantages - I know 90% of the job already, I know the staff and the customers. It's only slightly further from home than the current job. I don't have to go through interviews, which are something that stress me out, which makes me ill. But I don't get the redundancy money (because I wont be made redundant!) and I don't really make any progress, because I'm just doing essentially the same job in a different place. It's also the same company, but only the directors are same and I'm unlikely to ever see them. I don't have to make any decisions today, and it might be some time before I know any more, but it is quite nice to actually be wanted!
  10. Well, that might be pushing it a bit, but I MIGHT have two phone interviews in the next couple of days, and I AM liberating whatever dead stock and unwanted stuff I can before it gets chucked out. NOT stealing, but stuff like all of my supplies that I've hidden away over the years, will not be staying in the building. I've also done a tonne of printing!
  11. Very minor update. Not much has changed. The Clio has passed 100,000 miles now and is still serving as my commuter. The other vehicles haven't even moved in weeks. I just don't seem to get any time to myself lately. Work wise, again little progress. My colleague left a few weeks ago, so I'm now doing both jobs, as well as covering driving for nick whenever he is "too ill" to come in - currently at least one day a week, often more. He would have been sacked, but that's not really a threat anymore. We can't employ anyone else (the company closes at the end of April), so he knows that he can do as he likes. The other driver leaves at the end of next week. This means that I get home tired and not really in a fit state to do anything. But, things are not all lost yet. There are a couple of potential leads which I am trying to follow up this week.
  12. My Dad and Sir Clive Sinclair rode them down Orpington High Street many years ago on some sort of promotion. He says that it was terrifying! I still keep looking at them on Ebay though!
  13. My apologies for not responding to the replies on here. I really appreciate all of the advice and help. No real excuse, I just seem to have been really busy over the last few weeks and have not really had any time to catch up. It hasn't been helped by my occasional colleague Thick nick seemingly only coming in when he feels like it, the workforce getting smaller and smaller and my lack of sleep. But, it's not all been bleak. It's been an interesting few weeks.
  14. I don't understand the hatred for French cars. Sure there have been some bad ones, but there have been some very good ones too. My brother in law owned 3 German cars, two old Mercs and an Aldi. A few years ago, we had a family holiday and they turned up in his dad's Laguna II. He spent the entire holiday moaning about "French Shit". I don't think that anyone would claim the Laguna II as a high point of French engineering, but I asked him why they hadn't bought any of his "wonderful" German cars. "They are all broken" said my sister! That's it really, two of his "wonderful" German cars spent many years rotting away on their drive, but they were obviously far superior to our French cars that worked every day. I've (obviously) got a 2cv. I'm not going to pretend that it never has problems, but it's 36 years old and nearly always starts first time even when it hasn't moved in months. It's mostly original and still going strong. The Clio is 19 years old. Again mostly original. Back in daily use for commuting, nearly 100,000 miles. Still drives very well. Only petty faults in recent years (failed reverse light switch etc) The Dacia isn't technically French, but it's basically a modified Clio. 5 years old, no faults yet. Would happily buy another. The Peugeot Vclic (moped) Alright, it's basically dead now, but was a £1000 moped that I caned the shit out of on the commute every day for 10 years and only became unreliable in the last few months of it's life, having been treated badly and barely serviced for most of it's life. My Dad has a Scenic (his third), my siblings both have Dacias. One of the Scenics got unreliable at the end, but other than that, we've been very happy with French cars.
  15. Not much to update really, but I thought that I'd pop a post up about the job situation. We got our redundancy paperwork through this week. They are giving us literally what they have to, and to get anything I have to stay right until the end. It's a significant (but not huge by any means) amount that I can't afford to give away. There is also the fact that I want to get every last penny out of the bastards. This means that I'm stuck there as my colleagues slowly disappear and trade dries up. I was talking to Big Boss yesterday (as in not a director or owner, but the next level down) and he just looks broken. He's had to tell all of the lower management and salesmen. All of the salesmen have handed in their notices as they are all young and have only served a couple of years. As one said "We can't get new cars in time for closing, so we are turning people away and losing money. I can have three months of that for £1000 or leave. No choice." He now has to basically do his job and 4 salesmen's jobs for 3 months, as we can hardly take anyone on! He's been there a lot longer than me, maybe 30 years, he's mid 60's and basically on the scrap heap. Similarly with my boss. While it's no secret that we haven't always got along, he had to tell us what was happening and give us the paperwork, knowing that he's going to lose his job too, as is Big Boss. The directors were available for consultation for ONE HOUR, a month ago, at a different branch, which I only heard about after it had happened. They have made no attempt to talk to the staff or even suggest any sympathy. I'm told that one said "They've all had a good living off of us for years!"Prick. What really pissed me off is after twenty years of work they couldn't even spell my name right. That just summed it up really, how much they value us. We've heard more information from Barry (the fount of all knowledge) who runs the motor spares shop over the road than we have from management. Apparently the builders have been in the cafe over the road telling everyone what is happening, but just wander around the building measuring and ignoring us. Morale and motivation are not great! A colleague compared it to a prison sentence, which I know sounds over the top, but he continued "because you know that you are going to have some crap times and misery ahead, but there is an end date in sight". But, it's only a job. A job that has been bloody awful at times. But it's been a big part of my life for a very long time. It is going to be hard. But there will be new jobs. There will be better times. I can do this. I WILL do this. And it's not all crap. Yes the job is, but other things have improved.
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