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  1. Just a brief update. No change with the 2cv or moped. MUST sort the 2cv early next year, not much point now as I haven't got a free weekend until January, but I'm not having it sit for another year. Especially as September 2024 will mark 30 years since I got the car. Thirty years! Bloody hell I'm old! On the bright side, my girlfriend is warming to the idea of the odd car show in it, so progress there! She even suggested that we use it for our wedding! The Stepway needs a service, my fault I've just been really busy and I can't just take it into work any more. Running well even with my much longer commute these days. The Clio seems to be enjoying semi retirement. I've been down a few times and cruised the coast in it. My parents have been using it for shopping and all is good, although still having the occasional reluctance to start - but it does start eventually. It sailed through it's MOT last week. Just an advisory for a slightly worn track rod end (which was also reported last year, oops!) otherwise all good. It still seems stupid to me that it is fine for MOT emissions and £20 tax, but "too filthy" to use in London. A friend has a considerably newer Megane but is reduced to just avoiding the ULEZ cameras. To be fair, most of them seem to be vandalised around here! I reluctantly accept the situation with Clio and I wasn't really using it a great deal anyway, but I do worry where it will lead. Will the goalposts keep moving as ever younger cars become "too dirty"? Will it lead to road pricing, as many seem to believe? I am not against trying to help the environment, I recycle, I use things until they are absolutely beyond repair (clearly!) and try to be sensible with purchases, but I think that measures like this are more likely to alienate people than to make a serious difference.
  2. I've been using the Clio during the week ever since the last post. In a rather shocking development, I've moved in with my girlfriend! She hates the Clio as it "makes her sick" (which I think is more to do with her playing with her phone while I am driving!) so I use that for commuting, then the Stepway at weekends when she is with me. It has been going well, only very rarely doing the random indicating. It sometimes takes a couple of goes to start, but has always started. Yesterday was my last commute in it though. We are inside the new extended ULEZ, so I can't justify paying that. It's a shame as it has been a great little car for nearly 21 years now, but it had to go. Of course, being me, I haven't sold it. I haven't scrapped it either. My parents are in the process (still!) of renovating a house to retire to, down by the coast, so today I drove the Clio down to their place. It's going to live here and be their runabout to save mileage on their car, and I'll use it when I'm here - as long as I can persuade my girlfriend! I'm not really happy about it. I'm glad that it's still in the family, but I worry that it will end up spending most of it's time "resting" like the 2cv. I don't want it being a mobile garden ornament. I was getting 60mpg on the way down (better than the Stepway gets!) and it is in the cheapest tax rate as it is low emissions! It always sails through the emissions part of the MOT but I am apparently driving a badly polluting car! I also worry that there is nothing to stop the goalposts moving and the Stepway suddenly being too dirty for London. It's one thing with a 20+ year old car, but they keep saying "diesel over 6 years old" and Stepway is 5 and a half! I hope that it actually means 6 years old now, so 7 years old next year, but taxes rarely work like that! A colleague "knows someone" who can apparently change tax classes on the log book, so that his old car is ok. He offered to do mine, but this sounds very dodgy to me. In other news, all good with the Stepway, no repeat of the camera incident and in regular use at weekends. I started the 2cv a few weeks ago. Can't use it as I just haven't had time to sort the suspension, so it has no MOT. Dad has now offered to take it in for me. I'm happy to pay, I'm just not anywhere near the car when the garage is open!
  3. Just over a month later and there has been a bit more progress! The Clio has been back on the road for a fortnight now. I won't say it's a hundred percent, there are still the occasional indicator flashes when I close the window, but ULEZ is going to kill it soon anyway! The Stepway continues to rack up the miles and is still doing well. One weird thing happened a couple of weeks ago, when the reverse camera (on a Dacia!) didn't come on. The screen told me that the camera was broken or disconnected and it just stayed on a black screen. I couldn't change the radio station or use sat nav. Got rather concerned as I had a big trip coming up, but was on my way to a concert, so just had to park and hope for the best. When I returned a few hours later, it all worked perfectly! Hopefully just a strange one off. Still no progress with the 2cv. Life just seems really hectic lately. Maybe if we made some actual plans it would help! But, life is good. Off to the "father in law's" birthday party on Saturday, guess that means that we are fully public now!
  4. Not much has happened recently, but Dave has finally come to sort the Clio out! (Only 4 months late!) Dad saw him, as I was at work, and apparently the light switch that I bought is wrong. Sadly I can't really do much about that now, as I've had it for months. At least it was cheap. The weird thing is, I've had one text from Dave saying that he'll get the right part for me, but Dad seems to think that I know all about what is happening, when he probably talked to Dave the entire time that he was there. (Like the time that he did a really bad impression of my then 2cv mechanic. To him.) The battery was flat, as I expected, but after a long charge, it eventually started and I drove it today, for the first time this year! It drove absolutely fine. No constantly flashing indicator! Also no plastics on the steering column, as they are all on the passenger seat, but it's progress of sorts. The Stepway remains in regular use. Dave wants to do the cambelt which was due last month, but I've said that I'm not having two (technically 4) vehicles off the road, so the Clio needs to be fixed before I'll consider it. The 2cv remains in it's garage, waiting for me to sort the shock absorbers. I've made a degree of progress, but just seem to be really busy all the time. Started and ran absolutely fine a few weeks ago. On the personal front, we've gone public! I think that virtually everyone already knew that we were together, but we aren't pretending otherwise any more. It's nice and everyone has been really supportive, but I think that we really needed the chance to get ourselves established before we started getting any interrogation. We've booked a holiday together! I'm really happy. If it means that the cars have to take a back seat for a while, then I'm afraid that's just the way it is.
  5. I'm surprised that we've not really heard much about what happened with Freddie. It would seem that it must have been pretty bad, and I hope that he is healing well. I was a big fan of Top Gear for many years, back into the early 90's. It got a lot more entertaining during the Clarkson era. something that I'd make the effort to watch (often several times) rather than the rather dull show that came before. If I, as a proper petrolhead found it dull, there wasn't really much hope of drawing in "normal" people. The Clarkson era was not as informative or useful, but it was fun escapism. I was gutted when it got cancelled, (although obviously I understood the reason!) but I gradually accepted the new looks as they came. I like Chris Harris, he knows his stuff and he helped to give a bit for the car fans as well as the general entertainment. I understood that Freddie was the daredevil and could be quite entertaining. I didn't really take to Paddy, but to be fair his Eddie Kidd tribute seemed really genuine even if he was quite irritating at other times. I can't say that I'm gutted to see it being put "on pause" this time. I've watched virtually every recent show, but it's just not felt as special. Something that I'd probably watch if I was in, not something that I'd rush home to watch. It did get a lot better, but teams take time to gel and if it does come back (without Freddie?) then would they have to start the process again? But who should present it? I've heard Clarkson rule himself out, but I don't think that he was ever in the frame anyway. I liked him back in the day, but things have moved on. I've heard (possibly wrongly) that Freddie won't come back. I'd keep Chris, but I'd like a team that actually knows about cars. Yes, entertaining and maybe silly too sometimes, but knowledgible too.
  6. Thanks for this. I think that I had got myself a bit confused and worried when I didn't really need to. I still think that it is really over the top as it will go a long way further out than is necessary, but at least it's not quite so urgent now. I'm not against the idea as such, I try to be responsible and recycle wherever possible. I'm not wasteful. I bought cars that were sold as being environmentally friendly (both very low emissions and only £20 or £30 tax, despite being diesels. Even the 2cv is pretty economical and not on leaded fuel anymore). I just think this is a very big step towards road charging and pushing poorer people off the roads. Apart from that, it's going to take all the character off the road, 90% of cars will be bland, identical SUVs once the older cars have been priced out.
  7. Still no progress with the fleet, so I'm using the Stepway more than usual. I'm determined to sort at least two of the vehicles out next month - I'm away this weekend and only actually in on Monday night next week, so there is no point planning anything next week. I'd really like to know what is happening with the ULEZ, as the Clio is due a cambelt and service, but if I have to sell it by August, is there really any point? It is not really going to affect the value and I'd have to be really unlucky for it to go in the couple of thousand miles that I'll do in that time. Similarly, the Stepway is also due a cambelt and service (nice expensive year!) but is a 5 year old diesel, so IF the 6 year thing is rolling, I may need to get rid of that next year. I understand that pollution is a problem. I understand that the Clio is old and not as clean as modern cars, but it easily passes the emissions every year and it only really does quite a low mileage as she doesn't like it. I just don't see the sense in selling it for a very low price, which will probably result in somebody running it into the ground and it being scrapped before long, when with a little maintenance it will probably be good for quite a few more years. But I can't justify £13 (or whatever) each day just to commute. It makes some sense between the north and south circulars, but the new area is absolutely vast and includes much quieter and even country roads. It is surely going to mean large numbers of perfectly good cars being scrapped just because they are old. But, in two years time, I'll be able to bring the 2cv in! How does that make sense. On top of that, how am I supposed to afford a new car? No point buying another "old" car if I'm still going to have to pay ULEZ. On the personal thing. She messaged me one evening "Chris, you lied to me!" Oh crap, I thought. What have I done now? "I'm sure that I haven't" I replied. I've been really careful to always be honest with her. "Yes, you did. In the car yesterday". I wracked my brain, trying to think what I could possibly have said to upset her. Silence for a while. "You said that my singing was nice. I've just recorded myself and it's the worst noise that I have ever heard!" It was all a wind up! (Her voice is fine) It's nice that we can have silliness like this, but not good for my nerves!
  8. Just a minor update. I was thinking this morning. "The MOT on the Stepway is due in mid March, I'd better check when exactly". Quick check with the DVLA. Due on 14th February! "Oh crap!". It's filthy and full of junk. But, I do work for a garage! Quick chat with the workshop controller, and the 3 week waiting list was swerved. Passed, but brakes and tyres will need attention soon. Otherwise, not much happening. My friend Dave is supposedly sorting the Clio but always seems to be too busy, and has left it in bits for about a month now. The 2cv remains in it's garage, but I got in touch with an old friend last week (not Dave!) who is going to come and sort the shocks out. Just need to tie up when we can both be there at the same time. In my personal life, things are pretty good. She took me to meet her sister and family on Sunday, and keeps not very subtly mentioning marriage! I don't think that we are anywhere near that yet, (definitely not ruling it out though!) but it's nice that things seem to be more long term now. She wants us to have a summer holiday together etc. Don't get me wrong, I want it too, she is an incredible woman, I'm just wary of things going wrong again. I mean, it's Valentines. She isn't interested in all that, but we are both at a loose end, in our own homes tonight. I don't know. Time will tell.
  9. Working in a garage, I can confirm that we get a LOT of cars that come in for MOT with bald tyres and other dangerous faults. Often they'll say "but it was serviced last year", which turns out to be that it was MOTd last year and has never been serviced. I know that nobody has much money, but I don't understand taking these gambles, we see cars that need thousands spent to repair things that could have easily been prevented by servicing. I know all of the "main stealers" rants. If you don't want to pay our prices, go somewhere else! Some back street garages are brilliant, but some aren't. I'll even recommend some if the boss isn't around! On the other hand. My 2cv does a very low mileage, even less now that I'm busy with my friend most weekends. It's a load of aggro to know in advance when I can get down to the garage (it lives with my parents, 70 miles away) and get it booked in on a Saturday which is normally booked weeks in advance. But, last year they found that the shocks were knackered. Another year they found rather horrific rot. If it was down to me, I would have seen that there was no obvious rot (it was rather buried), everything worked (or seemed to) and it had only done a few hundred miles, so I could have put myself and others at risk. Some on here could undoubtedly safely manage to maintain their cars, probably better than standard, but I think that for the rest of us it is a dangerous risk to think that everyone will do so.
  10. Finally had a chance to get down to see the 2cv. Started almost immediately, after 4 months or more (life happened!) so I ran it up and down the garden a few times. Can't take it out on the road as the MOT ran out in November, and it needs 3 new shocks. I've got a new set (of 4, I'm not going to only change 3!) and ran it up on the ramps to have a quick look, but it looks a bit hard for me. Too much risk of it getting too big a job for me and then leaving the car off the road for another few months before I can get help to finish the job. Will try and ring the garage in the next week or 2, when I've seen when I can next get down here. As an added bonus, there appears to be a petrol leak from the back somewhere! An old mate is coming to look at the Clio indicator on Tuesday. I'm hoping that it's the switch. He thinks it's the UCH, which is unlikely to be good. Otherwise, much as was. The moped is still dead and covered in crap, and the Stepway is in regular use, serving me well. The other situation is a bit more troubling. We saw a lot of each other over the last few weeks, and now she feels that she needs some time to "see if I miss you". "A week or two, maybe more". Which isn't great to be honest. But, she's still talking on messenger regularly, featured me in her Instagram highlights of the year, and seemed annoyed that I'm busy tomorrow, so who knows? Hopefully just a little bit of virtual time rather than face to face. Oh, and the second new year running where I've felt like crap. I feel similar to when I had covid, but don't have tests anymore so just getting on with it! Edited slightly due to poor wording.
  11. Yes, and loving it! It's where I met her! It was obviously very strange times over the various lockdowns and we didn't meet face to face for 18 months, which was really tough. This year, we've done loads of concerts, including a festival! It's just like a big family really. Some people obviously have better voices than others, but we all work together and have a lot of fun. It's not for everyone, but joining was one of the best decisions that I've ever made.
  12. Yes. She doesn't want any part of the old cars, but doesn't try and stop me. She just prefers to go out in my newest car.The same as I am happy for her to have her interests and don't criticise them. It's a bit of give and take. The fact that we met at a shared interest gives us a big hobby in common too. That's got to help?
  13. She is not a fan of old cars and has made it clear that she has no desire to ever go in the 2cv, but we are having a lot of fun and adventures together. It's just been incredible that after being single for a looooooooooooooooooong time, there is someone that I really care about. It is even more incredible that she seems to really care about me too. We did have a pretty horrific break up some months ago, but it seems to have made things much stronger. I've been to her parents house a couple of times, even met her grandparents, so I'm doing alright! Who knows what the future will bring, but for now we are doing well. If that means that the 2cv gets used even less than usual for a while, then it will just have to be the case.
  14. Strange times for my fleet. No change with the moped. It’s still sitting, broken in the garage. I barely go in there, and then remember that it’s still there. “I must do something with that”. The 2cv is fine as far as I know, but it lives with my parents and I just haven’t had time to get down there for a few months. In truly bizarre news, I’ve got a girlfriend now, and we are spending most weekends together, so travelling down to change the shock absorbers has just kept slipping out of reach. Soon. Probably. The Stepway is doing fine. Being used more regularly lately, as she doesn’t like the Clio. It’s still “an old man’s car”, but she seems to prefer it. Only recent problem was a headlight bulb. I noticed that it was out on the way to work. Not a problem, I work for a garage! So, I looked up the bulb while I was at work. It’s an H4. We don’t sell them. Never mind, I’ve got some in that pile that I “acquired” when I was made redundant. So I get home. Can’t park anywhere near, so I block next door. Who obviously needs to go out then. Obviously, it's dark and minus 2 degrees while I'm doing this Nip up to find my stash. It’s under the spare bed. Pull everything out. It’s not under the spare bed. Put it all back. Look around. It’s on the table behind me! Take it out to the car. Take the old one out. It’s an H7. Back upstairs with the H4 to find an H7. Back down again with the H7. Fit that. Surprisingly easy. Test it. Nothing. Check contacts. Nothing. Check switch. I’ve changed the wrong sodding bulb! Change the correct bulb, which is obviously in a much tighter, sharper space. Test. All good. Woo and indeed hoo! The Clio is the most concerning. It’s had an intermittent fault with the indicator since August, where the right indicator will randomly come on and not stop. I’ve cleaned all the contacts, tried a spare rear light that I had in my stash, checked all the bulbs. Nothing. It will be fine for weeks, but then randomly do it again for a day or so before stopping again. I’ve bought a new switch, but the instructions said about “disconnect the airbag”, which panicked me a bit, so I haven’t done that yet. Still commuting in it, except during the current snow. Went straight through it’s MOT though! It wasn’t flashing then! I have asked several mechanics to look at it. Nobody has. More concerning is the coming ULEZ. It won’t comply and I can’t justify that sort of money every day. I could give it to my brother, who lives outside the zone, or it could live with my parents – although they are not keen on that idea! – but I’ve had it for 20 years. I don’t want to get rid of it, but I don’t really have much choice. It’s worth very little, but it’s been a great little car. I’ll be sorry to lose it.
  15. We sold them for a while! They had the rather crude Steed pick up, but we were promised a complete new range of vehicles "soon". Soon kept drifting away into the future, and while we did sell quite a few steeds, they were not very inspiring. But their owners seemed to love them. I thought that it was like a cheap L200, but then found that they weren't actually much cheaper! It wasn't that they were bad, they just weren't anything special. Eventually, with no sign of the new models arriving, as I understand it, updates were planned for the steed, so their availability seemed to plummet. We could sell them, but we couldn't get them! Customers didn't want to wait an unknown period for their cars. Eventually, we gave up and went over to Mitsubishi. Oh!
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