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  1. I think JDO is around £100. @Mattywill know,
  2. If it drives well and isn't over revving at high speed I'd leave the diff. JDO Instruments should be able to correct the speedo.
  3. Looks a cut above the cars you often show us. Might even be able to poke it with a screwdriver.
  4. That's further than 500 miles. I walked 2 blocks once, then went back for the car.
  5. Further to my recent grump about my missed* Audiology appointment. I have received an apology by email, a new appointment date by email, and the promise of a follow up letter. My faith in Audiology dept is fully restored.
  6. Someone linked a cheap replacement iirc in Billy's ad. I've changed one on a 75. Can't be much more fiddly.
  7. Be interested on the alternator swap. Some say it's fairly easy. I'd have had a go.
  8. I once came upon a couple of kids peering into my dads CF Camper Van. It was brand new and posh for it's time. I knew them slightly, and their dad well, so I let them have a sit inside. 3 months later it was broken into and the Radio and a distinctive clock stolen. A while after that their dad gave me a lift. Strangely he had an identical clock in his very old Mini. I said nothing, but had to bite my tongue.
  9. Most sensible people from Norway were in Spain with me last week. I'd love a drive in the car though.
  10. The actual Audiologists that you are involved with are the finest people I've ever dealt with in the NHS. Waiting time is usually 10 mins, you used to drop in, its phone booking now since Covid, but still easy. They listen to you, and fix your problem, but only have a limited time of 10? mins per person. They tell you when you are due for review and often book you there and then. In this case there was a long waiting list. I know the way round the system, book an appointment with a broken tube, see a real person, explain, and 99% they will just rebook me. I don't need a GP referral. I'm on their register, with 2 hearing aids. I can get to see someone in Audiology if I have a problem any time I like. It's a standard failed to show up letter. Worst comes to worst, I may have to mention vulnerable. It did hint that was a possible get out.
  11. I like your thinking. On the tunnel, mark the required position for the bolt hole(s) one each belt. Transfer this position roughly to underneath, where presumably the propshaft runs. Make sure there are no brake pipes or wires in the locality. Drill a small pilot hole and check. Don't know what size your bracket threads are but presume M10 fine? I'd drill a hole same size as the bolt, hold the plate with the nut under where the prop is, bolt through the belt, and tighten things up. You will need Octopus arms though. In my eyes that's good enough but I may add a bigger spreader plate to be sure. I don't see it needs welding for safety, but if it needs inspecting then possibly. Now the dot, I'd consider drawing the 'square' directly over the dot, and right up to the edge. On the top side. I'd make a plate 30mm? wide, length equal to the depth of the slot inside the box section top to bottom. thickness. 12 mm. I'd leave it long for a start. Make the square so the 30xdepthx 12mm plate just drops through, no gaps. Pilot the dot, drop the plate in, spot the plate through the hole. Drill and tap the plate to suit seat belt bolt thread. Open the spot to bolt size. Drop the plate in, fit the seat belt bolt, trim the top of the plate level. It's then easy to weld round the top of the thick plate. If you bias into the thick stuff it will blend into the thin stuff and being on a top surface is easy to blend in anyway. Then remove bolt and fit belt. If you drill a hole under the spot, you can spot weld the bottom of the plate too. It's long winded writing and probably difficult to understand me but in my mind it's easily possible to achieve a solid mount.
  12. Warning, long rant. I've been pretty deaf. since childhood, but worse now because very old. I've been waiting for an assessment for months, as they realise I'm worse. Got back from Spain Wed aft. Letter today, you missed an appointment at Audiology Wed morn. We have informed your GP, and you will not get a replacement appointment without another referral from them. I received a phone call last Thurs. I know because it's a BT turn it up for deaf phone, with a light and a buzzer, but I rarely hear a spoken word on it. Anything through a speaker is alien to my head. It's a nice lady. but I'm catching 1 word in 5 no matter how slow she goes. Sorry love, can't hear you, if it's important please txt me on 1234567. It's now just dawned on me that Audiology ring people up to fill up cancelled appointments, and likely for no shows. IT WAS THEM, I'll put money on it. I've had it out with them in the past. How can a deaf person use a 'kin Phone? Sorry sir Audiology don't send txts. Why though? Sorry sir haven't a clue. So they sent me a letter instead of a txt, and barred me. So sent nice email. Regarding your letter re my non attendance. Have not received any notification from you regarding an appointment. In any event I was in Spain 10 days before and returned after the appointment time you say you notified me of. I have not missed an appointment with you in 67 years. Would be grateful if you reconsider and grant me a new appointment in the circumstances as it was around 60 years ago that my GP first referred me.
  13. Whats the distance, 100 miles? Drive it there, train or whatever back. Stinkwheel welds it, then MOT's it, Drive it home again. Best to repair before MOT for a cheaper job IMO. I'll throw £50 extra in @Stinkwheel's pot if it comes off.
  14. I'd be doing this. I see more work than is described here though I've stripped a few, they are simple things but the more you look the more you find. I once had one with so many patches I'd have covered the whole underside in one sheet had I done it.
  15. Is that the one that had the full restoration, or have I got my wires crossed here? EDIT scrub that, Different one to my thinking.
  16. Bottom of the B post you should be able to bolt through and plate under if the floor is substantial enough. If its not, you have more to worry about than welding a seat belt bracket. Gearbox tunnels tend to be solid and the pull on a belt is sideways to the metal surface. Hit it with an hammer and if it's still in one piece a plate inside the tunnel should be sufficient. Welded or not. I've raced a few bangers like that, and had similar fibreglass kit cars if it comes to it,
  17. I may place that under the floor,probably with a larger plate in between, best if in a corner, and just bolt the belt to it. Provided the floor is in decent condition, it's not going to pull through. (I hope)!
  18. Depending where the seat belts need to be fastened it may be possible to just fit a plate under the mounting and bolt it. Some early seat belts were secured to the floor behind the seat, and just looped over the seat back. It's not the way to go, but is better than on show bodged welding.
  19. Didn't someone on here have one maybe for sale a while ago?
  20. Next time it may be quicker to ring me. Not when I'm in Spain like now mind.
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