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  1. My renewal with the AA insurance is due from 1/1/24. I have 14 years NCB. I am 77 though. OL15 9ED Rover 75 Tourer. Last year paid £377.51. Renewal quote is, sit down please. £1,010.25. @JJ0063 Can you help at all? I have a month yet so have not tried the Meercat at the moment.
  2. The SGS 3 ton low profile is an excellent tool. Very safe and can drag cars sideways with it. But it needs to be used on a flat solid floor and is almost impossible to carry for long distances.
  3. https://www.sgs-engineering.com/catalog/product/view/id/2112/s/tjl2-2-tonne-low-profile-trolley-jack/?gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiAsIGrBhAAEiwAEzMlC2yJESJ7E6I2ynZHBnaWzl81nAl_zb9xBWjAa-UwtyZhMwYxoJE4BxoCzb4QAvD_BwE Black Friday innit. plus £7 delivery Only problem is you can't drag the car with a loose handle.
  4. These jacks are good, but horrendously heavy . The SGS one is £151 at the moment but without the stands. A 2 ton SGS low profile is our favourite. Easier to carry and store.
  5. Eddy, I've been in your position. My late wife had a Motability car, I was main driver. We chose one that suited both our needs. She needed to carry a mobility scooter in the back, I needed to tow. Grand Scenic's, Grand Piccasso's, Alhambra. I also dabbled with my own cars as you do. Rickman Ranger, MGB x 2, Rover 75 x 2. Sometimes I didn't have one of my own. When the time comes to let Handsome go, I'd advise just running your wife's for a while. I'd never consider having 2 Motability cars. They are a godsend, but that is absolutely throwing money you haven't got down the drain. Save the cash for a while, then dabble at the smaller, hopefully cheaper end if you must.
  6. No need to apologise. Although it was a little out of character for you, it was funny. I've followed all your postings, and everything you do has added value. Intentionally or not. I've had many convertibles, but learn't with the Dutton that cutting a hole in a sound roof does not always end well. I believe you can do whatever you like to a car. I've spent much of my life crashing them.
  7. I cut a hole in my Brand new* Dutton Sierra. Thought about it long and hard first. It was fine but leaked after 6 months. In your case I reckon a non factory roof modification would lower the value dramatically.
  8. I don't care about colour. I did want an auto, but I have to take what comes at the right price. I very much fear clutch failure, but had my last one for 3 years without problems.
  9. I see, and understand perfectly. I've built a few* kitcars and things. Check out 'Mally's Stock Cars, Bikes, Life..... on here, when you have a few hours spare. Sorry don't know how to link it, but Google will find it. Yours is a very nice, clean example.
  10. Whats the Stilsons doing on the tow ball?
  11. Yes, cancelled Saturday meeting, ran Sunday afternoon instead. As said 3rd in w/y. Won trophy and a tyre. bust the rad, so gave the owner the tyre and he produced a new rad. Came around half way in another race and 2 non finishes. was going hard for 3rd place in last event and spun. Says they are hard work, steering very heavy. Was trying to pass the guy who owned it when he spun.
  12. He is aware of the system, and probably capable of doing it, but it's often hard to keep the right direction. Yellow grade may help.
  13. All quiet now. Grass season over for us. I came back early from holiday for the funeral. Black car is sold. We now have one Special and one Yaris ready to race, just seat needs adjustment. and stickers, or maybe a re panel. Another Yaris is half way built. Ste won a f/b raffle to race a Saloon Stock Car a while ago. This will take place at King Lynn this Saturday. They are very fast, crash a lot, go the 'wrong' way round for him. Never been in one. WCPGW. Oh, and I've got Covid, but should be fine* by then.
  14. There is it seems a possibility that he was dead before he fell. Surveying a loft in a posh place and landed in a swimming pool below, lifeguard dragged him out. Time and Police/Coroner will establish the facts.
  15. Serious one this. I've just had a phone call to say that my Nieces's husband, Brian has been killed at work today. Fell through a floor. He was a plumber by trade. But in general building last I heard. Used to help me often. Has 2 sons, both Married. We often looked after my niece in her younger years. Genuine good bloke.
  16. By which time the 2K may be off the table.
  17. I had a car I loved. Toyota Celica 1972 ish. Got massively front ended, not my fault but went 50/50. I still remember it from 40 years ago. But it taught me that at the end of the day, it's just metal. I'd take the cash.
  18. I always used ep 80/90. Good enough for Pintos
  19. Was unaware of this place. Thought I'd drop in on my way to Blackpool sometime. But at £10 each and no Seddons I'll probably give it a miss.
  20. I have 2 pairs of coil spring compressors. Because I always use 3 compressors on any spring. I showed my son how to use them on the Yaris a couple of weeks ago. Put them in the van afterwards! My 75 failed the MOT today, broken front spring and a drop link. Where are the spring compressors? Err.
  21. Mally

    Bloody astra J

    Be aware that if you do and it breaks down again the RAC will wash their hands of you. @warren t claimhas a truck though😀
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