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  1. It's my left arm and I'm right handed so lucky in that respect I can raise it too which they said wouldn't happen. Couldn't drive for a while, thought I'd need an auto but I've overcome it. Can climb in and out of the pit now. Still have the elastic on my house doors but never use it. Stick some photos up of your other doings after the MOT. There are quite a few on here with smallholdings. Spartacus, RIP, would often show us cars, streams, hens, tractors, rock climbing.
  2. You have my sympathy. It hurts a bit* Completely tore mine, It's much better now than they expected.
  3. I'm deaf, but it didn't matter.
  4. Whilst he spaffed 15K on something worth maybe 5K, and shit happens at times. I fail to see the connection to losing his home. I feel he may have poorly organised other things in his life along the way.
  5. I've got a Bungalow, same tiles as you. Had a slight leak, felt was split in the loft. Cost me 6K for a new roof.
  6. It's all solid until you fall through. I used to know a roofer. Can you get in the loft to check underneath first?
  7. I'd say the timber batterns that the tiles hook onto are broken. Possibly the rest are suspect. Be careful, you need a roof ladder. Although you may be able to reach those without climbing on.
  8. They said that to me when I had 2 MGB's. But my son was a named driver on both. So I figured as long as we didn't hit each other it would be fine.
  9. @chaseracer will fill you in better than I, but when reporting and asking for it to be put in the accident book keep copies of everything. Time, date, name reported too. They forgot* to put my late wife's accident in the book. Tribunal sorted it, but you need all the details to back you up.
  10. I gave £900 for mine. Same colour ish. Hope the MOT goes well. Guess drop links and maybe back of sills. Sometimes they sail through.
  11. If you don't want to stop the roffle just sell me the remaining tickets Dave, but I'll pay the asking if its OK.

  12. You will get a week in Sunny Beach for 1 tooths worth. Work out at a free holiday including spends,
  13. Can get diluted over the years, but If someons digs in you are in the wrong and can end up with costs against you. Or so my mate was informed. He was also informed there was nothing mentioned about boats. His brothers boat remained on his drive for many years. Long after his caravan was sold.
  14. I knew someone like that. His brother had a boat on a trailer, so they swapped use of drives.
  15. I'm sure that should read "without god". Sign writer with my sense of humour.
  16. I do, but I'm up to my eyes in our stuff and season starts in March. I get my steel from Rob Mitchell at TMR. He could do it and will have insurance to back up his construction, but is some distance, and could be busy. I'll pm you his number. Pieman will suggest similar, maybe closer people, but timescale could be your problem.
  17. I've been avoiding reading this for a while. I've had four similar events, nursed 3 at home for long periods. The last was my wife, 5 years ago. Just keep on keeping on. It fades, but never leaves you. Xmas is the worst time.
  18. Have paid a deposit and should collect over Xmas. Thanks again to @DVee8 for the heads up.
  19. Many thanks, looks perfect, I need Vin number beginning with VNK, because french are faster. Have messaged, but I'm in Spain until 24th so may lose it.
  20. Thanks for that, seems a decent buy. Especially with the MOT. A little overpriced for me at the moment, we have a build on the go, and I'm in Benidorm on Friday, Unlikely, but if it's still there after Xmas I may well buy it. The Cats tend to bring decent money.
  21. AA dropped from £1100 to £980, Very nice Scotch lady who admitted she would go elsewhere. I've told them to cancel recurring direct debit , do I need to call in my Bank to cancel as well? I have quotes of £510 from Carole Nash and Swinton. Also £516 Marmalade. Carole Nash used to be good for bikes, but seems service is poor theses days. Likely I'll go with Swinton.
  22. Just an update, JJ and very many others are around 1K. Perhaps I'm too old. Meercat et al, gave a few quotes between £550 and £650. I'll ring the AA tomorrow but there's no way they will match that. Might be a Disabled scooter for me next year, without a car to carry it in.
  23. As mentioned in the insurance topic, my insurance with 14 years NCB has risen from £371 to £1,010. HFM!
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