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  1. That's me day after tomorrow. It'll be fine.
  2. Thanks for caring. More alive than ever. Been busy getting to know the young lady. It's a strange, but very nice, experience. Off to Lincoln, Brayford Pool overnight today. Too many cars now. No room to function. May have to sell one. Forgot to mention, my other twin grandchildren have also been winning trophies in their car.
  3. Holiday went well, another holiday soon, Racing has been uneventfull. Hannah still wins, Stephen rarely. Amelia does her own thing at her own speed. Started to build a third Yaris. However. This turned up. F600 Autograss Special. Bike engine, 600 Suzuki iirc. Plan is for Hannah and Stephen to share it eventually, Should be able to buy a twin car trailer and tow Yaris and Special whilst still under the weight limits. Had a practise today. Accelerator cable broke (Tandem bike cable). we had a spare, but at home in the garage! Pedals need moving for comfort and maybe need thicker cable on accelerator. Future updates may come along soon.
  4. I used a Minor for a couple of years. You need something with a ready parts supply. Rover 75 at the moment. Not quite a Classic, but much more refined. Cheap enough to throw away if you buy the right one.
  5. Mally

    yaris verso

    Put the number on here. Someone will know.
  6. Mally

    yaris verso

    He didn't say it was a Yaris. When you can understand hairnet speech, understanding Shadow speech becomes easy.
  7. Many will say fix it. I am not one of those. Fix it if you love it. Otherwise flog it on here for scrap value and cut your losses.
  8. Mally


    This was mine. 2.0 Pinto . It had a Granada servo. One day the battery was flat and I pushed it to the top of a steep hill. It didn't start and the brakes were useless. At the last minute it fired and stopped just short of a major road. Early ones used bolt threads as door hinges, Later ones a steel bush. If you didn't oil them the door opened leaving the aluminium hinge panel detached from the frame. I'd have another
  9. No, that was Ginetta GRS. Well put together but they didn't sell many. Wrong doner imo. I had an NCF diamond, Mk 4 Cortina based. Loved it, but lost a lot of money when selling it on.
  10. Can possibly collect now, say 6 pm ish tonlght (sat) if you get back quick and are in.

    Cheers Pete

    1. UltraWomble


      Can do if you like - Im taking the missus out about 7pm (one of her mates birthday party) but there is no huge rush

      Im at number 27

      If Im not in then my son will be and its in the big shed (he might have to pull his car forward tell him)

  11. As mentioned elsewhere I have a newish girlfriend. I visit Tiffany's at Blackpool often as a single. Lazy Sunday. Its £35 bed, breakfast and 5 course evening meal. I booked 2 sea view separate small rooms a while ago. We get to reception together, they know me. Ah! Mr Mallinson., and the ladies name? My mind goes blank. err XXXXX , whats your surname? Cue blushing and laughter all round. She has a small room. Mine is very large, Double fronted sea view with a double bed. I've booked a single. Checking out I thank the receptionist for my room. No problem, thought you might like it.
  12. As title says 'Life,' and I reported my wife's death 3-1/2 years ago. It's only right to mention that I have somehow managed to find a new lovely lady. It's very new, but we are off to Sunny Beach quite soon on holiday.
  13. Small update. Amelia continues to make slow progress. Is going Etihad Stadium Car Park this weekend for under age driving tuition in a driving school car. We figure it may give her more confidence. Hannah won the final last Sunday. Ian's wife Julie had her first go last weekend and did really well. We are starting to build a new car. Photos will appears as it goes along. .The black Yaris has seen better days, but still goes well. There is now an empty Yaris space in my garden
  14. I have the problem with perfume. Bleach and other things too. Those plugs with perfume in are very bad. Breathing like yours and upset stomach and $hits for days sometimes
  15. Here I am. This is very unlike me, but it's a bit* close to the edge.
  16. I would actually buy and run that pretty much as it is. Circumstances at the moment won't let me.
  17. I broke down in my MGB before I knew about the rotor arm thingy. A very old garage Land Rover stopped. One with the breakdown winch on the back. Produced a new rotor arm from his dash and fitted it FOC.
  18. He's had that before on the MGB. I had it on Mrs Spart's which had a Distributer Doctor stamp on it, but still went bad.
  19. The insurance claim means nothing if you keep it. But moving it on for anywhere near that price will be difficult. MOT's a bit short too. It's £1,500 tops to me. Less with the short MOT. But the clutch, like mine or any other could go tomorrow. My last one had over 150,000. Latest one has under 100,000. There's a noticeable difference in driving and underside condition. It's true mainly Old Codgers buy them, but If you get the right one it's worth an extra £500.
  20. I'm in Bulgaria soon. Like you, I don't need one!
  21. I can see this being a chain the axle up at one side stick the one wheel on so it looks good, but clear of the road and carry on regardless for a while.
  22. Clutch squeal. I'm not sure if these have a needle roller bearing or oilite/bronze bush in the end of the crank for the gearbox spigot, but I once had a Vauxhall that needed a slight dab of grease on the end of the gearbox shaft because the bush was dry.
  23. Plain basic van or Autosleeper. I'll give it you, It counts. But there's no comparison.
  24. I've definitely failed on the last one.
  25. Everyone has an MG, I had 2 once. I'd have swapped them both for a Spitfire. Mind you I've wrecked a few Spitfire bits. See if you can zoom in on the flying wishbones. Used to have Spitfire independent rear as well, but the wheels tucked under, so Ford axle took over.
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