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One (shite) picture per post.


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35 minutes ago, Remspoor said:

Beige van and beige housing. I have seen so many of this type of housing in France. I cannot imagine living in one.

me too, and the shutters are always closed, just like in this pic!

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23 hours ago, egg said:



Is the driver real or not? (Answers on a postcard to the usual address please).

That is the Biscuter 100 built by Autonacional of Barcelona in the early '50's to provide transport in the face of embargoes and material shortages. Originally a French design by Gabriel Voisin for Avions Voisin and called the Biscooter (Biscuter is spelt in such a way as to be pronounced Biscooter in Spanish). They were nicknamed 'Zapatilla', or 'Little Clog'.


Only the right front wheel was powered by a single cylinder 197cc, 9hp two stroke engine - these statistics suggest it could be a Villiers design -the cylinder barrel, downpipe and dynamo all have the look of a Villiers . It had an oil jacketed cylinder head to keep it cool - which doesn't suggest it's a Villiers as this sounds too much like a good idea.

They also made an estate car/van (if no rear windows) -


The 200-C Commercial.

And a 'sports' car -


The 200-F Pegasin.

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12 hours ago, Tadhg Tiogar said:

If that's in Melbourne's CBD, then I'm fairly certain I was at this intersection at the end of 2002....


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