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Operation Paperclip SR-76 Capri


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I haven't decided 100% on the engine. The easy choice to replace the original Komet Walter HWK 109-509A-2 liquid fuel motor ( :roll: ) would be a Chevy 350. I may do that, as I happen to have a nice one with 4 twin down-draft Webers. And the sprint cars are usually set up for Chevs.

im green with envy - will you pilot it yourself?



p.s. - not everyone likes it :roll:


quote author=el duce

Put some effort in,.. or don't bother. /quote

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Norm, you need N-stoff...can't beat it for a good hypergolic effusion ;)

I think, compared to the metro, the capri looks better due to it's extra length. I'd be tempted to fit a single front wheel where the engine should be, and a wide arch kit covering a narrowed axle at the back, stick the largest v8 you can find behind the driver and go play.


btw, doesnt "volkswaffe" mean people's weapon?

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