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Perpetual Motion - 1990s TV Show


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Thanks for the feedback, I did find a few on You Tube, including some I had forgotten about.

I've got the feeling the first series was repeated in the big gap between series, I can remember my Dad recording the one on the Routemaster & watching it a few times.

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13 hours ago, Richard_FM said:

Does anyone remember this programme which featured some oldie-but goodies from the Transport world?

The were shown on BBC2 & not repeated, the ones I remember were:

Morris Minor

Ford Transit

Carbodies FX4

AEC Routemaster

Avro Shackleton


you can find the Routemaster Transit and FX4 ones on youtube, or at least you could in the past


I used to watch the Routemaster one quite regularly when I was young :) and have also seen the FX4 and Transit ones also



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