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Banbury Station: ACHIEVED

I've got 1hr 20min to kill before my train. I may hop on an earlier one even though OMG STATED JOURNEY ONLY. 

Banbury is a pleasingly retro station even though they've tried to jazz it up, it still feels very British Rail. 

I did wonder if these guys were trainspotters but they skidaddled when the delayed Reading train was announced. 

I suppose we're all trainspotters of a sort, it's just that I want to spot the 11.39 to Marylebone. I think it'll be a Chiltern flavour one. 



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Cruised across London using subterrainian homesick tubes.

I preferred the Bakerloo -> Oxford st -> Liverpool Street route. I find the Circle & District disturbing and I've not had much success on it. 

I may try jumping on an earlier train East but I don't feel as lucky this time round. 

Lunch at this charming boutique restaurant inspired by watching the Adam Curtis Russia documentary. In part 2 it mentioned the opening of Russia's first McDonald's in Moscow and I was salivating just watching it. 



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Ooh, Liverpool Street customer lounge. Surprisingly it doesn't exclude plebs who haven't bought a first class ticket. 

I used to frequent this station twenty five years ago when I lived in Billericay and had mates in London. I used to get The Fear getting trains then for some reason. All smoothed over with Fluoxetine these days. 

It's nice to get out of the wind, it's properly blowing a hoolie out there. Once again I am grateful for not having an Outside Job. 

I'm a bit sad about the onset of autumn. Like Cnut (yes I said Cnut) I want to hold back the changing of the seasons but the inevitable celestial mechanics prevent this. Like many of you I have a touch of SAD and mourn for summer, even though July and August were totally shit. 

I haven't been to that there London for a while. It seems quieter somehow. Maybe more people are WFH these days. That said, I am travelling off-peak. I've not gambled on the Greater Anglia train guard not doing his 'revenue protection' duties, instead I'll take the scheduled 14:00. 



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