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don't like scrappage? don't look (or moan)


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I don't, I think it's good to document what's being wasted and for what it's worth I appreciate Fiatdafts efforts to put the photos up. I think everyone on Autoshite is singing from the same hymn sheet and is genuinely upset about the rare stuff being scrapped. The photos that are on this thread are valuable, shame our culture as being incredibly wasteful but I shan't miss a Saxo of late Golf for a few years yet.I was talking to a mate from Trinidad today who's trying to save a Series 3 XJ and he has been told time and time again to scrap a car that he is convinced can be saved, it would be a no brainer in Trinidad, nothing is wasted.In conclusion as a society we are fucked.

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Yep, it's not the pics, some are genuinly sad to see - like the hunter. And it's great that some people are willing to go out on a limb to save what they can. All I'm against is all the inane arguements that occur. Scrappage was a bad idea, created by a government in a misguided attempt to boost an economy, which sadly has backfired by sending the majority of the government and our investment overseas. And wasting the valuble resourses of the planet, which we can afford less than the wasted finance.

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