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Corsa combo..... With a difference!!


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Mate in work has just bought this:

Nice little combo van, nothing special with the 1.7 derv donk. 20221112_103659.thumb.jpg.6c826335aa0f64beb65ef0bb8cbb4632.jpg




Never knew such a thing existed. 

That's all I know apart from he said it was twice as pricey as a manual. 

He only passed an auto test. 



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Ooh a Silver Combo. Like the Calibra 15's, should be a good wee van. Give a few years of reliable serv.... 

Wait a minute..? 

Easytronic gearshifter....!? 


Long story short. Genuinely didn't know it was a thing and I had a Corsa C with the same gearbag. Wasn't a fan, to put it mildly. 

But should do your mate a turn. I also had a Combo and it was a great wee van. 

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22 hours ago, sierraman said:

It’s an automated manual iirc?

Yeah i think it is but classed as auto. Maybe on the Sri model it was a sport* feature. 


Will admit I did lust over one of those when they came out. 

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On 11/12/2022 at 1:29 PM, sierraman said:

It’s an automated manual iirc?

Your spot on. It's a GM F13 gearbox with bits added on. 

So the selector is auto controlled and the clutch is done by a ECU controlling the slave cylinder. 

That's what the clutch pack look like. 

Which gives the most bother. That packs up and you get the flash F of doom on the selector indicator on the speedo. 

Can be fixed though. ECU testing did my one, but pretty sure someone on YouTube will have a DIY guide to fixing them by now? 

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