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Cars, Lasses and Lads - A Photo Sharing Thread

Dick Longbridge

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9 hours ago, Cookiesouwest said:


He just likes Ladas.

But he can only find pictures, that have young ladies draped over the bonnet.

Who knew that Ladas were so attractive to women.

If I'd known this when I was a teenager, I would have bought a Lada and not a rusty Ford Sierra.

It's no so much as I like Ladas (I do however like ladies...) it's that some time ago when I was trying to sign up to Autoshite for some time I found a Russian website with the pictures on and it so happens that there are more Ladas in Russia than anything else which why there are more pictures of Lada ladies and I have been posting Zaz Zaporozhets, Fiat 500's, Volgas and other cars too.


I actually prefer Ford Pumas, now if only I could remember where I saved the photos from the Polish Pumas owners group...

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