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Project "p38" Diary of a 2001 Range Rover

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Gorgeous colour on your P38...always hankered for a Royal Blue one with cream leather with the blue piping...

had 3 RR classics, 2 V8 and a softdash 300Tdi..5 Discovery's 1 V8 rest Tdi..

hanker for another LR but as always cash is the problem..

Pics and details of your D2 plz..

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The Old Beast lies in wait.. 

"quelling the raging torrent"😤 


Little known fact with ALL land rovers is they leak, usually most lR's have holes in the floor to let the water out, however in the P38's case, it doesn't rust so the water just sits. 

The P38 in particular has 3 known places for water ingress. 

1) The sunroof leaking - which mine does 

2) Sunroof drains coming adrift. 

3) Scuttle leaking past the blower motor. 


I have (1) and (3) 

My current mission is to stop the water drenching the carpet and making the inside rank. ;) 

This as ever involves some strip down work, 

Here she is. 


First off the removal of this trim, it just slides out, which is handy, 




The windscreen wipers next, usually the spindle seizes to the arm and it becomes a right pain in the hoop. 

1 - 13mm nut should see it undone - give it a yank once undone, mine came off quite easily. 


There are these caps you have to remove, be careful with them, as they flick off and get lost, ;) 


And the wiper is off ;)


The idea is to remove both, so here ya go!! ;)



Once removed the scuttle should look like this, 



Removal of the plastic is relatively straight forward, all these bolts will prolly be a ballache. 



Undo them all and the plastic comes away like a jigsaw, it all slots together so it's easy to pull apart and reassemble. 




Once thats done I had access to the common leak area, oh and there is another, the scuttle vents can clog up with shit and cause this issue. 



I got rid of this with the family Henry Hoover, my nan wasn't impressed, ;)


This below is the pollen filter housing cover, it is held to the car "sealed" with a closed cell foam tape, which does eventually fail. ;)


This is just behind the dash, the blower motor shaft is rusting, and as above in a previous post, the water is causing my dash frame to rot out!



T-other side was a tad more difficult, there is a 32mm nut that needs to be removed, unluckily i don' have a deep 32. 

So i improvised, 



Once this nut was removed it allowed the panel to be removed. 



Once all this was done, cleaned and blew out all the drains. 


Looks a tad cleaner in there now, 




the covers were glued back down, with silicone. 



A pile of crp to stick back on. 



Refit is the reverse of the removal. 

And here is the finished product. 



And she's happy again! 

No more leaks!

I even pulled the interior to bits to confirm ;)




no more water from the scuttle! 

Only leaks in through the sunroof now :);) LOL 


proverbial happy shot!



Thanks for reading. 





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20 hours ago, bezzabsa said:

Gorgeous colour on your P38...always hankered for a Royal Blue one with cream leather with the blue piping...

had 3 RR classics, 2 V8 and a softdash 300Tdi..5 Discovery's 1 V8 rest Tdi..

hanker for another LR but as always cash is the problem..

Pics and details of your D2 plz..

Thank you love a good blue ;) 

I'd say go for it, they're good cars when maintained, mine had a hard life so she needs some work, ;) 

My D2 i'll be sure to start showing soon 


Thanks for reading. 



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22 hours ago, red5 said:

Nice work,

here's my poor-man's version.

only ever had RRC previously - am tempted by a P38. After all, I bought a D3....


Thanks, she's coming along ;) 

Lovely looking D3 that. ;) 

Handsome brutes they are :) 

If you fancy a P38 I'd say go for one, if they're maintained they aren't the ballache most seem to believe they are. ;) 

Lovely cars to drive too ;)


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33 minutes ago, Rod/b said:

Have you been spraying bits of the P38 on the bonnet of that old Roller? 😂😂


:D 🤣 

Yes ;) 

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"Cover" ;)

It's no secret that the P38 is a rather large machine; 

Also a little known Caveat of the P38's is the sunroof frame rots out and separates from the glass 🤣 

So with that in mind i purchased a and i'm quoting here "jumbo XXL car cover". 




Note the "jumbo" isn't exactly Range Rover size 😏 :bouncesmile:

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"saggy Arse!" 

An affliction that burdens many an older lady :happydance: 

This fix comes from my first week of owner ship IIRC ;) 


The rear bumper mount snapped in half, which is a known P38 problem :) 



So i used my Dad to lift the bumper while i used a ziptie in a hidden spot to help hoist the bumper up to the body ;)



I don't have a B4 of the bumper, but it was annoying ;) 


I have fabricated a new mount and have a spare bumper and frame lying around, I just have to paint it and fit! ;) 



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"BLOOD" ;)


My old V8 has 2yr old 10w40 in it with over 5k on the stuff so she was due a service. 

Many speculate 20w50 is preferred in the rover V8 however i had some 5w40 i just bought for it which is fully synthetic.

which should work in it ;)


The oil change procedure is fairly simple ;)


First off, slacken off the sump plug and make a fairly substantial mess. 



Clean up the sump plug and stow it away somewhere safe! ;) 


Wind off the old oil filter, making sure to get a litre of oil down ya armpit ;) 


Clean up the mating surface :) 


Prime the new oil filter and screw it on, hand tight is all ya need 3/4 of a turn IIrc - priming drastically cuts down on oil starvation when started




Fill 'er up with new stuff. ;)  



And ya done!!


well i'm done!!  


Nice and quiet!


Thanks for reading and watching! 






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In a vain attempt to drag together some of the old girls history i contacted one of the Previous owners, after weeks of nothing i finally got these Gems pop into my inbox, circa 2008. 






'twas amazing to read about the history of the car prior to my tenure... Well it was for a sad bastard like myself ;)


Just added a bit to mah diary on 'ere. 


cheers chaps. 

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14 minutes ago, dieselnutjob said:

I would love a go in a P38 to see what they are like.  I always liked the styling and the interior looks nice too.

It's a unique experience, especially when compared to a 4x4 of the same era.. ;) 

The ride is "ahem" like riding on air :bouncesmile: and the handling is really rather good for such a leviathan, in motorway mode around country lanes it is very stable and corners quite flat, surprisingly. 

All the talk and videos of instability comes from being set in standard or extended ride height, most videos online denote it locked in offroad mode, which makes it corner like a boat! ;)

The Seats are Connely trimmed leather and with the estra thick padding they are very comfortable, and thanks to the shape you tend not to slide out of them when cornering, arm rests also, with the door cushion being in the right place your natural driving position is very relaxing as your arms aren't hanging in the air like in other cars. ;) 


As for performance, the 4.6 V8 does get a move on - 0-60 is 8.8 seconds but TBF  it is all about mid range pull, all 407nm is delivered at 2500rpm so the v8 never really exceeds 2600 when accelerating which makes for a relaxing drive the 4spd auto is quite reactionary and will kick down when needed 


Reliabiliy and complexity is very much exaggerated, by modern standards it is a dinosaur and many with a socket set and a nanocom can get to grips with it/ 

The party piece of this car is to separate you from the world and its troubles, with the window and sunroof open air-con on, and the cool summer air rushing through the cabin, and the wistful v8 humming along under the bonnet, it really is heaven, while jaunting about the country lanes


I'd defo say it is worth getting one. 

I wouldn't have anything else now.. 



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Recently i posted the "love box fix" and i showed the carpet in a truly horrible mess. ;) 


I got the old George out and some carpet cleaner, the net result was a cleaner carpet, not perfect by any means but better! :) 

the black staining is from when a mate jumped in with underseal on his boots!! 

It is rather hard to extract from the pile!


The seat was also given a going over to remove any grease marks from recent escapades with tools and using it as a bench!!


The oddity surrounding lightstone carpet is the colour falls out of it, you might of noticed the difference in the colour of the carpet, i'm toying with either re dying the current set or fitting the Blue optional carpet.. 


Torn TBH!! ;)



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"cheap and cheerful" 

The PO must of had either really sharp nails or jagged rings, as the handbrake and gearknob were looking a tad threadbare. 



Anyone else think the gearknob looks like ET's head? ;)


I raided the shed and house looking for supplies, the natural fluid for the fix was boot polish/shine, being that they're leather, should be good enough!! ;) 

Afters ;)





Much better, they feel nicer too, even though they have a sheen, the previous greasy feel has gone. 




Thanks for reading. 



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The old Mini/Bini was bought as shown on Page 1 to split/cut up the cost of running the rangie

I will admit i never really maintained this car to the same standard as the P38.  

However after a good year of service she needed a service :happydance: 

The oil in it had around 25,000 miles on it 🤣 


An inital flush was used to remove the shít.. ;)


The Old Oil filter didn't look too bad, considering the mileage. 


The libation of choice!


and done!



More to cum/come ;) 

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It is known by now that i like to keep my cars clean, the old mini being no exception. 


No dirty before's unfortunately ;) 


The old rangie moved between pics, can't ya tell! ;)





After 6 months of ownership the battery decided to shit the bed, taking advantage of a 50% off deal on ECP i bought this.


which spins her over real quick! ;)

Interior got a wipe over, cleaned up well with a bit of vinyl and rubber care!



Twas Nippy



More to come! 







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8 minutes ago, Noel Tidybeard said:

why a big H for gear selecta?

It is the High and Low Range all in one ;) 



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9 minutes ago, Noel Tidybeard said:

i did wonder if it was something like that- who knew a auto with an H gate! lol

Yep, she's unique, :bouncesmile:

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The "inner barrel". 


The wheels were refurbished before i got her, however a good few months of driving take their toll. ;) 





After some Meguires wheel cleaner and a sponge, followed by a Heavy cut compound, a DA polisher was used to get the best finish, it did pull alot of crap from off the finish, it was badly tarnished! 



This pulled out all the shit and made them shine once more! ;)

All four wheels were treated and protected.  

Fitted. ;) 




much better, and thanks to Polish, Wax and Sealant the crap just hoses off now!! 


Thanks for reading!






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4 minutes ago, Carlosfandango said:

Jaysus man. Fair play. You’ve a great eye for the detail. I bet you get great satisfaction and therapy from doing all this. 



Thnks CFD 

It helps keep me sane, in all the chaos of life there is always this big blue old Rangie wanting something ;) 

Keeps me going ;):)



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Ya'll might of noted the title and thought where the fuck is the Discovery? 

Well TBH i had alot of P38 stuff to get off of me chest, and tbh i've not done much to the d2!! ;)

I'll document whatever i have done though!! ;)


It was around August 2018, my Mini had provided pucker service, however i couldn't be arsed to drive it any more, and my knees are giving issue so the increasingly heavy clutch was agony, so i GAVE it to my Nanna because she was short a car herself! 

Amazing how circumstance can work in your favour! 

Initially i wanted to get the 38a back on the road, but she needs a bit more work to be reliable and tbh i always fancied a Discovery, being a LR nut as you've all gathered. ;)

The Right car popped up after spending hours trawling the web, I wanted a V8 ES premium, but realistically i needed Diesel and Auto, so when the perfect match popped up i couldn't ignore it. 

Located in Droitwich roughly 50mi from me was this car...

These are actual for sale photas!




The spec was pretty good. 

Blenheim silver 

Ash smokestone cloth interior 

Twin sunroof 

Air-con WHICH WORKS!! 

7 seats 

Running boards 

Arch spats 

Mid-line sound system with alpine radio + amp. 

tc etc 

I went over and had a look, she was a tad leggy for my liking 178k but upon inspection and test drive she ran beautifully, Autobox was crisp and the 5 cylinder diesel ran like clockwork and it howls when you give it the beans! 5 cylinders FTW!! ;) 

I did the deal and drove her home.. 

The happy couple were united!



The Rangie seemed happy with her new Friend, certainly no jealousy has been incured from the D2's arrival!! 


She had a few blemishes.  

This one being the worst!!



Anyway more tomorra! 


Her into is in!!


THKS for reading! 



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12 hours ago, Cooper1 said:

i'm toying with either re dying the current set or fitting the Blue optional carpet..

Surely that‘a a no brainer? Blue carpet FTW!

It’s great to see this getting treated so well, it’s really paying off.

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