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Infrared collection thread. Engine refitted. 20.2.20

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Weather held off today, Shame it’s my last day off work because I really hate working the day before my shifts start. Nackered exhaust flexis removed and binned. Sump removed, cleaned and gasket replaced before refitting. Front crank seal replaced, when I took the crank bolt out there was silicone all over the washer and pulley. Possibly an attempt to fix the oil leak, but we all know how bodges go. Also fitted a new aux belt...








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Took the front subframe to be blasted and etch primed this morning (in works time obviously) and had it back before dinner. Not a cheap thing to have done but at least when it’s got 2 more layers of chassis paint on it it won’t look too shabby. 


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Next up, a couple of layers of truck chassis paint, had to buy a tin of gloss black spray at some areas would have been a pain with a brush. One more coat tonight then weather permitting it’s going back on tomorrow. Also arrived today, new lower arms and new rear gearbox mount. Think I might be going a little overboard on this one haha 


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Weather is good today, but windy. The subframe is going back on today, but like a nob I forgot to have the rear frame brackets blasted at the same time as the frame itself. So I’m cleaning and painting them myself. Also doing the rocker cover gaskets. Engine bay cleaned (ish) aswell. 




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Refitted the subframe with new lower arms already fitted, you know, because ford put the bolts in from the top instead of underneath like a KA. Cleaned up heat shield refitted and new dog leg mount for the box fitted. I’ve even painted the ball joints on the new lower arms because they always go rusty dead quick. Plenty of copper grease on everything never hurt anyone. 




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And one more set back achieved, the headlight levelling sensor was seized up, unable to free that one off its solid as a rock and only plastic so that needs to be replaced. It attaches to the lower arm and subframe and is only found on mk3s with xenon headlights from factory. 



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While the engines out. It seems a good idea to replace the front brake pipes which, once engine is in, would be a terrible job. The bit that looks rustiest was the main concern but it didn’t put up a fight and came straight off! Happy days. The pipe goes straight to the ABS pump along the chassis under the servo. Once off, I couldn’t find my brake pipe flaring tool or my bender. Balls. I refitted the pipe back to the abs pump so as not to fill the pump with moisture or loose too much fluid. The hunt for the missing tools begins. 

edit. Thinking about it the last brake pipes I made were on the Gold B series up my unit so I’ll head there first thing tomorrow.


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Not a great deal has happened today. I’m almost out of cash so play will stop until I can afford more parts. I’ve made the nearside front brake pipe, and remembered why I hate making brake pipes, the worlds most useless pipe bender. Used my hands in the end. A liberal coat of grease applied for future reference. 



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Been lookin for spark plugs on evilbay. Standard bosch plugs are easy to get in singles or sets of 4. But at over 6 quid a plug for standard plugs I set my sights on ROCK AUTO. An american company over the pond. You can buy pretty much anything from there, some standard plugs are down to 38p. Obviously not the right ones but its cheap. The mondeo doesnt list on there, so I used a Ford Fusion, 3.0v6 which if its not the same engine, I'll eat my hat. Ordered 6x Bosch Iridium plugs for less than £36. Should be here in a week. No problem. Cheers!


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Also torqued the flywheel to 80nm and fitted the clutch. Old school alignment tool made. Torqued to 29nm. 

slave cylinder also fitted to gearbox. Weather has turned to shit now so play has stopped. Wanted the engine back in today but that’s not going to happen 😢




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1 hour ago, sierraman said:

You don’t fanny about do you. Hats off to your work there mate, it’s looking good. Might be a good time to tidy up the inside of the arches? 

That’s the plan. Not sure on how I’m going to tackle it though. Do I wire brush it up and hit with waxoil? You can’t really see the inner arches once the splash panels are back on. 

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